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The wind turbine that looks like a tree

ImageTapping into the small, turbulent currents of air that blow around cities, a new French invention called the wind tree could bring wind power to urban areas.


Putting the punk rock into vulture

Unlike old tales would have us believe, they do not feed on children, but bearded vultures have what it takes to be cruel mythological rock stars. They eat bones, look creepy, and they dye their hair. Well, feathers.


Conference on illegal wildlife trade ends with high hopes - and anger

In their final declaration, delegates underlined their commitment to pledges made in London last year. But the outcome also sparked anger among some conservation groups.


Going wild: The impact of tourism on nature

Wildlife tourism generates billions of dollars in revenue every year - boosting local economies and creating employment. But what is the cost to the animals that become the star attractions?


Forest conference sows hope for restoration

Germany is a major contributor to greenhouse gases that are linked to climate change. But in 2011, the country launched a reforestation initiative. From an international conference, DW examines some first results.


UN calls for action as global water crisis looms

The UN has warned that the world will soon face a crisis of huge dimensions if water management does not improve. Population growth and climate change are among the factors fueling the problem.


Rising sea levels threaten Sundarbans forests

Environmentalists have urged the Bangladeshi and Indian authorities to work out an urgent action plan to save the Sundarbans forests. Sea levels are rising, and the land is eroding as a result of climate change.


Climate change emitting more mixed signals

The expected effects of climate change can be deceptive and paradoxical: Recent studies show that Europe's coastlines are growing colder, while the northern hemisphere is becoming hotter. And there will be more snow.