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Estonian foreign minister: 'Permanent presence of NATO allies'

ImageAhead of a meeting with President Obama in Talinn, Estonia’s top diplomat Urmas Paet tells DW what his country expects from the US and the NATO summit. He also cautions against taking Moscow’s statements at face value.


Yemen president dismisses government

Yemeni President Hadi has dismissed the government amid mass protests. Shiite rebels have mobilized tens of thousands of people in recent days in a bid for new political leadership and a reversal of austerity measures.


US targets al-Shabab militants in Somalia

The Pentagon has confirmed that it launched an operation against al-Shabab militants in Somalia. Washington targeted the al Qaeda-linked group's leader, according to Somali officials.

World War II

Nazi 'euthanasia' of the disabled 'can never be forgotten'

Berlin has unveiled a memorial for victims of what the Nazis called "euthanasia," a program exterminating people deemed "unworthy of life." DW discussed the memorial with disabled politician Andreas Jürgens.

National Team

Bastian Schweinsteiger, Mr. Never Say Die

No other player in the German national team personifies a "never give up" attitude more than Bastian Schweinsteiger. The decision to make him captain seems obvious and appropriate.

United Kingdom

Arrest warrant dropped against British parents of boy with tumor

British prosecutors have said they are withdrawing an arrest warrant against a UK couple who took their son out of the country in hopes of getting a new radiation therapy to treat his brain tumor.


Pakistan lawmakers meet as political crisis worsens

Pakistan's parliament has met for emergency talks as the country's political crisis continues unabated. Premier Nawaz Sharif is refusing to bow to protester demands for his resignation.


Analyst: Modi's need to move 'beyond piecemeal initiatives'

As Indian PM Narendra Modi marks his first 100 days in office, analyst Milan Vaishnav tells DW that while the premier has improved the quality of governance, he has yet to pursue major economic policy reforms.

Ebola Virus

UN 'gravely concerned' over food shortages in Ebola-hit countries

The UN has warned of "grave food security concerns" due to trade restrictions and labor shortages in Ebola-afflicted countries. Food prices are on the rise, as is panic buying.


Who is financing Boko Haram?

Why is the Nigerian army not succeeding in defeating Boko Haram? Conspiracy theories see links to politicians and the military. And when the assistance promised by the West will materialize is an open question.


IMF warns of Ukraine funding shortfall if fighting persists

The International Monetary Fund has says it is worried about its bailout program for Ukraine not being enough to meet its targets. The lender noted that fighting in the east of the country had caused massive costs.

Baltic States

Estonia's expectations: What can Obama deliver?

The US president is stopping off in Estonia on his way to the NATO summit in Wales. Symbolism aside, Estonians want Obama to commit to an increased NATO presence, but how realistic is that, asks Raimo Poom?

Ebola Virus

MSF: World is 'losing the battle' to contain Ebola

International medical agency Medecins sans Frontieres has warned that the world is "losing the battle" to contain Ebola. The United Nations has also warned of severe food shortages in the hardest-hit countries.


France backs away from 2015 savings target

The French government has indicated it may not stick to its savings targets for next year. Paris cited continuously low inflation in the country, which it claimed made a reorientation rather likely.


Slovakia opens reverse-flow pipeline to carry gas to Ukraine

Slovakia has opened a pipeline that is able to deliver gas from the EU to Ukraine as Kyiv grapples with Russian supply cuts ahead of the winter. The EU said a reverse-flow mechanism had been put into place.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia detains 88 men plotting "terrorist attacks"

Eitghty-eight men suspected of plotting "terrorist attacks" have been arrested in Saudi Arabia. The country's interior ministry claimed that the men were "on the verge" of carrying out operations.


Relatives of abducted Iraqi soldiers storm parliament in Baghdad

The families of Iraqi soldiers abducted by "Islamic State" militants have stormed parliament in Baghdad. Riot police were deployed to remove them from the chambers.


Australian father charged with sexually abusing surrogate twins

An Australian man has been charged with sexually abusing twins he fathered to a surrogate Thai mother. The reputation of the Thai surrogacy industry worsens, weeks after a surrogate baby with Down syndrome was abandoned.


Opinion: Moi and me

Kenya's long-term former President Daniel arap Moi is celebrating his 90th birthday. A personal reflection by DW's Daniel Pelz.


Neanderthal 'artwork' discovered in Gibraltar cave

A series of engravings, dating back 40,000 years, have been found etched inside a Gibraltar cave. Researchers say the 'Neanderthal art' suggests our ancestors were more intelligent and creative than previously thought.


Anna Amalia Library director recalls historic blaze

It was a cultural catastrophe: 10 years ago, Weimar's Anna Amalia Library caught fire. Director Michael Knoche tells DW about rescuing books with his bare hands and why a valuable Copernicus work only recently turned up.


September 2014: DW's culture calendar

Oktoberfest in Munich and Beethovenfest in Bonn are just some of the major parties in Germany this September. There's also plenty for fans of photography, literature and theater in this list of tips compiled by DW.