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United Kingdom

British PM Cameron announces new anti-terrorism measures

ImageBritish Prime Minister David Cameron has outlined a new plan to tighten anti-terror measures in the UK. It includes giving police temporary power to seize passports of suspected Iraq and Syria-bound Islamist fighters.


Analyst: 'Pakistan's military seeking to destabilize government'

Pakistan's powerful military has said it will step up efforts to resolve the country's weeks-long political crisis. But analyst Aqil Shah tells DW, the army is fueling the turmoil in a bid to send a signal to PM Sharif.

Human Rights

Campaigning for a child marriage-free Tanzania

A new drive to end child marriage is underway in Tanzania. In a country where almost two out of five girls will be married before their 18th birthday, the "Child Marriage-Free Zone" campaign faces an uphill struggle.


Lesotho, landlocked and leaderless

After an attempted coup, the small southern African kingdom of Lesotho remains without a leader. The country's divided government has headed to neighboring South Africa for emergency talks.


Modi's banking-for-all scheme may boost India's rural economy

PM Narendra Modi recently announced a financial inclusion scheme, which aims to provide banking access for all Indian citizens. Experts say the initiative faces some challenges but will help the country's economy.

Baltic States

Estonia's expectations: What can Obama deliver?

The US president is stopping off in Estonia on his way to the NATO summit in Wales. Symbolism aside, Estonians want Obama to commit to an increased NATO presence, but how realistic is that, asks Raimo Poom?


Crisis in Pakistan could become unmanageable

The ongoing political crisis in Pakistan is hurting the country's economy. The nuclear-armed nation's powerful army is concerned, and so is the West. A greater turmoil could become unmanageable for everyone.

International Relations

Mongolia's 'rebalance' towards Russia and China

In a bid to boost its ailing economy, Mongolia is refocusing its foreign policy on its traditional partners Russia and China. But experts warn Ulan Bator runs the risk of becoming increasingly dependent.


'Moral choice explains fascination with WWII'

On the anniversary of Hitler's invasion of Poland in 1939, DW spoke with English historian Antony Beevor. He explains Hitler and Stalin's impact on the individual, the global nature of the war, and the morality debate.


Politicians debate issue of returning jihadists

In Syria and Iraq, young men from Germany are fighting for the terror group 'Islamic State.' Porous borders allow them to cross in and out of the countries; policies for dealing with those who return are still lacking.


Beijing rejects full Hong Kong democracy

Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement has suffered a major setback following Beijing's decision to rule out open nominations for the city's 2017 elections. Activists now pledge to "launch a wave of protest actions."