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EU to relocate tens of thousands of refugees

ImageThe European Commission is set to pave the way for the relocation of around 40,000 refugees within Europe. The bloc is to present details of its refugee policy later on Wednesday.


Taliban claims latest attack on Kabul guesthouse

An all-night siege in Kabul ended in the early hours of Wednesday morning with the deaths of four heavily armed attackers. No civilians or security personnel were injured or killed, according to an Afghan official.


Fewer hungry people worldwide, says UN report

The number of hungry people around the world has dropped to below 800 million for the first time. According to an annual UN report, East Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean have made the most progress.

War crimes

Report: Hamas committed war crimes during 2014 war with Israel

Amnesty International has accused Islamist group Hamas of executing and brutalizing dozens of Palestinians during its 2014 war with Israel. Hamas reportedly targeted suspected collaborators.


Death toll from searing temperatures in India tops 1,100

More than one thousand people have died of heatstroke in India in the last few weeks, mostly in Andhra Pradesh state. Forecasters have said that the heat is unlikely to break before June.


Merkel knew 'no spy' agreement with the NSA was a no-go, says German daily

A German newspaper has reported that the Merkel administration exaggerated the possibility of an anti-spy deal with the US in 2013. The government has said it spoke according to what it believed to be true at the time.


Appeals court rules against Obama immigration actions

A court has denied a request to lift a block on US President Barack Obama's plans to shield unlawful immigratnts from deportation. The Obama administration could eventually take its case to the US Supreme Court.

Catholic Church

'Defeat for humanity' says Vatican cardinal of Irish gay marriage vote

A prominent Vatican official has decried the referendum in Ireland to allow homosexual couples to marry. Dublin's archbishop has said the Church needs to find 'a new language' with which to reach people.

Bomb disposal

WWII bomb forces Cologne evacuation

The discovery of a bomb buried near the Rhine River has prompted the largest evacuation in Cologne since World War II. Experts are due to deactivate the 200-kilogram device shortly.


Stranded freighter 'Purple Beach' at risk of exploding in North Sea

A damaged cargo ship carrying fertilizer is stranded off the coast of Heligoland, emitting foul smelling smoke. Authorities say the cargo ship is at risk of exploding.


Denmark's center-left calls early election

Denmark goes to the polls on June 18 in a general election called early by Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Her center-left coalition lags in surveys behind the opposition Liberals and their anti-immigrant allies.


Von der Leyen set for talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The German Defense Minister is meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today in New Delhi. Ursula von der Leyen has called India an "anchor" in the Asia Pacific Region.

Court Cases

German court to begin hearing in Yemen drone case

A Cologne court is set to begin hearing a case regarding two Yemenis who were killed in a US drone attack in 2012. The complainants allege that Germany should not allow drone attacks to be steered from its territory.


Flight delays in Belgium

Landings and takeoffs in Belgian airspace have been stopped nationwide because of what officials describe as "a technical failure with air traffic control." Higher altitude flights across Belgium continue.


Opinion: FIFA is a hopeless case

Six FIFA officials are now detained and there are investigations underway by the Swiss Justice Department about the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Enough is enough, says DW's sports editor Stefan Nestler.


Merkel named most powerful woman in the world

Forbes magazine named German Chancellor Angela Merkel the most powerful woman worldwide for the ninth year in a row. US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton came second.


Austria relegates refugees to tent cities

Austria has begun housing refugees in tents. The government says it's a last resort to deal with the greater influx of people seeking refuge. Alison Langley reports from a tent city in Linz.


Vietnam's fight against hunger - a success story

Vietnam was facing an acute famine some years ago. But within 25 years the Southeast Asian country managed to eradicate hunger and poverty - a UN Millennium Development Goal. It is no small achievement for the country.


How German film foreshadowed Hitler

Early German films included more tyrants and murderers than movies from elsewhere. Did they foretell the Holocaust? A recent documentary explores the Jewish film critic behind this theory.