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US fighter planes intercept Russian combat jets off Alaska, Sweden protests 'violation'

ImageEight Russian planes, including long-range bombers, were intercepted this week by US and Canadian pilots. Meanwhile, Sweden has made its displeasure known to the Russian government after similar incursions.


Kyiv and rebels agree buffer zone in Ukraine peace talks

Participants at peace talks in Minsk have agreed to create a buffer zone to separate pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian government troops. Negotiators also struck a deal on the withdrawal of foreign fighters.

United Kingdom

Queen Elizabeth II urges unity in UK after Scotland referendum

In a request for "mutual respect and support" between Scots, Queen Elizabeth II has urged for unity in the UK in light of Scotland's vote against independence. She had previously declined to comment on the referendum.


National Party tipped to win New Zealand election

New Zealanders have been voting in a general election, with center-right Prime Minister John Key tipped for a narrow win. Polling has shown opposition parties could unite to form a government, but it would appear tricky.


Larger role for Germany in expanded 'IS' campaign?

The international campaign against "Islamic State" has widened to include multinational air campaigns and talks of boots on the ground. The message from Washington? Germany needs to do more.


German Muslims unite against 'Islamic State'

All across Germany, Muslims have used their Friday prayers to protest against injustice and hate crimes. In Berlin, the organizers did their best to demonstrate a united front against the "Islamic State."

Ebola Virus

Collecting Liberia's Ebola dead

In Liberia, the bodies of people suspected to have died from Ebola are collected by teams of volunteers who take them for testing and then cremation if the virus is confirmed. It is gruelling work for the volunteers.

International Relations

Beijing seeking to 'change facts' in South China Sea

Despite protests from Manila, China continues to build artificial islands in the Spratlys in a bid to assert its sovereignty claims before a UN court rules in an arbitration case, as analyst Gregory Poling tells DW.

Capital markets

Alibaba shares open in New York

Public trading of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has begun in New York. Shares in the company jumped by more than 40 percent from its initial public offering price.

Bilateral relations

Xi Jinping's landmark visit to India

As China's President Xi Jinping wrapped up his maiden trip to India, a series of deals aimed at boosting economic growth in both countries were closed. But tensions also flared over an unresolved issue. DW examines.

United Nations

Germany's Steinmeier calls for Iran role in coalition against IS

Germany's top diplomat has called for Iran to be included in efforts to stem the "Islamic State" (IS). Frank-Walter Steinmeier said inclusion was the only way to combat the militants in Syria and Iraq.

Ebola Virus

Merkel pledges aid to fight Ebola in West Africa

Germany and France will send military transport planes to West Africa to help efforts to contain the Ebola outbreak. Nearly 30,000 health workers have set out in Sierra Leone to assess the extent of the epidemic there.


Catalan regional parliament passes law for independence vote

Catalonia's regional parliament has passed a law authorizing a non-binding "consultation" on independence from Spain. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has vowed to block the vote at all costs.

European Union

After Brussels rejection, TTIP fight could go to ECJ

Opponents of the EU-US free trade agreement are hoping to get their day in the European Court of Justice. Last week, the EU's executive body had rejected a citizens’ initiative to throw out the neoliberal pact.

United Kingdom

Defeated Scottish National Party leader calls it quits

Scottish nationalist Alex Salmond has resigned as leader of the SNP and as Scotland's First Minister after losing Thursday's historic independence referendum.

Muslim World

Opinion: A strong signal from German Muslims

The German Muslim community's protest against extremism and injustice was a strong appeal for tolerance. Non-Muslims should accept the proffered hand, says DW's Bettina Marx.


Analysis: Darida, Freiburg's midfield lynchpin

While Ronny may steal the headlines for his two free-kicks, he wasn't alone in dictating parts of the game. Freiburg's Vladimir Darida is quickly becoming one of the hidden gems of the league, says DW's Ross Dunbar.


China's renewables surge

In terms of clean energy, China is a world leader. But the progress the country has made on the renewable energy front could be reversed all too easily, says DW columnist Frank Sieren