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Protesters clash with riot police in support of missing students

ImageProtesters clashed with riot police in advance of several larger planned demonstrations in support of 43 missing university students. The protests mark the biggest crisis of Enrique Pena Nieto's presidency.

United Kingdom

UKIP wins second seat in British parliament

The anti-EU UK Independence Party has won its second seat in parliament. The defeat is a blow to Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservatives, who campaigned vigorously to keep the previously-safe Tory seat.


Boko Haram kills dozens in Nigerian village

Boko Haram militants are reported to have killed dozens of people in the northeastern Nigerian village of Azaya Kura. The attack comes as the Nigerian government let emergency powers designed to combat the group expire.


Opinion: Revolution of dignity in Ukraine

The Ukrainians defeated an autocratic regime. They chose democracy and want a constitutional state. But DW's Bernd Johann warns that this new departure could be blocked by homegrown oligarchs and by Moscow.


Amnesty slams Indonesia's 'oppressive' blasphemy laws

A new report by Amnesty International accuses Indonesia of upholding blasphemy laws which the rights group views as fueling harassment, intimidation and attacks against religious minorities in the Southeast Asian nation.

Court Cases

Egyptian doctor who performed fatal FGM surgery acquitted

The doctor who carried out a female circumcision operation which killed a teenager has been acquitted by an Egyptian court, despite a national ban on the still-widespread practice. The girl's father was also acquitted.

Food Security

Dutch authorities confirm second case of bird flu

Officials have detected the second case of bird flu in a week in the Netherlands. All 43,000 chickens at the affected farm are to be slaughtered and a nationwide ban on poultry transport has been imposed.


Right-wing extremism drops in Germany, but...

On the surface of it, Germans are becoming more tolerant. But the authors of a long-term study aren't as pleased with this development as one might expect.


FIFA ethics chiefs agree to review World Cup corruption report, internally

FIFA will continue its review of the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, at least internally. FIFA's chief investigator and its ethics judge, at odds since the first results were published, met on Thursday.


Thuringia's new all-left coalition pledges debt-free budget

Thuringia's unprecedented three-way left-leaning coalition government has sought to show a mainstream face on announcing its plans for the next five years. One pledge was a 2015 budget with no new government debts.

Auto Industry

General Motors steps up investment in Opel

US auto maker General Motors has said it will invest hundreds of millions of euros more in its European subsidiary Opel. It said the additional resources would mainly go toward a new generation of engines.


Almost a thousand dead since Ukraine truce signed: UN

The death rate in eastern Ukraine has increased in the last month, as the September ceasefire agreement remains shaky, the UN says. A new report says almost 1,000 people have been killed in the past eight weeks.


Snowden documents: Vodafone-purchased firm helped GCHQ

Media reports indicate that a British cable firm now owned by Vodafone helped Britain's spy agency GCHQ eavesdrop on millions of Internet users. The reports cite documents released by US whistleblower Edward Snowden.


Ackermann to rescue Bank of Cyprus

Former Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann has been elected new chairman of Cyprus' largest lender. Bailed-out Bank of Cyprus faces an uphill battle to get rid of its toxic assets, which are spoiling its balance sheets.

United States

Opinion: Obama gets serious

Immigration reform per decree brings US President Barack Obama into direct conflict with Republicans. It won't be the last time, write's DW's Michael Knigge.

Social Media

#EverydayEverywhere photographers fight stereotypes using Instagram

Photographer Peter DiCampo and writer Austin Merrill only wanted to fight stereotypes about Africa when they launched Everyday Africa on Instagram. Now, their efforts have become a global movement: Everyday Everywhere.


World's most titled aristocrat, Spain's Duchess of Alba, dies

Spaniards are mourning the loss of the Duchess of Alba, one of the country's richest women. The eccentric aristocrat had the world record for the most titles held.


Record earner Stanton says new contract is 'not like winning lottery'

Giancarlo Stanton's $325 million deal with the Major League Baseball team Miami Marlins is the richest contract in American sports history. But, the outfielder says, with the paycheck comes responsibility.


Curbing population growth not the answer to climate change, say experts

The planet is facing huge environmental challenges and although it’s controversial some argue curbing population growth could help. But UNFPA's Daniel Schensul tells DW controls won't achieve much in the short-term.