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Trial begins for 'bookkeeper of Auschwitz'

ImageThe trial has begun for a former worker at the World War II Nazi prison camp known as the "bookkeeper." He faces 15 years in prison if convicted of being an accessory to murder in 300,000 cases.

Third Reich

The case against the 'accountant of Auschwitz'

Seventy years after the end of World War Two one of the last perpetrators of the Holocaust is to stand trial. Oskar Gröning, a former SS officer at Auschwitz, is charged with 300,000 counts of accessory to murder.


According to YouGov, at least, manners count in Germany

Hold the door open for the person behind you, offer your seat to someone who needs it, be on time - the pollster YouGov has found that Germans feel people are not as polite as they used to be. But manners still do count.

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Biggest spring festival in Europe opens in Stuttgart

The 77th Stuttgart Spring Festival has begun. The fair entices people to enjoy the outdoors in Baden-Württemberg's state capital with some 240 attractions and stands, selling everything from beer to candy floss.


Ukraine conflict colors 2015 Lev Kopelev Prize

Two Russians and two Ukrainians have shared this year's Lev Kopelev Prize for peace and human rights. All of the artists contributed, in rather different ways, to combating nationalism and propaganda.


'Remembrance has no expiration date' at Sachsenhausen, Ravensbrück

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier was among dignitaries marking 70 years since the liberation of the Sachsenhausen Nazi concentration camp, saying remembrance must endure after survivors pass on.


Moroccan asylum seeker sets himself alight in German town

A Moroccan asylum seeker has been badly injured after setting himself alight on a German street. He was protesting his imminent deportation.


Liberation of Ravensbrück women's concentration camp remembered

Ravensbrück was the largest concentration camp for women in Nazi Germany. Some 150,000 prisoners were held there by the SS until the camp was liberated in April 1945.


Calls mount for G36 assault rifle replacement

A German politician has said a replacement is needed for the highly criticized G36 assault rifle used by the Bundeswehr. The guns are inaccurate in hot temperatures.

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Messages in bottles found in the Rhine

Cologne artist Joachim Römer has been fishing bottles containing messages out of the River Rhine for years. His collection now amounts to some 1400 items. A current exhibition in Bingen is presenting some of them.

Court Cases

Estate of Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels sues Random House over biography

The family of Joseph Goebbels is suing Random House for royalties from a biography which draws on his diaries. The publisher says the copyright belongs to the Bavarian government.