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'Dredge spoil will speed decline of Great Barrier Reef'

ImageAustralia's iconic reef is under threat from pollution and climate change. Jon Day, recently resigned as the reef's Director of Heritage Conservation. He told DW that plans to dump spoil will put the reef at risk.


Fossil power plants foil emissions targets

We are building more fossil fuel power plants than ever before, leading to increased carbon dioxide emissions, a new study says. That's bad news for plans to keep global temperatures from rising.


Climate change's health toll: 'We can save millions of lives, even now'

While the effects of climate change on the environment are gaining wide attention, there's a lack of awareness about the impact on human health. The WHO's Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum tells DW how both can be adressed.


WildLeaks: a whistlebower platform for poaching and wildlife crimes

Many witnesses of poaching or other wildlife crimes remain silent, fearing retribution. An anonymous whistlebower platform aims to change that. The WildLeaks project is turning information into action on the ground.

Global Ideas

Modern conservation shaped by early Amazon explorers

Many of our ideas about the natural world and environmentalism can be traced back to two trailblazing 19th century explorers who continue to inspire scientists heading to the Amazon rainforest to identify new species.


Mass bird fatalities at solar park cause concern

Reports have emerged about high numbers of birds burned to death at a solar energy facility in the southwestern US. What's behind this, is it happening elsewhere, and what can be done? DW takes a closer look.


Greenland ice melting at record speed

Satellite data shows ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica are declining at record speed. The annual loss of ice has doubled in the case of Greenland and tripled in the West Antarctic compared to figures from 2009.


Jamaican coral reefs get a helping hand

Jamaica may be known for its sun and sea, but under the waves the country is batting to rebuild its coral reefs. Manmade reefs have begun to see success after the island's corals were decimated by disease and pollution.


Iceland's Bárðarbunga volcano: Europe could soon be under another giant ash cloud

Europe is keeping an anxious eye on the north as one of Iceland's biggest volcanoes shows signs of activity. Will a new ash cloud paralyze our aviation industry? Here's 10 facts you need to know.


Loom bands: Toys to trash?

A new toy craze has been sweeping the world: loom bands. Recent reports have suggested that the tiny plastic items signal a looming environmental catastrophe. Experts aren't so sure - DW examines the claims.


WWF: 'We are using more natural resources'

Nature's budget has already expired for the year. DW talks to World Wildlife Federation's Jörg-Andreas Krüger about the increase in global consumption of the planet's natural resources.