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Reports: Nigerian town of Monguno falls to Boko Haram

ImageNigeria's military says it has repelled a Boko Haram attack on the northeastern city of Maiduguri, but Monguno, a town to its northeast, has reportedly fallen. Visiting Lagos is US Secretary of State John Kerry.


Obama, Modi announce nuclear power deal

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has brokered a deal with US President Barack Obama to move towards a commercial nuclear power agreement. Both countries came to an agreement in 2008 that stalled due to legalities.


Thousands of supporters turn out as PEGIDA rally returns to Dresden

Several thousand people have joined a march organized by anti-Islamization group PEGIDA in the German city of Dresden. It's the organization's first rally since last week's march was canceled over security concerns.


Poroshenko says 'no alternative' to September truce deal with rebels

Ukraine's president says sticking to a ceasefire deal struck with separatists last year is the only way out of the conflict in the country's east. Pressure is mounting after an attack on Mariupol left 30 people dead.


Democratic Republic of Congo parliament passes election law without controversial provisions

Parliament in the Democratic Republic of Congo has passed a new election law after contentious provisions ordering a pre-election census were removed. The previous version had caused deadly protests.

Eastern Germany

Saxony's premier Tillich says Islam is not part of Germany

The premier of the eastern German state of Saxony, Stanislaw Tillich, says he disagrees with Chancellor Merkel on the status of Islam in Germany. But he says he wants more immigrants in his state.


Philippine pursuit ends in shoot-out

Reports from the Philippines say numerous police commandos have been killed in a clash with Muslim rebels while pursuing a Malaysian bombing suspect on Mindanao island. The clash interrupts a year-old peace deal.


Bomb blast targets Cairo police, protesters killed on Egyptian revolution anniversary

At least one policeman has been wounded in Cairo on the anniversary of the country's revolution against Hosni Mubarak. Four years on, Egyptians on both sides face tough restrictions when trying to stage protests.


Japan's prime minister says credibility of hostage video is 'high'

Japan's prime minister has said a video announcing the killing of a Japanese hostage by "Islamic State" militants appears to be credible. He also said Japan would not give in to terrorism.


Russia blocks UN Security Council statement condemning Ukraine shelling

A Western-backed UN Security Council statement condemning a shelling attack by separatists on Mariupol in Ukraine's southeast has been blocked by Russia. The attack killed at least 30 people and injured more than 90.


Opinion: The wrong lessons to take away from the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris

The European leaders demanding that governments be allowed to access encrypted communications have learnt nothing from the terrorist attacks in Paris, writes DW's Michael Münz.


Anti-Americanism hits Germany's streets

The latest instance of public xenophobia in Germany concerns the United States. Some 1,000 people congregated in Erfurt this weekend to voice their opposition to "American imperialism." DW takes a look.


Steinmeier: PEGIDA is tarnishing Germany's image

Germany's foreign minister has dismissed any chance of dialogue with anti-Islamization group PEGIDA. Steinmeier also accused the organization of making Germany look bad internationally.


Nadal through, German challenge over

The No.3-seeded Spaniard eased into the quarterfinals in Melbourne on Sunday but Germany's last representative in the Singles lost her 4th round tie. Elsewhere there were wins for Andy Murray and Maria Sharapova.