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Bilateral relations

Merkel, Kerry reaffirm proximity on bilateral relations

ImageMeeting in Berlin, Chancellor Merkel and John Kerry have lauded the US-German alliance. Twenty-five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, they also acknowledged the threat to peace posed by the ongoing Ukraine crisis.

United States

Blackwater guards found guilty of 2007 Baghdad massacre

A US jury has found Blackwater guards guilty in the 2007 shootings of 31 Iraqis, which left at least 14 dead. The massacre caused an international uproar over the role of private defense contractors in urban warfare.

Champions League

Dortmund, Leverkusen top respective groups after impressive victories

Crisis? What crisis? Dortmund and Leverkusen made amends for poor performances in the previous Bundesliga round. Leverkusen beat Zenith St. Petersburg 2-0, while Dortmund crushed Galatasaray 4-0 in Istanbul.

European Union

EU parliament approves new Juncker commission

The European Parliament has approved the incoming European Commission. The team, headed by former prime minister of Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker, is expected to take office on November 1.

Transatlantic relations

German economy minister stands up to US on stimulus

On his first visit to the United States, Sigmar Gabriel has rejected a suggestion that Germany shoulder the weight of a European growth spurt. Soon, the vice chancellor will also have talks on an EU-US trade agreement.

North Korea

US citizen returns home after detainment in North Korea

Jeffrey Fowle has arrived back home after six months of detention on North Korea. He had been arrested in the spring for allegedly leaving a copy of the Bible in a guesthouse in Chongjing.


WHO: TB one of world's deadliest infectious diseases

The World Health Organization has called tuberculosis one of the world's deadliest diseases. In 2013, TB killed 1.5 million people worldwide.


Erdogan irked by US airdrops to Kurds in Kobani

Turkey's president has criticized munitions airdrops by the US to Kurdish fighters in the Syrian town of Kobani. The US military has announced that most supplies had reached the units that they were intended to help.


Swiss retailer apologizes for Hitler coffee cream

The Swiss retailer Migros has apologized after one of its companies sold coffee creamer capsules showing Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. The company's dairy subsidiary had produced the creamers.

Ebola Virus

Red Cross says Ebola epidemic could be contained 'within six months'

The Red Cross' global head has said Ebola could take four to six months to contain, but only if all necessary steps are taken to stop the virus from spreading. Both the US and Rwanda have implemented new precautions.


Leaving the West behind: Why women are being enticed by jihadist life

An increasing number of young western women are joining the "Islamic State." According to analysts, girls are being drawn in by a mix of political idealism, desire for adventure, and a need for protest.


Canada police kill Ottawa shooter on Parliament Hill

A gunman has been killed inside the Canadian Parliament, according to media reports. Ottawa police say they are looking for more suspects.


Parliament locked down after shooting in Ottawa

Police have surrounded Canada's parliament after an attacker reportedly shot a soldier guarding a nearby monument. Lawmakers say at least one gunman may have been killed.


New momentum for Europe?

The commissioners are ready and the new president of the EU Commission Jean-Claude Juncker can get to work. The biggest task lying ahead is the economy, says Bernd Riegert. But don't hold out for miracles.

Transatlantic relations

Germany, US praise partnership ahead of Wall anniversary

Meeting in Berlin, the top diplomats of the US and Germany have lauded their alliance. Twenty-five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, they also acknowledged the threat to peace posed by the ongoing Ukraine crisis.

Transatlantic relations

Opinion: Transatlantic trust only goes so far

John Kerry’s visit to Berlin 25 years after the fall of the Wall highlighted the crucial role transatlantic ties played earlier and can play today. But to fulfill that promise, controversial issues can't be glossed over.


Albania's Prime Minister Edi Rama: 'The past cannot hold us back'

At their most recent football match in Belgrade riots broke out between Albanians and Serbians over a propaganda banner. Albania's Prime Minister Edi Rama told DW that both countries want to look forward together.


Storied music publisher celebrates Leipzig return

Dispossessed of his famous company, Jewish music publisher Henri Hinrichsen was put to death in Auschwitz. His grandchildren can finally celebrate the return to Leipzig of his Edition Peters - more than 75 years later.


France's Total names new CEO, president

Following the tragic death of Christophe de Margerie in Moscow, French oil giant Total has named new leaders to be at the helm of one of the large energy firms. A probe into the former CEO's accident is under way.

Champions League

The art of defending forgotten on record-breaking night in Europe

On a night that saw a huge number of goals scored in the Champions League, it seemed that most teams had forgotten how to defend or show any fight. Should we really find this sort of football entertaining?