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'Breaking Bad' and 'Modern Family' win big at Emmy awards

ImageHollywood gathered to honor the best of US television at the Primetime Emmys. Programming from HBO and Netflix dominated the nominations.

Comic books

Vintage Superman comic book fetches record price in eBay auction

A nearly flawless 1938 copy of "Action Comics No 1," containing the first Superman adventure, has become the most expensive comic book ever. It fetched $3.2 million dollars in an online auction.


How to become a hipster and why no one wants to

What's all the fuss about hipsters these days? DW got to the bottom of what they actually are (you're probably more hipster than you think) and where they're all headed now that Berlin is out (watch out, Warsaw).


How street art hopes to save the world

Charities and advocacy groups are working more and more with street artists to help create innovative and unique campaigns. Uniting the two is a common cause: fighting for what they believe in.