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Calls grow loud for more sanctions on Russia

ImageThe calls for sanctions to be toughened on Russia over its actions in Ukraine are growing in intensity. But European Union leaders say they are looking for a political deal to resolve the Ukrainian crisis.


UNDOF staff freed from Syria rebels in Golan Heights

Several peacekeepers trapped in the Golan Heights are now safe. The men had come "under attack" by rebels in Syria’s civil war at a UN encampment at around 6 a.m. local time, and several peacekeepers remain in danger.


Clashes in Pakistan as protesters march to PM Sharif's official residence

Pakistani police have clashed with anti-government protesters in the capital Islamabad. The demonstrators are trying to march to the prime minister's house to force his resignation.


Cairo court eases sentence on Muslim Brotherhood Badie

A court has commuted the death sentence against the spiritual leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. In this case, Mohammed Badie will get life in prison, but he has also been sentenced to death in another trial.


Lesotho army denies prime minister's coup accusation

The prime minister of Lesotho has accused the country's army of a coup, something the military has denied. Soldiers in the small African kingdom had seized control of the police headquarters.


Don't meddle in Hong Kong, China warns foreign countries

China says foreign powers need to back away from getting involved in Hong Kong's political affairs. It comes ahead of a Beijing ruling on the governance of the semi-autonomous city.


Tunisia recovers bodies of Syria migrants headed for EU

The bodies of scores of migrants have been recovered off the coast of Tunisia. They are believed to be people from Syria who drowned trying to reach Europe.


US Open first week sees men's top seeds still standing

At the end of the first week of the US Open, the top men's seed were all standing going into their third-round matches. No German women went beyond the third round.


Schalke draw with Bayern in Alonso debut

Bayern celebrated the newly signed veteran midfielder Xabi Alonso's first start. But that was all they had to cheer about in Gelsenkirchen as plucky Schalke eked out a 1-1 draw despite a red-hot start by the Bavarians.


Disowned and forgotten: Russian soldiers in Ukraine

A Russian parliamentarian and human rights observers are demanding Russia finally admit its own soldiers are fighting in Ukraine. The soldiers are risking their lives, they say, in an undeclared war.


A new NATO for an anxious age

In a guest piece for DW, Tate Nurkin of IHS Jane's Defence, says NATO face huge tasks at its Wales summit. It must energize allies and tackle the Russian push into Eastern Europe as well as take a crucial longer view.

European Union

Brok: EU lacks unified foreign policy strategy

The European Union is in desperate need of a unified foreign policy as well as a strong foreign minister, veteran EU parliamentarian and foreign committee head Elmar Brok tells DW.

Arms Exports

The fight to keep small arms in the right hands

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan called them weapons of mass destruction - small arms are responsible for the majority of violent deaths worldwide. The German army is now trying to limit their proliferation.


Peshmerga 'only military capable of resisting IS'

Henner Fürtig, director of the GIGA Institute for Middle East Studies explains why the Islamic State was able to overrun Iraq and why supporting the Kurds may not be enough to stop them.


Refugees pour into Turkey amid Middle East chaos

With civil war raging in Syria and IS-terrorists rampaging through Iraq, Turkey is struggling with a flood of refugees. Many have been integrated, but Turkish resentment is growing and many challenges remain.


PKK - from terrorist threat to ally?

The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) is banned in Germany. The EU deems it a terrorist group. Now, however, regarding the threat from 'IS,' some German politicians appear ready to begin discussions over reconsidering.


Housing asylum seekers in private homes

Many local governments in Germany are struggling to house the growing numbers of refugees. One conservative politician is now calling on private homeowners to take in asylum seekers.


Opinion: A case for Kurdistan

By fighting effectively against the "Islamic State" in Iraq, Kurds are promoting their goal of establishing an independent Kurdistan, writes DW's Kersten Knipp.

Ebola Virus

Frankfurt authorities prepare for Ebola

Are we ready for Ebola? It's a question the German media have been asking for weeks. Frankfurt Airport has come under particular scrutiny due to its size. But could Frankfurt really be an entry point for the disease?


'All we ask of cinema is to be surprised, to be moved'

Film composer Alexandre Desplat is leading the jury at this year's Venice Film Festival. It's the first time a musician has been appointed to the role. He tells DW what the job means to him.