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Europe’s birds are disappearing

ImageSparrows and starlings are disappearing at an alarming rate in Europe. Richard Inger of the University of Exeter talks to DW about what is behind the decline and what can be done to stop it.


How the Dutch love of cycling is glowing in the dark to inspire innovation

Aims to reduce carbon emissions have sparked an innovative boom in The Netherlands. It starts with glow-in-the-dark, solar powered, heated cycle lanes, and may go anywhere. Suzanna Koster, Eindhoven.


Curbing population growth not the answer to climate change, say experts

The planet is facing huge environmental challenges and although it’s controversial some argue curbing population growth could help. But UNFPA's Daniel Schensul tells DW controls won't achieve much in the short-term.

Global Ideas

Can love and technology save global biodiversity?

A new inspirational way to engage people to become environmentally active has emerged. Instead of sending messages of loss and destruction, companies are trying to inspire the next generation with positive messages.


Spanish island generates its own clean energy

An island in the Canaries has developed a unique system to produce all the electricity it needs. The combination of wind and hydro power provides seamless energy, saves Spain money, and acts as a model for the future.


G20 continue to prop up fossil fuel industry

As the G20 meet this week, a report by the Overseas Development Institute and Oil Change International says they are failing to meet pledges to phase out support for fossil fuels. The ODI’s Shelagh Whitley talks to DW.


Global summit seeks to protect biodiverse areas

The World Parks Congress is underway in Sydney. The global gathering, from November 12-19, aims to set the agenda for protecting the most valuable areas on Earth over the next 10 years.


Australia 'going backwards' on climate change targets

While China and the US have agreed on reduced emissions targets, Australia's commitment to tackling climate change is faltering. Analyst Amanda McKenzie tells DW why the country is lagging behind.

Bilateral relations

Pollution giants China and US agree to emissions targets in Beijing

The final day of US President Barack Obama's visit to China has resulted in an announcement on emissions targets. The US and China have also agreed to foster cooperation on military and intelligence matters.


China-US pledges spark hope on climate issues

A joint announcement by the USA and China on emissions reductions has met with widespread approval. While the pledges are still considered insufficient, they signal growing acceptance of the need for climate action.


Climate change fund creeps toward target

Donor countries have pledged $9.3 billion for a fund aimed at helping developing countries tackle the challenges of climate change. Officials hope a $10-billion target will be met in the coming months.


UN Emissions Gap report: World falling short on climate

The world still isn't even close to preventing what scientists consider a dangerous level of man-made emissions, a new United Nations report says. Scientists predict that 2014 will rank among the warmest years on record.


Cape Verde group answers turtle SOS

The Cape Verde Islands are a key nesting area for loggerhead turtles. But the species is endangered as a result of hunting and mass tourism. On the island of Sal, SOS Tartarugas takes care of turtles - big and small.

Digital Life

AfriLeaks - Africa's answer to Wikileaks?

AfriLeaks, an anonymous whistleblowing platform for Africa, is set to launch at the end of November. DW takes a look at how the platform will work and the push for open data in Africa.

Nuclear Power

Fukushima disaster site 'like a science fiction film'

Science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar has gained extensive access to Japan's battered Fukushima power plant. He speaks to DW about exploring radiation-contaminated zones, and how the cleanup has progressed so far.


EU members argue over plastic bag law

Negotiations over a draft European Union law aimed at reducing the use of single-use plastic bags are in their final stage this week. But there's disagreement about a proposed ban on "oxo-biodegradable" plastic bags.