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No longer just a joke - our blood is to blame for mosquito bites

ImageThey are back: when temperatures rise, mosquitos fan out in search of blood. Now scientists have found proof that our genes are to blame for how often we are stung.

Forensic Science

FBI hair analysis: forensic experts 'actually see similarities beyond what exists'

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation admits its forensic experts gave flawed hair analysis evidence for decades. But it may not have been intentional. It may have been a case of "wishful thinking."

Internet of Things

Internet of Things: Have we been sleepwalking into a networked nightmare?

Our long-held vision of an Internet of Things is here. Ours is an age of an all-encompassing network - from connected cars to lampposts. Should we have taken more care with what we wish for?


Swansea Bay project looks to harness the power of the tides

Swansea Bay in southern Wales could soon host the world's first energy-generating tidal lagoons. The British government says it may support the project, which combines technology with a local appreciation of the tides.