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HIV: 10 must-know facts about a deadly virus

ImageHIV/AIDS may not seem to be the scourge it was 20 years ago, but more than a million people are affected every year. DW's science desk has compiled the must-know facts.


AIDS medicines unaffordable for many victims

The international medical organization Doctors without Borders has said that medicines for treating AIDS are still too expensive for many patients. This is especially true for victims living in developed countries.


New drug combination against TB raises hopes for drug-resistant and co-infected HIV patients

Researchers presented results from a TB drug trial at the AIDS conference in Melbourne. They say the new drug combination could provide new hope for patients with both tuberculosis and HIV.


AIDS conference opens with a minute's silence for MH17

The 20th International AIDS Conference has opened in Melbourne with a minute's silence for six delegates who died on flight MH17 on their way to Australia. An estimated 35 million people currently have HIV/AIDS.


Indian engineers design electric anti-rape bra

A group of engineers in India have designed an electric bra as a rape defense system. The lingerie - capable of causing severe burns - is called Society Harnessing Equipment (SHE).


Experts see flaws in promising dengue fever vaccine candidate

The most advanced vaccine candidate against dengue fever could prevent many deaths, its developers say. But some experts warn that the substance could even make things worse rather than effectively treat it.


App turns power button into 'panic button'

Amnesty International has launched a 'panic button' mobile app meant to help activists and journalists when under attack. Experienced journalists are grateful, but they also see an underlying risk.


HIV reappears in Mississippi girl thought to have been cured

Doctors in the US have found that a girl thought to have been cured of an HIV infection still harbors the AIDS virus. The four-year-old, who had appeared to no longer need treatment, is now back on retroviral drugs.


Emergency shelters should be temporary, but they need long-lasting engineering

How can emergency shelters provide refugees with more than just a tent? A German designer has developed a shelter system that offers a flexible space and a more dignified home under canvas.


Internet could help isolated seniors out of their loneliness

Research by a UK think tank called The Policy Exchange shows that about four in 10 people in the UK aged 65 and over don’t have access to the Internet at home, even though they could benefit from it.