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Israel allegedly targets Hamas leader in airstrike

ImageThe Israeli military has reportedly targeted Hamas leader Mohammed Deif. Exchange of rocket fire between the two sides resumed shortly before the end of a 24-hour ceasefire on Tuesday night.


More deaths in eastern Ukraine as fighting intensifies

Over 30 people have been killed in the last 24 hours, according to Kyiv, as heavy fighting continues in the Donetsk region. Meanwhile, aid workers search for a way to access those in need.


German sentenced to death for murder in Xiamen, China

A German has been sentenced to death in China. The 36-year-old man was convicted Tuesday of a double murder in Xiamen in 2010. Berlin has vowed to stop the execution.


Police commend residents of Ferguson for peaceful protests

Police have commended the residents of Ferguson and thanked them for going home early to avoid 'criminals and troublemakers' as the 11th consecutive day of protests over Michael Brown's shooting came to a close.


Torrential rains unleash deadly landslide in Hiroshima

More than a dozen people have been killed in Japan after unseasonable flooding unleashed a deadly landslide. Japan’s prime minister plans to send several hundred military personnel to the area for disaster relief.


Liberia imposes curfew and quarantine restrictions in bid to halt Ebola

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has ordered a nighttime curfew in an attempt to curtail the spread of the Ebola virus. The move comes in addition to the earlier imposition of a state of emergency.

South Asia

Opposition leaders summoned to court in Pakistan

The two leaders of the ongoing march on Islamabad have been asked to appear in court. They have called on supporters to blockade the parliament building and 'let no one out.'


Argentina aims to skirt US court's debt ruling

Argentina is looking to sidestep a US court ruling preventing it from paying back some creditors. New legislation foresees repatriating outstanding debt and proposing a bond swap at a national trustee bank.


Most German football clubs operate at a profit

A new survey has shown two out of three professional German football clubs are on solid financial footing. Unlike their counterparts in other European leagues, Bundesliga managers see revenues outpacing expenses.

United States

Police in Ferguson are violating the First Amendment, legal expert says

Unrest continues in the US town of Ferguson. Reporters are complaining that police seem to be targeting them, as well as protesters, with arrests and by keeping them from certain areas - supposedly for safety reasons.

Social Media

#Ferguson shows how Twitter trumps Facebook for news

People have complained about events from Ferguson not appearing in their Facebook newsfeeds. They feel that the news on the world's largest social network may be skewed. But should we be blaming Facebook or ourselves?


Calls for ISIS media blackout after reported execution of US journalist

US freelance journalist James Foley has reportedly been executed by "Islamist State" (IS) militants. In response, a Twitter campaign has been started to stop the spread of violent postings by the IS.


Pakistani protesters breach barricaded 'Red Zone'

Anti-government protesters have marched into the heavily guarded government zone in Islamabad to oust PM Nawaz Sharif. Possible clashes between security forces and marchers could prompt the military to intervene.

Ebola Virus

African governments take isolation measures

African governments are sealing their ports and airports in an attempt to halt the spread of Ebola. But will fever checks and entry bans really make any difference?

Press Freedom

Ecuador's game with Assange and free speech

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange created some confusion when he announced that he wanted to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London after two years. His statement has revealed Quito's tense relationship with free speech.


Opinion: Showdown in Minsk

The conflict in eastern Ukraine is entering a critical stage. An all-out war between Russia and Ukraine cannot be ruled out anymore, writes DW's Ingo Mannteufel.

Tech Startups

Network wants to see more women in tech startups

Berlin tech scene startup Geekettes is building a network of female tech entrepreneurs and professionals. It's mentoring startups - and partnering with big software firms to try to get more women interested in IT jobs.

Industry 4.0

Human interface: how to learn to love and understand machines in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a reality, and part of it is the Internet of Things - a networked world where machines self-operate. Interface engineer Jörg Niesenhaus says it's time we learn to understand our machines.


'If we don't change now we will lose the reefs'

A major study has found Caribbean coral reefs could disappear in 20 years. DW spoke to Carl Gustaf Lundin, director of the global marine and polar programme at the International Union for Conservation of Nature.


Iceland's Bárðarbunga volcano: Europe could soon be under another giant ash cloud

Europe is keeping an anxious eye on the north as one of Iceland's biggest volcanoes shows signs of activity. Will a new ash cloud paralyze our aviation industry? Here's 10 facts you need to know.