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Gaza Strip

Hope fades in Gaza as conditions worsen

ImageAs war continues to rage in the Gaza Strip, the local population is preparing itself for a drawn-out conflict. Raed Athamnah and his family are also feeling pessimistic as they hide in shelters to escape mortal danger.


British militants make up majority of foreign IS fighters

The probability journalist James Foley was murdered by a British man has turned the spotlight on an uncomfortable truth. DW looks at how the UK became Europe's main exporter of 'Islamic State' radicals.


Prabowo's party alliance 'unlikely to outlive court ruling'

Indonesia's top court has rejected an appeal by losing candidate Prabowo Subianto over fraud during last month's election, a ruling which the former general is unlikely to dispute, as analyst Gregory Poling tells DW.

Transatlantic relations

A pleasant surprise for Washington

Germany’s announcement that it was ready to arm Iraqi Kurdish fighters against IS was neither expected nor demanded by the US. And yet it's a welcome boost for the Obama administration - and also helps Berlin.

Ebola Virus

How does Ebola spread?

As more doctors treating Ebola patients contract the disease themselves, it's clear that better prevention is needed. But given the virus's resilience and the low Ebola awareness in West Africa, this is no easy task.


How Uganda stopped previous Ebola outbreaks

Ebola outbreaks have hit Uganda four times since the virus was first discovered. However, compared to West Africa, the East African nation has been quick to contain it.

Ebola Virus

US doctor with Ebola to be released from hospital

An American doctor who contracted the deadly disease Ebola in Liberia is to leave hospital after his recovery. A UN official has meanwhile warned that the outbreak poses a threat to Liberia's stability.


India's 'Iron Lady' to keep campaigning against rights abuses

India's former prisoner of conscience, Irom Sharmila, has vowed to continue her hunger strike to protest against an Indian law that suspends human rights protections in insurgency-marred areas.


Single market 'may aggravate inequalities' in ASEAN

Plans by Southeast Asian countries to set up a single market next year are likely to boost the economy and job market, but could also worsen inequality and benefit men more than women, as analyst Sukti Dasgupta tells DW.


'IS' is 'the greatest threat to journalists'

Syria is the most dangerous country for journalists, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. Middle East program coordinator Sherif Mansour estimates about 20 foreign reporters are being held hostage.


Opinion: Weapons for a civilized world

Germany has agreed to send arms to northern Iraq - a U-turn from its previous position. DW's Dagmar Engel wonders what consequences this decision will have for the future.