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Social Change

German city of Essen pays addicts in beer to clean streets

ImageA project is underway in Essen in which alcoholics are paid in beer to clean up the city's streets. The idea is to help drug addicts pick themselves up and rejoin society. DW went to Essen to see how it's working out.

Ebola Virus

Media: Germany 'working to build Ebola transport plane'

A German newspaper has reported that the government is developing a special aircraft designed to transport Ebola patients. At present, only the US has planes equipped for the task.


Berlin SPD members back Michael Müller as next mayor

Berlin's Social Democrats have overwhelmingly backed Michael Müller to succeed Klaus Wowereit as the German capital's next mayor. Müller still has to be nominated at a party convention and elected by the city parliament.

Right-Wing Extremism

United against Salafism, right-wing scene surges in Germany

Violent hooligans, backed by right-wing extremists, have teamed up against a new enemy: Salafists. For months now, they have lashed out online - and now they're taking to the streets.

Social Media

Autumn in Berlin: The German capital in fiery colors

It's officially fall in Berlin. Here are the 10 most beautiful images of Berlin in fall on Twitter, according to DW's social media desk.

Ebola Virus

Germany pledges further 85 million euros in Ebola aid

The federal government has upped its financial contribution for Ebola response efforts six-fold to 100 million euros ($127 million), calling the situation in West Africa "extremely worrying."


Helmut Kohl embarrassed by ghost writer's new book

A book of candid interviews with former Chancellor Helmut Kohl is to be published this week against his will. He said Angela Merkel "couldn't eat with a knife and fork," and that Gorbachev left a forgettable legacy.


Suspected terrorists in Germany to be denied 'real' ID cards

In a bid to clamp down on Islamists leaving and re-entering the country, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has suggested a "replacement" ID card. Some 450 extremists are already thought to have left Germany.

Eastern Germany

East Germany's inescapable Hohenschönhausen prison

The place where Thomas Raufeisen was unfairly imprisoned and interrogated is today his place of work. As a witness who experienced this prison first hand, he guides visitors through East Germany's central remand center.


Cologne to open refugee asylum in luxury hotel

Rarely does one need "stars" to rate the amenities awaiting refugees, but exceptions are being made in Cologne. The city is looking to turn a luxury hotel into a refugee asylum.