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Hendricks: Poorer countries must do more to combat CO2 emissions

ImageGermany's environment minister has called for emerging economies to do more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. She also praised Germany's role at the recent climate conference in Lima.


'Rainforests are the planet's sweat glands'

A new study predicts that the effects of deforestation on the global climate will be much stronger than expected. Study author Deborah Lawrence tells DW more.


China's long farewell to coal

At the Lima climate conference, China promised to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. But it has a long road ahead to free itself from its dependence on coal. Future climate stability depends on how fast it succeeds.


Bangladesh's response to Sundarbans oil spill slammed

Environmentalists and common citizens have criticized Dhaka's response to the oil spill in the country's largest mangrove forest, which is threatening aquatic life in the UNESCO World heritage site.


Latif: USA and Europe must act first on climate

Climate summits have been held for 20 years now, but global warming continues. If the UN cannot succeed, who is responsible for saving the climate? DW asks climate expert Professor Mojib Latif.


Lima: A disappointment, but no surprise

The UN climate conference in Peru was a disappointment for many. But the importance of the talks should not be overrated, says DW's climate correspondent, Irene Quaile.


Lima: Climate saviors overnight?

Getting all the countries into one boat, creating a fair funding deal for poor countries - those are the goals of a new world climate treaty. In Lima, world leaders are trying hard. But the devil is in the details.


UN climate conferences agrees on draft deal in marathon session

Negotiators at UN climate talks in Lima, Peru, have approved a draft laying out the key points for a global climate pact set to be agreed in Paris next year. The agreement came in a marathon overtime session.


Coping without water in Peru

In Peru, the host of the current climate conference, water scarcity is a pressing environmental concern. The Andes glaciers are melting, and the rainy season is becoming shorter every year.


Peru - A tough place for environmentalists

According to a report of Global Witness, Peru is one of the most dangerous countries for environmentalists. Chris Moye explains to DW why they are murdered and what that may mean for the climate talks in Lima.


Climate host Peru is no environment model

What is a climate summit like in a country ranked the fourth most dangerous place for environmental activists? At the UN talks in Peru, the host says it will play a proactive role, but NGOs are voicing concerns.


Cooling interest in a warming Arctic?

Ottawa in Canada is hosting a conference on “Arctic Change”. With climate change making access to the Arctic easier, interest has increased. But the forecast boom in economic activity appears to have been put "on ice".


Thicker ice in the Antarctic: good news for the climate?

New measurements in the Antarctic show the sea ice is much thicker in places than previously thought. Does this tell us anything about global warming?


New EU label calls palm oil what it is

Until recently, palm oil was labeled "vegetable oil" on ingredients lists. A new regulation is changing that: if products contain palm oil, they will be labeled as such.