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Germany's ultimate hiking challenge

ImageThere's a hiking trail that encircles Berlin and promises dozens of calm lakes, indescribable natural beauty and Cold War artifacts. The catch? It's 416 kilometers long. DW's Katherine Sacks has taken on the challenge.


Europe's boss: Merkel turns 60

Angela Merkel has presided over a time of great influence and economic success. Germany has assumed a more prominent role in the world - and its unassuming chancellor has become a political heavyweight.


Gaza conflict fuels anti-Semitism debate in Germany

The Gaza conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has led to a heated debate in Germany. After anti-Israel demonstrations, Jewish organizations are speaking out, saying "the old hatred of Jews" was back in Germany.


German experts warn against fracking

The country’s Federal Environmental Agency says the risk associated with fracking is too big. Ministries involved are pushing for an initial ban on the practice until 2021.


Germany says 'willkommen' to foreign students

Never before have so many foreign students studied in Germany, while one in three German students goes abroad. Education Minister Johanna Wanka says Germany is more welcoming than its reputation implies.

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East Frisian Islands - Holidays in natural surroundings

The seven East Frisian islands stretch in an arc off Germany's North Sea coast. Slow tourism is the watchword here. We explore two of the islands: Langeoog and Spiekeroog.