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Walking the line between urban art and ads

ImageThe airbrushed model suddenly looks like a ghost. Artists in Berlin are rethinking notions of perfection by hijacking ads and turning them into urban art. It's not exactly legal, but it's getting some to think twice.


When a word is worth a thousand pictures

When was the last time you listened to a bedtime story? The International Day of the Book would be a good time to open your ears and listen to a gripping tale - whether read from a book or told by a storyteller.


Gay hooligan documentary broaches taboo with animation

A gay hooligan may sound like an oxymoron, but it's not. Dutch filmmaker Jan-Dirk Bouw took on this touchy issue in his latest documentary, using special techniques to ensure anonymity. He tells DW about his daring film.

Consumer Electronics

Game Boy turns 25: digital revolution in schoolyards

For children of the early 1990s, the Game Boy was what Rock’n’Roll was for their parents 40 years earlier. The small original handheld celebrates 25 years of existence. And it’s still running.


Gabriel Garcia Marquez: icon of magical realism

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, one of Latin America's most widely acclaimed authors, died at home in Mexico City on Thursday. The Nobel laureate, whose fame drew comparisons to Mark Twain and Charles Dickens, was 87.


How to become a hipster and why no one wants to

What's all the fuss about hipsters these days? DW got to the bottom of what they actually are (you're probably more hipster than you think) and where they're all headed now that Berlin is out (watch out, Warsaw).