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Palestinian Territories

PLO seeks security freeze with Israel

ImageTwo decades of Palestinian security cooperation with Israel are in doubt after the PLO's central council called for terminating the partnership. President Abbas's administration will decide on implementing the move.


ECB unveils details of trillion-euro stimulus

The European Central Bank has finally set a date for the launch of its massive sovereign bond-buying program. The exercise is aimed at lifting financial markets and reversing deflation in the eurozone.


'Indiana Jones' star Harrison Ford injured in plane crash

American actor Harrison Ford has reportedly been seriously injured in a light plane crash. The plane came down on a golf course in Los Angeles.

Middle East

Efforts to retake Iraq's Tikrit displace tens of thousands, says UN

Nearly 30,000 people have been displaced in the four days since the offensive began to retake Tikrit. An estimated 2.5 million Iraqis have fled since "Islamic State" started taking territory in the region.

Bilateral relations

Italian, Russian leaders hold talks over EU-Russia ties, Ukraine crisis

Trade ties were on the table when Italian Prime Minister Renzi and Russian President Putin met in Moscow. But military maneuvers around the Black Sea and the ongoing Ukraine conflict were no doubt on the leaders' minds.


Eurodrama: Germany's Eurovision preselection winner backs out

The winner of the chance to represent Germany at this year's Eurovision has declined the opportunity to do so. On live television, Andreas Kümmert gave up his spot for runner-up Ann Sophie.


Rajoy allies to face trial in Spain over contracts

A six-year probe into Spain's biggest graft scandal has resulted in a judge ordering trial for 40 people, including former Popular Party treasurers. It involved public works contracts in and around Madrid and Valencia.

United States

Michael Brown's parents to file wrongful death lawsuit against Ferguson

The parents of slain Michael Brown have said they will sue the city of Ferguson. The announcement follows a US Justice Department acquittal of the white cop who killed Brown and an investigation into the city's police.

Court Cases

Family claims independent forensic evidence shows Argentine prosecutor was murdered

The family of Argentine state prosecutor Alberto Nisman have obtained an independent forensic report they say indicates he was murdered. Nisman was found dead days after he accused President Fernandez of a cover-up plot.


Nigerian 'teenagers, elderly' among scores killed by Boko Haram

Gunmen have attacked the remote village of Njaba in northeast Nigeria, killing scores of residents, including many teenagers. Survivors and military sources have blamed Boko Haram insurgents.

German Law

German parliament passes law to cap sharp rent rises

After months of discussion, the German parliament has agreed measures to control sharp rent rises in areas under housing pressure. Nearly 60 percent of people in Germany rent their homes.


Why Afghanistan's security forces are dwindling

Combat casualties, desertions - a new US report reveals the number of Afghan security forces has dropped as they take on the Taliban with little support from foreign troops. But there also seem to be "accounting" issues.

Human Rights

US blogger's killing 'exposes level of political volatility' in Bangladesh

The killing of Avijit Roy underscores the fact that there is an emerging pattern in Bangladesh to silence the opinions of those that certain radical elements perceive as being a threat, Dr. Tazreena Sajjad tells DW.


Skiers rescued from Dolomite cable cars

Several hundred skiers stuck in cable gondolas have had narrow escapes in the Italian Domomites. They were lowered to the ground safely by rescue crews after high winds toppled a tree on the main cable.

Court Cases

Witnesses testify in Boston Marathon bombing trial

A court heard more testimony from witnesses of the Boston Marathon bombings. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev could face life in prison or the death penalty, as his defense has admitted his participation but not his guilt.

North Korea

North Korea detains Christian church leader from Canada

A pastor from Canada, missing in North Korea, has been detained by authorities. He joins a number of Christians from North America to be arrested in the communist state.


Barrel bomb, fighting in Aleppo after UN peace bid

A barrel bomb dropped by helicopter has killed at least 18 people in Syria's divided northern city of Aleppo. Further battles continue around a government intelligence headquarters targeted in a previous rebel attack.


Liberia's last confirmed Ebola patient released from hospital

Liberia's last known Ebola patient has been released from hospital. But the WHO said Ebola remains "widespread" in Sierra Leone and Guinea.


Opinion: The BND intelligence service and its weak spots

Germany's foreign intelligence agency has been grappling with image problems due to its role in the NSA espionage scandal. Now, it faces a new problem that is potentially worrying, says DW's Marcel Fürstenau.


Bundesliga Matchday 24: Robben looks to extend career best form

Bayern Munich's 31-year-old Dutch winger is in the form of his life, scoring more goals than ever before in his career. Bundesliga hipsters Augsburg and Wolfsburg face-off, while Schalke look to cure their derby woes.


The refugee's long journey to finding a home

A never-ending stream of refugees have angered many Europeans, who ask why their countries should bear the burden of wars elsewhere. But who are these fleeing people and what have they put at stake to escape violence?


Draft law 'underscores China's concern to protect overseas interests'

As China's National People's Congress gets underway, lawmakers may decide on allowing armed forces to be deployed abroad to counter terrorism. DW talks to analyst Andrew Scobell about the draft law and its implications.


'We'll continue to seek the truth about Flight MH370'

Almost a year after its disappearance, the fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 remains a mystery - a painful situation that has impacted the lives of many, as Sarah Bajc, whose partner was on the jet, tells DW.


Schorfheide-Chorin: from Nazi hunting ground to biodiversity hotspot

Nazi and East German political elites went to great lengths to preserve the Schorfheide as their hunting grounds for decades. This pays off today: The area has turned into one of the most biodiverse places in Europe.


Member status: penis size study may help 'reassure most men' they're normal

It's not the sort of thing many men would own up to. But hands up who's worried about the size of their penis. Well, don't worry. You may not be big - you're probably just about average.


European tourists unfazed by euro slump

A strong US dollar is a nuisance for most Europeans traveling abroad, but that hasn't stopped them from booking pricier flights and hotels. Germans in particular remain unperturbed by a drop in purchasing power abroad.