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Ebola vaccine cAd3-EBO raises hopes in first trial

ImageGood news has been rare when it comes to the Ebola outbreak. Now, there's a glimmer of hope. One vaccine has yielded promising results in humans - even if it has its drawbacks.


Germany unveils Ebola evacuation plane in Berlin

The first Airbus refitted to serve as an Ebola evacuation plane has been unveiled in the German capital, Berlin. Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said he hopes to see it seldom used.

Cyber Warfare

IT firms: Likely link between Regin virus, intelligence agency

Software analysts seem to agree that the Regin malware program is so advanced and discreet that it was most likely produced by an intelligence agency. The now-infamous initials NSA and GCHQ are being bandied about.


What's worse for your health: Fat or carbohydrates?

Saturated fat is evil, it causes heart disease - that is almost general knowledge. Now US researchers claim to have shown in a study that carbohydrates are even worse. But dietary experts remain unimpressed.


The link between cash, obesity and cancer

A global study by the International Agency for Research on Cancer suggests obesity leads to cancer - to the tune of half a million cases per year. DW speaks to IARC's Dr Melina Arnold.

Infectious Diseases

Bubonic plague festers in Madagascar's slums

The bubonic plague: it still gives us the creeps, centuries after it wiped out swathes of Europe. The disease still exists, with Peru, China and the US regularly reporting cases. But one island is particularly hard hit.


'Make thicker walls': Terrorism fears high as drones survey French nuclear reactors

More than 30 civilian drones have been seen over French nuclear reactors over the past two months. Greenpeace suspects terrorist activity and wants the reactors shut down.


Why tattoo ink is less cool than you think

Whether you like tattoos or not may be a matter of taste. It may be about fashion, or a thing of conviction. But the chemistry in tats is unambiguous, with experts warning some ink may cause cancer.


German Future Prize for lupines

President Joachim Gauck has awarded the German Future Prize 2014 in Berlin. The winners: a team of scientists who discovered lupines can make a protein-rich replacement for animal products.

Net Neutrality

Open Internet: How can we protect 'net neutrality' if it doesn't exist, Mr. President?

When it comes to slogans, "net neutrality" has got to be one of the most boring ones around. So why has it got the US president, European digital tsars and the global tech scene in such a tizz?


How the Dutch love of cycling is glowing in the dark to inspire innovation

Aims to reduce carbon emissions have sparked an innovative boom in The Netherlands. It starts with glow-in-the-dark, solar powered, heated cycle lanes, and may go anywhere. Suzanna Koster, Eindhoven.

Cochlear Implants

Indian researchers set to test market-busting, low-cost homegrown bionic ear

India's homegrown research industry seems to surge. Researchers say they are close to clinical trials for a low-cost cochlear implant, which could help thousands. In New Delhi, Murali Krishnan.