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United States

Role of Ferguson police chief and mayor must be examined

ImageThe Justice Department’s scathing Ferguson report shows that the government is paying attention, Harvard law scholar Charles Ogletree told DW. He says Ferguson is not an isolated case and suggests what to do about it.


Skiers rescued from Dolomite cable cars

Several hundred skiers stuck in cable gondolas have had narrow escapes in the Italian Domomites. They were lowered to the ground safely by rescue crews after high winds toppled a tree on the main cable.

Palestinian Territories

PLO seeks security freeze with Israel

Two decades of Palestinian security cooperation with Israel are in doubt after the PLO's central council called for terminating the partnership. President Abbas's administration will decide on implementing the move.


Why Afghanistan's security forces are dwindling

Combat casualties, desertions - a new US report reveals the number of Afghan security forces has dropped as they take on the Taliban with little support from foreign troops. But there also seem to be "accounting" issues.


Togo: German investors still on the sidelines

The small Togolese Republic is becoming an important trade and transport hub in West Africa. Its middle class is growing. The construction and transport industries are booming. So what is holding German investors back?


Eurodrama: Germany's Eurovision preselection winner backs out

The winner of the chance to represent Germany at this year's Eurovision has declined the opportunity to do so. On live television, Andreas Kümmert gave up his spot for runner-up Ann Sophie.

Court Cases

Witnesses testify in Boston Marathon bombing trial

A court heard more testimony from witnesses of the Boston Marathon bombings. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev could face life in prison or the death penalty, as his defense has admitted his participation but not his guilt.


Anger over Ugandan government plan to send doctors to Caribbean

Uganda wants to send hundreds of doctors and nurses to Trinidad and Tobago even though they are desperately needed at home. Critics are taking legal action against the government.