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Russians hold key posts with Ukraine separatists

ImageRussians appear to be calling the shots among the separatists in Eastern Ukraine. Men from Moscow occupy many of the key positions in the People's Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk.


China's nuclear boom leaves Germany isolated

Germany’s decision to phase-out nuclear power leaves the country isolated worldwide. China has taken over as the global trendsetter regarding atomic energy, says DW’s columnist Frank Sieren.

NSA Scandal

Snowden's future between asylum and amnesty

What will happen to Edward Snowden after a year of asylum in Russia? He is apparently negotiating his return. But the Ukraine crisis is decreasing Obama's room to maneuver while US media interest is waning.


Ukraine talks in Belarus: 'Don't expect miracles'

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has agreed to host talks that Minsk has said are open to "all interested sides." The discussions are expected to focus on access to the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash site.


Laughing in public and devoutness in Turkey

Religion is playing a huge role in the election campaign of the first direct ballot for the Turkish president. Both main parties are campaigning by using their Islamic devoutness to gain votes.


Indonesia: Jokowi's uphill economic challenges

An economic slowdown, rampant corruption and declining foreign investment are just some of the issues plaguing Indonesia's economy. DW takes a look at the challenges incoming president Joko Widodo has to tackle.


Uighur Congress disputes Beijing's account of Xinjiang clash

A day after dozens of people were killed in clashes in China's restive Xinjiang region, the Uighur World Congress' Alim Seytoff tells DW Beijing's account of events intends to depict peaceful protesters as "terrorists."

Ebola Virus

Ebola: 'The first thing is public awareness'

In Liberia, local media were reporting that bodies were floating in rivers and lying abandoned in houses as the authorities struggled to cope with an Ebola outbreak that has killed hundreds across West Africa.


Oz: 'Lose-lose situation for Israel'

Israel's ground offensive against Gaza is excessive, Israeli writer Amos Oz tells DW. But he also criticizes Hamas' strategy, in which both Israeli and Palestinian victims boost the organization's standing in Gaza.


Climate change: The 'greatest threat' to the peoples of the Pacific

Amid growing concerns over rising sea levels, this year's Pacific Islands Forum summit has started. Its Secretary General Tuiloma Slade reiterates that climate change threatens the viability of the forum's member states.

Middle East

Europe must overcome Mideast status quo

While Europeans are focusing on Ukraine and Iraq, the oldest of the Middle East issues will haunt them for some time. The wider Israel/Palestinian conflict needs the full attention of Europe, writes Mattia Toaldo.