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Elite US Marine: Why Germany should watch 'Sniper'

ImageAmerican patriotism and military penchant has long baffled Germans. As "American Sniper" hits cinemas in Germany, a former elite Marine explains what goes on in a soldier's head - and why there are "warriors" everywhere.


Opinion: Guelph Treasure must stay in Germany

The dispute over the medieval Guelph Treasure has been taken to a US court after Germany said the Nazis didn't steal it. While DW's Sarah Hofmann says the lawsuit is understandable - the works should remain in Germany.


Guelph Treasure case takes Germany by surprise

Germany on trial? Heirs of the Jewish art dealers that sold the medieval Guelph Treasure to the Nazis have brought their claim to a US court. The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation president refutes the claim.


Jewish heirs to Guelph treasure take lawsuit to the US

Ownership of the Guelph collection of medieval ecclesiastical treasures in Berlin is again being challenged. A lawsuit has been filed in the United States by the heirs of Nazi-era Jewish art dealers.

Muslim World

DW Freedom of Speech Award for Raif Badawi

Imprisoned blogger Raif Badawi of Saudi Arabia receives DW's first Freedom of Speech award. DW is awarding the prize as part of its international online awards "The Bobs."


After the attacks, back to business for Charlie Hebdo

"Charlie Hebdo" is back to business. That is, if a jihadist dog, an enraged pope and animal caricatures of Marine Le Pen and Nicolas Sarkozy can be considered business as usual. Elizabeth Bryant reports from Paris.


Roman Polanski extradition case opens in Poland

A Polish court has begun considering arguments in the extradition case of Oscar-winning film director Roman Polanski. The filmmaker is wanted in the United States over a guilty verdict in a 1977 statutory rape case.


Opinion: Hollywood is reinventing itself

This year's Oscars largely went to experimental, artistic films. They're a sign of new wind in Hollywood, which has been in a rut for some time. It's about time, says DW's Jochen Kürten.


Birdman wins Best Picture at 87th Oscars

Black comedy-drama Birdman has scooped the big prize of the night at this year's Oscars. The film won Best Picture as well as Best Director for Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.


Why urban planners should pay attention to nightlife

The stereotypical urban planner has a reputation for pushing pencils rather than downing shots. But urban scientist Jakob F. Schmid explains why they should care what goes on in their cities' bars and clubs after hours.


Music made in Germany: 5 new albums to watch for

Want to spice up your playlist? DW has picked a handful (literally) of German artists with new albums out. From Deichkind's electro-pop to Prag's retro chanson, there's something for you here, too.


Children's picture book defends free expression

In the wake of the attack against "Charlie Hebdo" illustrators are defending themselves with pen and brush. A collection from around the world has now been published as a picture book for children in Germany.

Food and Drink

Foodies eat into Berlin's impoverished image

After reveling in its self-styled party image, Berlin is now cultivating a more mature, gourmet persona. The eat! Berlin food festival is key to efforts, but as DW's Tamsin Walker finds out, it's all a matter of taste.


Morning Gloryville: Berlin's early bird ravers

Morning Gloryville's sober raves have been taking the world by storm since May 2013. Now the breakfast party's landed in Berlin where DW's Kate Brady went to see how the capital is "raving its way into the day."