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Open Data

Italy seeks 'right to know' data act to open the door on government transparency

ImageThe EU's "mature democracies" rank low globally in terms of government transparency. But a new Freedom of Information Act in Italy promises to make the country an open data pioneer in Europe.

Tomorrow Today

Epidemiologist: Germany is well-prepared

Germany's robust healthcare system should be able to cope with the Ebola virus, says epidemiologist Lars Schaade in an interview to Deutsche Welle. But he adds that time is of the essence in combating the disease.

Ebola Virus

Sights on early 2015: UK starts fast-tracked human Ebola vaccine trials

The Jenner Institute has begun human trials for a candidate Ebola vaccine, which could be rolled out as early as this coming January. The institute's Adrian Hill tells DW what needs to be achieved before that can happen.


WHO warns Ebola cases could double every three weeks

The World Health Organization has warned that the number of Ebola cases could double every three weeks, with medics stressing it could soon become too late to contain the disease.

Ebola Virus

Obama to announce troop deployment to fight Ebola

US President Obama is to announce that the US will send troops to West Africa in an effort to fight the Ebola outbreak, according to administration officials. The troops are to build clinics and train healthcare workers.


Blood-cleansing magnetic device could complement antibiotics to treat sepsis, Ebola

US researchers have developed a magnetic device that fishes bacteria, viruses and toxins out of the blood. It could help treat life-threatening diseases like sepsis and even Ebola.

Infectious Diseases

Google Flu Trends may have failed but computers show travel helps Ebola spread

It's hard to say for sure whether the Ebola epidemic in West Africa will spill over into other parts of the world. But computer modeling can predict a lot - for example, which cities are most at risk.


NASA picks Boeing, SpaceX to build ISS 'taxis'

Boeing and tech specialists SpaceX have won NASA commissions to send astronauts into orbit, starting in 2017. NASA ditched its own shuttle program in 2011, leaving the US reliant on Russian rockets for transport.


'X' marks two spots on comet 67P for Rosetta's lander Philae to keep in its sights

The European Space Agency (ESA) has selected two potential sites for the Rosetta lander, Philae, to make contact with a comet in November. If it succeeds, it will be a first of galactic proportions.


Astronaut, cosmonauts return to Earth from space station

An American astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts have returned to Earth. They served for nearly half a year on the International Space Station.

DNA Fingerprinting

From paternity to criminal cases DNA fingerprinting has been 30 years of 'eureka'

It's 30 years since Sir Alec Jeffreys discovered DNA Fingerprinting, sparking a revolution in crime investigation. But three decades on, are we guilty of relying too much on DNA evidence?


World Suicide Prevention Day: fighting taboo to talk about one of our worst killers

There is a suicide death every 40 seconds. That is more than 2000 people, who commit suicide every day. Is it possible to prevent suicide? And if so, how?


How does a black box work?

Authorities will publish a first report on the July crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 on Tuesday, including data from the black box. The indestructible recorder helps experts reconstruct aircraft accidents.