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Human Rights

Stateless in Nepal - How a patriarchal system denies citizenship to millions

ImageOver four million people in Nepal are stateless as women aren't allowed to pass their citizenship onto their children. With the latest constitutional deadline passing, concerns are growing for these undocumented people.


PEGIDA: The beginning of the end?

Five board members of PEGIDA have stepped down following the controversy over founder Lutz Bachmann's Hitler impersonation. After weeks of demonstrations, is the anti-Islamization movement about to run out of steam?


War on terror - without Turkey?

Criticism is growing in Turkey over the apparent reticence of the West to cooperate with Turkey in the war on terror. There are a number of reasons for this, terrorism experts say.


Is the Philippines peace process in jeopardy?

As the Philippines mourns the deaths of policemen killed in an anti-terror operation, many fear the collapse of a peace deal with MILF rebels. DW speaks to Steven Rood about the political impact of the recent firefight.

Human Rights

HRW blames international rise in extremism on human rights violations

In its annual report, Human Rights Watch claims the emergence of the "Islamic State" was to blame on the 'war on terror.' The NGO points to human rights violations committed during the US invasion of Iraq.


Italy to begin complex selection of its new president

Lawmakers are set to begin voting Thursday for Italy's new president. The prime minister reached across a political divide to Silvio Berlusconi for help in getting a candidate approved. Megan Williams reports from Rome.

South America

Dead Argentina prosecutor Nisman was fearful of own guards

The Argentinian prosecutor found dead in suspicious circumstances did not trust the security assigned to protect him, according to the last person who saw him alive. The man gave Alberto Nisman the gun that killed him.


AU faces acid test over continent’s hotspots

Boko Haram, Ebola, Central African Republic, South Sudan - African leaders have much on their agenda at their summit this weekend. At the top of the list is the creation of an anti-terrorism force.


Thailand's military junta forces German Friedrich Ebert Foundation to cancel press freedom briefing

German NGO Friedrich Ebert Foundation has been ordered by Thailand's military government to cancel a briefing on media freedom. The ban is seen as part of a crackdown on freedom of expression.

Life Links

The cost of not caring: How inaction is making us sick

You make people sick - by not taking action. It’s hard to put it like that, but it’s the truth. 1.3 million young people alone could still be alive, if somebody had cared.