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Ebola Virus

WHO warns of Mali Ebola risk as infected toddler dies

ImageThe World Health Organization has warned that many people in Mali may be at risk of developing Ebola after being exposed to a toddler who showed symptoms during a bus journey. The two-year-old girl has died in hospital.

Armed Conflict

Iraqi officials: IS using chemical weapons

Iraqi officers say that "Islamic State" fighters have used low-grade chemical weapons while fighting north of Baghdad. US Secretary of State John Kerry issued a warning about the severity of these allegations.

World Records

Google high flyer Alan Eustace makes record leap from edge of space

An executive from Google has broken the record set by an Austrian skydiver in 2012, jumping from more than 25 miles above the Earth's surface. Alan Eustace was part of a project to develop commercial spacesuits.


Two dead after Seattle-area student opens fire in school

A teenage gunman has killed himself and a fellow student at a high school north of Seattle, Washington State. At least four other people have been hospitalized with serious head injuries.

North Korea

South Korea deploys police in border town following planned leaflet launch

South Korea has deployed hundreds of policemen on the border with North Korea after a planned leaflet launch met with opposition from local residents. They believe such an action could trigger shelling from the North.


Germany attracts trade in looted artifacts

Terrorist organizations like the 'Islamic State' make a fortune selling looted artifacts from local sites. German antiques dealers are involved, too, and experts say the country is in need of legal reform on the matter.


Free Syrian Army to send 1,300 fighters to help Kurds defend Kobani

Turkey's president says Ankara will allow hundreds of Syrian rebels to join Kurdish forces defending Kobani from "Islamic State" militants. There are also plans for 200 peshmerga fighters from Iraq to travel to the town.

Social Media

Outrage over 'Twitter murder' in Mexico

The gruesome murder of a citizen journalist in Mexico published on Twitter points to deep-rooted impunity - but it also shows how social media can continue to play an important role for freedom of information.


Germany and the Netherlands end centuries-old border dispute

The Netherlands and Germany have long disagreed about where exactly their shared nautical border lies in the North Sea. A meeting of the two nations' foreign ministers finally put an end to the dispute.


Pressure on Dutt as Werder Bremen lose

Werder's under-fire head coach couldn't steer the Northern Germans away from another defeat. The players were jeered off at the end by a frustrated home crowd at the Weser.

Ebola Virus

Two US states impose mandatory Ebola quarantine on returning medical personnel

New York and New Jersey have imposed a mandatory quarantine on medical workers who had direct contact with Ebola patients in West Africa. The decision comes after a US doctor tested positive for the deadly virus.


Istanbul security scare as consulates receive suspicious yellow powder

The Istanbul consulates of five western nations received packets of unidentified yellow powder on Friday, prompting a security alert. A number of people were hospitalized as a precaution.


Student gunman dead after school shooting near Seattle

Multiple students have been wounded in a school shooting near the US city of Seattle. The gunman, a student, is understood to have taken his own life.


Dozens dead in attack in Egypt's Sinai

At least 25 Egyptian soldiers have been killed in an car bomb attack in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. The explosion targeted an army checkpoint.


Human trials of Ebola vaccines by year's end

The World Health Organization has announced that two potential Ebola vaccines will be ready for human trials by December. Successful trials could lead to hundreds of thousands of available doses in 2015.

European Union

Opinion: Eurozone has no answers to economic slowdown

Which is the way forward for the eurozone - saving or spending? The clash of opinions continues, and the new EU commission is to come up with solutions where the Brussels summit failed to deliver, argues Bernd Riegert.


Ukraine: Parliamentary elections in times of war

While the shooting continues in Eastern Ukraine despite a formal ceasefire, voting for a new parliament is under way. The winner in this election, which brings closure to the Maidan protests, is already known.


Brazil's economy could decide election

Economic questions could end up deciding the Brazilian election. But analysts say it won't work the other way round - economic development is unlikely to be affected by the outcome of the run-off.


Few answers one year after news of Gurlitt's art trove broke

The discovery of the valuable trove held by Cornelius Gurlitt, the son of an art dealer, unleashed a debate one year ago about returning works once stolen by Nazis. Many questions remain open, and a debate continues.


Sieren's China: Party convention, Chinese style

For the first time China's Communist party has discussed the rule of law at its annual assembly. There are improvements, but they are unlikely to change the mood among the Chinese people, says DW's Frank Sieren.