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Rouhani sees 'narrowed gaps' as Iran nuclear deadline delayed

ImagePresident Hassan Rouhani has said he is confident of Iran and world powers ultimately reaching a nuclear accord, after a deadline was extended through July. John Kerry also lauded "substantial progress" and "new ideas."

United States

Obama hails outgoing Defense Secretary Hagel

President Barack Obama has thanked Chuck Hagel for his "exemplary" service, announcing that he has accepted his defense secretary's resignation. Hagel confirmed that he would remain in his role until a successor emerges.


Netanyahu's push for Jewish nationality law risks Israeli coalition

The Israeli prime minister has vowed to pass a contentious bill calling for the identification of Israel as a Jewish nation state. The language of the bill has drawn racism accusations and criticism from some officials.


Child trafficking on the rise, says UN

The share of children among trafficked people is increasing, with minors making up almost a third of all detected victims - and a new UN report has warned nowhere is immune. Two out of every three victims are girls.


Swiss museum decides to accept Gurlitt Nazi-era art trove

A Swiss museum has accepted the bequest of a large trove of artworks belonging to reclusive German collector Cornelius Gurlitt. The inheritance comes with many strings attached.

United Kingdom

UK unveils new bill to counter 'greatest-ever' terror threat

The UK has unveiled new measures to tackle terror threats, including from citizens who have returned after fighting alongside terror groups in the Middle East. An estimated 500 Britons have joined the "Islamic State."

Child abuse

Spanish police arrest several priests in pedophilia inquiry

Spanish authorities have arrested four Catholic priests accused of child abuse in the southern city of Granada. The country's Interior Ministry says investigations into the case began "some time ago."


Italy's first woman in space arrives on board ISS

A Soyuz capsule carrying astronauts from three countries has docked with the International Space Station. Among those arriving on board is Italy's first woman in space.


Motherhood should be women's priority: Turkish President Erdogan

In an apparent slur against Turkey's feminists, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared that women are not equal to men, and that they are not suited to perform "men's jobs" due to biological differences.


Belgian mining firm destroyed Congo homes and lied about it, claims Amnesty International

Amnesty International has accused a Belgian mining firm of bulldozing hundreds of Congolese homes and benefiting from a government "cover-up." The mining group has denied the claims.

Ice Hockey

Legendary Soviet ice hockey coach Tikhonov dies

Russian ice hockey has suffered an 'irreplaceable' loss with the death of legendary coach Viktor Tikhonov. The bench boss of the 'Big Red Machine' passed away at the age of 84.

United States

Obama calls for calm as Ferguson awaits jury decision

Tensions are high in the US city of Ferguson, Missouri, over whether a white policeman will face charges in the fatal August shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown. A jury decision is believed to be imminent.

Internet Governance

EU Parliament to vote on Google break-up

EU lawmakers are set to vote on a motion this week proposing the break-up of Google and other Internet firms. The move comes amid increasing political pressure on the bloc to curb their market dominance.

United States

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel resigning: officials

Multiple sources are reporting that Chuck Hagel is quitting his post at the head of the Pentagon, with an announcement from US President Barack Obama scheduled in a matter of hours.


Deadline for Iran nuclear deal extended until July

Iran and world powers have given themselves another seven months to reach a deal in a long-running nuclear standoff. It had appeared unlikely that an accord would be struck by the original deadline - Monday.

United States

Opinion: Hagel wrong choice for new challenges

The ouster of US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel highlights his persistent problems adapting to his role as Pentagon chief. But it's also indicative of a White House trying to get a grip on new foreign policy challenges.


Cornelius Gurlitt's overlooked heirs want control of his Nazi-era 'degenerate art' estate

The fight for Cornelius Gurlitt's infamous, Nazi-era art trove has escalated - and this just before the key players in the drama are set for a press conference meant to 'clarify' things.


Symantec warns of Regin cyberspying tool

Cybersecurity researchers have said a highly sophisticated piece of malware called Regin has been around for years in a large-scale spying campaign. Businesses were among the attackers' targets.


Dismantling the German myth of 'Truemmerfrauen'

The image of hard-working, cheerful women clearing the rubble of WWII from German streets is deeply ingrained in German minds. But it's only true to a certain degree, says German historian Leonie Treber.

Formula One

Ferrari sack short-lived F1 boss Mattiachi, appoint Arrivabene

Ferrari has sacked Formula One team boss Marco Mattiachi after barely half a season in the post, appointing Maurizio Arrivabene from sponsor Philip Morris. The 2014 clear-out at Sebastian Vettel's next team continues.