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Five campaigns against sexual harassment that you should know

ImageA video of a woman who experiences more than 100 instances of sexual harassment while walking in New York City has gone viral. It's the latest online campaign against sexual harassment. Here are our top five.


When does making fun of faith cross the line?

A comedian might say it's his job to make fun of everything and everybody under the sun - the more wicked, the better. In Germany, a debate has broken out after a Muslim citizen filed suit over a comedian's jokes.


The Jazzfest Berlin turns 50

Each year, as the air crispens, fans flock to Berlin for one of Europe's major jazz festivals. In 2014, the Jazzfest Berlin celebrates its golden anniversary.


Germany attracts trade in looted artifacts

Terrorist organizations like the 'Islamic State' make a fortune selling looted artifacts from local sites. German antiques dealers are involved, too, and experts say the country is in need of legal reform on the matter.


Few answers one year after news of Gurlitt's art trove broke

The discovery of the valuable trove held by Cornelius Gurlitt, the son of an art dealer, unleashed a debate one year ago about returning works once stolen by Nazis. Many questions remain open, and a debate continues.


Searching for Germany's identity on a bike

What makes Germans tick? That's what Anna Magdalena Bössen wants to find out. She is biking through Germany to get to know the country better. Along the way, she recites German poetry in exchange for a place to stay.


Berlin's hipster heaven is dying

With their tight pants, beards, retro cameras and oversized sunglasses, they see themselves as the epitome of cool. But the modern urban hipster look seems to be a dying breed.