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Will Berlin be the next city to ban plastic bags?

ImageThey are sturdy, thin and can handle a heavy load, but after a single use, plastic bags often end up outdoors or in oceans - with disastrous impacts. But a student in Berlin is trying to halt the plastic bag invasion.

Food Security

Imperfect fruit and vegetables back en vogue in France

Shoppers have come to expect standard, blemish-free fruit and veggies, but that is not how they grow. Currently those that don't make the grade end in the bin, but a movement in France is aiming to change that.


Figueres: 'If we want to prevent conflicts, we have to address climate change now'

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has invited world leaders from government, business and civil society to a Climate Summit in New York on 23 September. UN’s climate chief Christiana Figueres told DW what she expects.


Urine: a new renewable energy source?

The search for renewable energy has made use of the sun, the sea - and now potentially our wee. Researchers in England have been using urine to create small electrical charges, which could be scaled up to a fuel source.


How lead paint is poisoning Asia's children

While the global use of lead has decreased, paint sold across Asia still contains excessive levels of the toxic substance. Meanwhile, awareness of the risks and health consequences from lead exposure remains inadequate.


Biodiversity today for tomorrow

Bees, beans, biodiversity - Bonn. Germany's former capital showcases its role as the UN city and environment capital of Europe this week with an international conference on biodiversity.


Five shark species gain international protection

After years of government wrangling, five types of sharks have gained protected status under an international treaty. Although shark advocates welcome the decision, enforcement of the protections could be tricky.


Ghana goes green with bamboo bikes

A young female social entrepreneur has vowed to bring change to the world - one bamboo bike at a time. The 19-year-old employs about 30 girls to produce bikes in Ghana and has received numerous awards for her work.


UN: 'Time to take the heat off turtles'

At a UN-organized meeting in Bonn, experts are discussing the plight of endangered sea turtles. Expert Colin Limpus told DW climate change is just the latest human-made factor making life tough for turtles.


Eating bison to save them from extinction

Last century the fate of North America's bison looked extremely bleak, but strategic planning and a changing palate have hauled them back from the brink of extinction.