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Berliners get creative to save open air raves

ImageFind an open field. Add a DJ and some beer. Call a few friends. Poof! You've got an open air party. Back in the 1990s, open airs were ubiquitous in Berlin. Now they're illegal - so Berliners are getting creative.


New hope for victims of East German art theft

Not only the Nazis, but also socialist East Germany systematically seized artwork from individuals to sell for valuable Western currency. A recent restitution case gives hopes to the heirs of the dispossessed collectors.


Disappearing synagogue takes suburbia to task

World-renowned German artist Gregor Schneider has covered a synagogue near Cologne with the façade of a drab suburban house. But by hiding it, he challenges visitors to look more closely at history and memory.


Bayreuth's botched start, supercharged conductor

A premiere not soon to be forgotten: In its fourth and final year, stage director Sebastian Baumgarten's "Tannhäuser" had an unattractive set and a technical glitch, but superb singing and an impressive conducting debut.


August 2014: DW's culture calendar

Even in peak vacation season, Europe's culture scene is busier than ever. August features a variety of film, theater and dance festivals. And there are a few concerts that shouldn't be missed either.