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Armed Conflict

Congress eyes arming Syrian rebels as airstrikes expand

ImageAn airstrike from the US military's new campaign to combat "Islamic State" has struck near Baghdad. Meanwhile, the US Congress is looking to approve a measure to arm moderate Syrian rebels before midterm elections.

United Kingdom

Opinion: Historic chance for Scotland

On Thursday around four million Scots will be voting on the future of their country's independence. The cultural and political otherness of the Scots justifies the experiment, says DW's Daniel Scheschkewitz.


Chinese Internet companies heading West

With Alibaba poised to set a new record for the world's biggest IPO in New York, other Chinese Internet companies are also eyeing Western markets, says DW columnist Frank Sieren.


Brok: Transitional implementation for EU-Ukraine agreement

Elmar Brok, the German chairman of the European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs, explains the implementation process for the association agreement between the EU and Ukraine.


Russia, West delay key element of EU-Ukraine trade deal

Ukraine's deputy foreign minister has resigned in protest after the delay of a key part of the upcoming EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, due to be ratified on Tuesday. So why is the deal so controversial?


Opinion: It's going to be a long fight

The Paris anti-terror conference has produced nothing new. Enough talking - we can analyze the causes later on. What's needed now is action to counter the "Islamic State" terrorist militia, says DW's Bernd Riegert.

Food Security

WFP faces uphill battle to deliver food in South Sudan

The UN World Food Program estimates that nearly 4 million South Sudanese face food shortages in 2014. DW spoke to WFP spokesperson, George Fominyen, to find out what they are doing to fight the food crisis.


CAR: Is the new UN Mission doomed to fail?

The United Nations has launched MINUSCA, its new peace keeping mission to the Central African Republic. Experts believe that the six month mandate is too short to bring stability to the country.

Natural Disasters

India and Pakistan - flooded and overwhelmed

Once again, floods have ravaged parts of India and Pakistan. Those who are affected by the calamity still need relief. However, the frequency of the floods in the region tells us it can't be just a natural disaster.

United Kingdom

Celebrities and cartoon characters take sides on #indyref

Political pundits, move over: Celebrities and cartoon figures give their views on the Scottish referendum. From Sean Connery to David Beckham, stars reveal how they stand on independence - but whom are they convincing?


Iraq talks wrap up with pledge of military aid

Foreign ministers from nearly 30 countries pledged in Paris to combat the terror group "Islamic State" in Iraq and Syria. However, no mention was made of specific combat plans to tackle the jihadist group.