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Sony Pictures seeks new platform for The Interview after criticism over cancellation

ImageSony Pictures have said they are looking for alternatives to release "The Interview" after pulling the film due to cyberattack threats, thought to be by North Korea. The studio has been criticized for the move.

Eastern Europe

US follows EU with further Crimea sanctions

As Ukraine and separatist rebels prepare for new talks, the US has imposed more sanctions against Russian-controlled Crimea. President Obama has prohibited American exports of goods or services to the annexed area.


Israel launches retaliatory Gaza airstrike

An Israeli airstrike has hit targets in Gaza, hours after a rocket from the Palestinian enclave hit the Jewish state. It was the country's first strike since August's truce, following a deadly 50-day war.


German Foreign Minister Steinmeier urges caution over Russia sanctions

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has expressed concern that EU sanctions against Moscow over Ukraine could further destabilize Russia. The minister warned against "turning the screw" any further.

United States

Obama talks Cuba, North Korea, and Republicans in year-end wrap-up

Barack Obama has spoken about a variety of hot topics in his final press conference of 2014. The US president covered a wide range of issues from cyber security to income inequality.


Mother arrested over Australia child stabbings

The 37-year-old mother of seven of the eight children found dead in a mass stabbing in Australia's northern city of Cairns has been arrested for murder. The woman had been receiving treatment for stab wounds.

Human Rights

Pakistan resumes executions after six-year pause

Pakistan has carried out the first executions since the government ended a six-year moratorium on the death penalty this week. They come as the country steps up efforts to combat an Islamist insurgency.


German Council of Jews chairman condemns "immensely dangerous" PEGIDA movement

In light of recent marches by the controversial PEGIDA movement, Germany's Central Council of Jews (ZdJ) has come to the defense of Muslims in Germany. Chairman Josef Schuster has warned to not underestimate the group.


Leaked report reveals CIA terror strategy

A report has come to light that documents the methods the CIA has used in its hunt for terrorists worldwide. It has unleashed a new discussion about the ethical and political issues involved in the US's 'war on terror.'


Turkish court issues arrest warrant for Erdogan foe Gulen

A Turkish court has issued an arrest warrant for the US-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, a major critic of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Gulen is accused of leading a terrorist plot to seize power.

European Union

Thousands protest in Brussels against austerity, EU-US trade deal

Demonstrators gathered in Brussels to rally againist painful austerity measures and the upcoming TTIP trade deal. Protestors managed to shut down one of the European capital's busiest districts.


Ban Ki-moon 'cautiously optimistic' about Ebola

Top UN official Ban Ki-moon is in West Africa to show solidarity with countries battling Ebola, which has so far killed nearly 7,000 people. The epidemic is also interrupting food supplies.


German ethics body rejects organized assisted suicide

The German Ethics Council says it in principle rejects medically assisted suicide in the case of terminally ill patients. But its recognition of some exceptions to this principle has caused contention.

Armed Conflict

US drone attack in Pakistan kills several militants

A US drone strike in Pakistan has killed several militants in Pakistan's tribal region. This comes just days after the Pakistani Taliban attacked a school in Peshawar, killing almost 150 people.


EU challenges new Boeing subsidies at WTO

The European Union has launched yet another dispute at the World Trade Organization over what it considers illegal US subsidies for Boeing. It claimed the state of Washington was offering WTO-incompatible tax breaks.

Cyber Warfare

FBI formally accuses North Korea of hacking Sony

US investigators have said they are sure North Korea is the agent behind a cyber-attack on entertainment giant Sony. The attack was said to show "significant overlap" with past hacking activity linked to North Korea.


Limited win for surrogacy, gay parenthood in Germany

Gay and childless heterosexual German couples seeking to have children by non-traditional means have gained a small victory. If the surrogacy is done abroad, authorities must recognize the couple as the legal parents.


Turkish court releases Zaman editor Dumanli, arrest warrant sought for Gulen

An Istanbul court has ordered the release of an editor arrested as Ankara cracks down on the "state within a state" Gulenist movement. Prosecutors have asked for an arrest warrant for Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen.

United States

Opinion: Torture - Yes we can

It's bad, but not surprising. A new poll says that a majority of Americans believe torture is justified. That won't change until the country starts to take the problem seriously, writes Michael Knigge.


Dual citizenship law takes effect in Germany

Children of foreign parents living in Germany no longer have to choose a citizenship before they turn 23. But remaining a dual citizen is not automatic, as new legislation sets conditions that must be fulfilled.


Robben breaks Mainz hearts

Mainz were fantastic throughout their game against Bayern, but were left defeated after Arjen Robben scored a 90th-minute winner. Elkin Soto had given Mainz the lead but Bastian Schweinsteiger equalized soon after.


Sieren's China: Shanghai's stock market soars

Investors have rediscovered the Chinese stock market - and this time, the surge in Shanghai stocks might last, says DW columnist Frank Sieren.


Brad Pitt 'Keeper of the German Language'

We may know him best as the devilishly handsome provocateur of films such as "Ocean's Eleven" but Brad Pitt may be about to receive a somewhat more salubrious title - the "Keeper of the German Language" for 2014.


Boko Haram: barrage against Western values

Boko Haram has been spreading terror across northeastern Nigeria since 2009. With indiscriminate killings, the militant Islamist sect is seeking to fight Western values and promote an Islamic state.


Ansar Dine: radical Islamists in northern Mali

In March 2012 Tuareg rebels seized control of large parts of northern Mali. Among them were members of Islamist group Ansar Dine. They want to impose a radical version of Islam which is unfamiliar to local people.


A former al-Shabab fighter tells his story

Despite a series of setbacks, the militant group al-Shabab remains one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations in Africa. A former al-Shabab member tells DW what made him join the group and why he left it.

Press Releases

"Terror in Africa": DW correspondents reporting from hotspots

For the multimedia series "Terror in Africa," Deutsche Welle correspondents Jan-Philipp Scholz and Adrian Kriesch have visited centers of terrorism in Africa. The series is available on TV, radio and online.