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India launches rocket with capacity for manned flights

ImageIndia has successfully sent a rocket into space with a capsule that could carry passengers in the future. The mission could signal the beginning of India's manned space programs.


India's growing problem with 'superbugs'

The global use of antibiotics is surging, especially in India - the world's largest consumer - where drug-resistant bacteria are yearly killing tens of thousands of newborns. Experts warn the 'superbugs' are spreading.


EU stem cell ruling paves the way to stem cell patents

The European Court of Justice has ruled that egg cells incapable of developing into humans cannot be considered human embryos. The step allows for patents on the use of such cells and for some controversial research.

European Union

Obesity considered a disability, EU court rules

The EU's top court has ruled that obesity can be considered a disability, under the bloc's employment laws. Its judgment dealt with the case of a Danish childminder who claimed he was fired for being obese.

Dengue Fever

New dengue fever antibody could lead to vaccine

British scientists have isolated antibodies that are able to attack all four variants of the dengue virus. Not long ago, the achievement seemed insurmountable. Can it be taken to the vaccine stage, though?

Ebola Virus

German Red Cross opens new Ebola treatment center in Liberia

The German Red Cross has opened a new Ebola treatment center in Liberia's capital. The organization is getting support from the German armed forces.


Ebola drugs: has treating patients with untested drugs got us closer to a cure?

In August, the World Health Organization said treating Ebola patients with unapproved drugs was ethical. It was hoped it would speed up research. Months later, an approved Ebola drug remains far off.


Ebola health workers awarded Time magazine's 'Person of the Year'

Time magazine's prestigious "Person of the Year" title has been awarded collectively to healthcare workers treating the Ebola epidemic. The medical staff have been praised for their "tireless acts of courage and mercy."


Some rodents are also climate culprits

New findings show that beavers and Arctic ground squirrels are contributing more to climate change than previously thought. Information on wildlife's role in global warming will help inventory greenhouse gas sources.

Mobile Technology

InMoBS app to help the blind and visually handicapped

Three years and 700 test runs later, scientists in Germany have developed an app they hope will help blind and visually handicapped people navigate a busy world.


Tracking patterns: how software claims to stop crime by analyzing a burglar's behavior

It's a law enforcement dream: stopping break-ins before they happen. Software makers claim to be able to prevent burglary by analyzing the patterns of thieves. And police in Germany hope they are right.


Biologists break world record for time spent under water

Nobody has spent more time under water than biologists Jessica Fain and Bruce Cantrell. The two have returned to the surface safely after 73 days spent below the surface in a bay in the Florida Keys.