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Winston Churchill painting sets new record

ImageA painting by British statesman Winston Churchill has fetched $2.8 million at auction - a record for his work. The painting was sold amongst other personal artifacts from the celebrated wartime leader.


Overlooked Russian Bauhaus in limelight in Berlin

Russia's art and architecture school of the 1920s has long been overshadowed by its famous German counterpart, Bauhaus. A new exhibition in Berlin's Martin-Gropius-Bau brings overdue recognition.


EU film prize goes to Polish coming-of-age drama

The Lux Film Prize, awarded each year by the European Parliament, goes to "Ida" by Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski. The prize recognizes films that reflect Europe's cultural identity and diversity.


The 10 must-read German books of 2014

German authors are by no means bestsellers in English-speaking literature markets. Only a few dozen writers are currently translated for readers in London, New York or San Francisco. Some discoveries await readers.


Accordion in Berlin: One woman's survival story

Is Berlin the land of opportunity? For one woman from Romania, it's a chance to get by with her main talent: playing the accordion. Here's what it's really like to be a street musician in Berlin.


German photographers win UNICEF's 'Photo of the Year,' highlighting sex tourism

UNICEF-Germany has awarded its "Photo of the Year" prize to two young Germans who were travelling in the Philippines. Their image addresses the subject of fatherless children of sex tourism.


Century of film history to go on auction

A US collector has spent half a century acquiring nearly 200,000 film posters, including a valuable one from German silent film "Metropolis." Now the whole collection is going under the hammer.


Germany to crack down on antiquity theft

Looters are destroying historic ancient sites in the Middle East, funneling profits in some cases to terror militias. Berlin is proposing new laws for those dealing in antiquities aiming to quell such looting.