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Jerusalem holy site reopens amid growing tensions

ImageAs pressure grows beween Israel and Palestine, a contested holy site for both Muslims and Jews has reopened. The compound was closed after clashes over the fatal shooting of a Palestinian.

Court Cases

Lawsuit filed in Malaysia over missing flight MH370

The family of a businessman who was a passenger on missing flight MH370 has sued the Malaysian government and Malaysia Airlines for damages. The flight disappeared from the radar in early March.


'IS' fighter testifies in Frankfurt - 'I still want to die a martyr'

Kreshnik B. is the first 'Islamic State' fighter to stand trial in a German court. He wants to testify and is hoping for a lenient sentence. But in Frankfurt's Higher Regional Court, he talked his way into trouble.


Anti-government protesters back on streets of Burkina Faso's capital

Protesters have again taken to the streets of the capital of Burkina Faso to demand that the president step down immediately. This comes a day after violent protests convinced him to agree to leave office next year.


Chambas:'do everything to help Burkina Faso'

Protests resumed in Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso, on Friday with demonstrators demanding President Blaise Compaore step down. The UN special envoy spoke about the situation in an exclusive DW interview.

Ebola Virus

Fearing Ebola, Maine looks to keep Hickox quarantined

Maine’s governor says he could exercise the "full extent" of his authority to isolate a nurse who has defied a voluntary Ebola quarantine. Police followed Kaci Hickox and her boyfriend on their bike ride Thursday.

US Election

Republican win would worsen Obama's foreign policy pains

A possible Republican majority in the US Senate in the upcoming midterm elections would not only give the party full control of Congress, it could also complicate Obama’s foreign policy - with one noteworthy exception.


German retail sales fall sharply

German retailers have seen better times as September turnover took a tumble. But the sector's industry group insisted the drop would be offset by brisk trade in the remaining months of the year.

United States

FBI most wanted Eric Frein captured by police

A man wanted for the murder of a US police officer has been caught after a seven-week man hunt in Pennsylvania. One of the FBI's most wanted fugitives could face the death penalty.


Divided over fracking

Fracking could prolong Germany's supply of fossil fuels and make the country less dependent on imports, says the gas industry. But experts argue over whether it's worth the risk to people's health and the environment.


The latest Bundesliga trend: the aging, third-choice goalkeeper

Some Bundesliga teams have taken to signing older goalkeepers as their third, emergency option. This is just the latest development for the men between the posts, a spot that seems to be dominated by trends anyway.


New Los Angeles soccer team planned for MLS

A new club has been granted entry to the US professional soccer league, the MLS. The team, which is currently known as Los Angeles Football Club, is owned by some high-profile names and will begin operations in 2017.


Burkina Faso: President's departure 'non-negotiable'

As Burkina Faso's President Blaise Compaore refuses to immediately resign, leader of the opposition Benewende Sankara says the president is "duping the people." At least 30 protesters have died in demonstrations so far.


Kerry urges calm from Jerusalem Israelis, Palestinians

The US has urged Israeli and Palestinian officials to exercise restraint amid spiraling tensions in Jerusalem. John Kerry has condemned the shooting of Israeli hard-liner Yehuda Glick, who also holds US citizenship.


Compaore says will step down as Burkina Faso president

Burkina Faso’s president says he is ready to discuss a transitional government. Blaise Compaore has pledged to hand over power once the interim regime runs its course.


EU-brokered Russia-Ukraine gas talks succeed

With help from EU officials, Ukraine and Russia have inked a deal seeing Moscow resume gas supplies to its neighbor over the winter. Brussels said it guaranteed Kyiv's advance payments to Russian giant Gazprom.


Burkina Faso army dissolves government

The chief of Burkina Faso's army has dissolved the government and said that a transitional government will be formed. The announcement came shortly after the president reportedly declared a state of emergency.


Opinion: Signal from the 'land of upright people'

In the West African nation of Burkina Faso, parliament is burning. For days, protesters have been demonstrating against President Blaise Compaoré - a warning to all African rulers, says DW's Claus Stäcker.


Bank of Japan ramps up monetary easing

Japan's central bank has surprised analysts by reinforcing its monetary easing program aimed at fueling growth. The move came just after the US Federal Reserve's decision to wind down its own stimulus scheme.

Corporate Reports

Sony losses explode over mobile phone woes

Japanese electronics giant Sony has reported a whopping net loss for the July to September period on weaker-than-expected results in emerging markets. It said its smartphone business fared worst.


UN warns of irreversible climate change

Governments and scientists have been meeting in the Danish capital Copenhagen this week to adopt a key IPCC report on the state of the climate. It says policymakers must act now to avert the worst.


Not foolin': French town's Halloween without harlequins

A French town has banned clowns older than 13 this Halloween. The decision follows a series of incidents nationwide in which scary scamps have spooked children and, in several cases, assaulted people.


Five campaigns against sexual harassment that you should know

A video of a woman who experiences more than 100 instances of sexual harassment while walking in New York City has gone viral. It's the latest online campaign against sexual harassment. Here are our top five.