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Germany participates in West African naval exercises

ImageSeeking greater military involvement in Africa, the German navy is participating in the "Obangame Express" military exercise in the Gulf of Guinea. Training local soldiers in search vessels plays a big role.

Arms Exports

Germany's arms exports turn into gamesmanship

German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel defied Angela Merkel by refusing to sanction the sale of battle tanks to Saudi Arabia. But this is just a minor corrective for one of the world's major arms exporters.


Call me! A German satellite and Internet company wants answers from the NSA

The small-scale Stellar communications company in Germany is reeling from revelations that it may have been hacked by GCHQ and the NSA. DW travels to the Cologne suburb of Hürth to try and find out why.

Data Protection

Data retention sticking point for Germany

The European Court of Justice's ruling that data retention practices go against basic privacy rights for Europeans has unleashed debate among German politicians on how to change national rules.


Petition by Bild newspaper fans the flames

German politicians agree that Putin's actions in Ukraine violate international law. But a call by Germany's Bild tabloid to remove Russian tanks from a WWII memorial in Berlin is ill-advised, says DW's Ingo Mannteufel.

NSA Scandal

'Useful idiot' Snowden defends televised espionage question put to Putin

Edward Snowden has written a response to the criticism over his question on mass surveillance put to Russian President Vladimir Putin on state television, saying he wanted to start a debate, not assist the Kremlin.


German court ensures fair trial for pirates: expert

A Somali man has been sentenced to 12 years in prison by a German court for a crime committed off the coast of Africa. Oliver Daum, a German law expert, explains why holding the trial in Germany was legal.


German court jails Somali pirate

A German court has jailed a Somali pirate for 12 years over his role in the hijacking of a tanker in 2010. The man later tried to come to Germany as a refugee.


The right approach to Nazi memorabilia

Trading and owning Nazi objects is legal almost everywhere in the world, but a scheduled auction in Paris has stirred up controversy and has brought back the discussion how to best deal with Nazi memorabilia.


When Muslims renounce their faith

Fearing ostracism by their family, or even death, many former Muslims keep their disbelief secret. A German organization offers support to people who leave Islam for another religion, or for none.


Living 'La Deutsche Vita:' The adventures of being Italian in Berlin

When you're an underachiever at home, you can move to Berlin and be an underachiever there. That's the narrative of "La Deutsche Vita," a documentary about being Italian in the German capital.


Spraying history on Munich's walls

Munich, the birthplace of modern graffiti in Germany, wants to promote street art. But is legal graffiti still fun? Some artists see subsidies as interference, while property owners are already calculating removal costs.