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How safe are Jews in Germany?

ImageCan Jews feel safe in Germany? Not everywhere, says the Central Council of Jews, citing hostility from Muslim citizens as one of the reasons. Muslim representatives have even acknowledged that there are problems.

European Union

Schäuble's Greece vote exposes slight rift in CDU-CSU bloc

An unusually large number of lawmakers in Angela Merkel’s bloc dissented in the vote on extending Greece’s credit. Still, the Bundestag approved the four-month extension by a massive margin: 542-32, with 13 abstentions.


Nazi Documentation Center opens in Munich

Following long in the wake of Berlin and Nuremberg, Munich is finally establishing its own Documentation Center. It officially opens on April 30, the 70th anniversary of Munich's liberation from the Nazis.


German civil service unions call warning strikes for next week

Several German unions have called on their members to hold warning strikes next week amid a pay dispute. Schools, university clinics and justice institutions will be affected.


Government, churches agree on new asylum procedures

Many church parishes are involved in helping refugees. That includes clothes, care and less frequently, temporary protection in the form of church asylum. Germany is trying a new approach to the controversial issue.


Bundestag approves Greek bailout extension

Germany's parliament has approved an extension of Greece's financial bailout for a further four months. The outcome of the vote was never in doubt, despite misgivings about recent comments by the Greek finance minister.


German tank battalion to be activated amid Russia crisis

Germany plans to activate a tank battalion that exists only on paper as it seeks to increase the country's military capability. The defense minister spoke of a "changed security situation" amid the conflict in Ukraine.


Bundestag opens debate on Greece bailout extension

Lawmakers in Berlin have opened a parliamentary debate on whether to approve an extension of Greece's financial bailout. With the government holding an overwhelming majority, its approval is all but certain.


Hamburg Harbor birthday 2015

The "Gorch Fock" and the "Queen Elizabeth" will be the stars amongst what organizers say will include 300 participating vessels and welcome around one million visitors from around the world to the Hamburg Harbor.

European Ties

Germany and Romania weigh up Moscow's plans for Moldova

Angela Merkel has said she hopes Russia does not have plans set on Moldova, during talks with the Romanian president in Berlin. Klaus Iohannis asked for Berlin's support for Romanians to travel freely within the EU.