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Reports: Bus hijacked in Kenya, passengers killed

ImagePolice sources in Kenya say al-Shabab militants have hijacked a bus and killed 28 non-Muslims who were on board. The sources initially insisted on anonymity because of orders not to speak to the media.


Germany frees Russian spy

A Russian spy who was jailed in Germany with her husband last year has reportedly been released. Local media is speculating there may have been a prisoner swap deal struck with Moscow.

Infectious Diseases

WHO: Plague outbreak kills 40 in Madagascar

A bubonic plague outbreak has killed 40 people in Madagascar. The WHO warns there is a risk the disease could spread rapidly in the capital Antananarivo, where there is high population density and poor sanitation.

Ebola Virus

UN chief says Ebola could be contained by mid-next year if response heightened

UN leaders are calling for the world to step up anti-Ebola efforts, despite infection rates slowing in some worst-affected countries. The UN is expanding its mission to Mali in the hope of preventing further outbreaks.


Former Portuguese PM Socrates arrested in tax case

Former Portuguese prime minister Jose Socrates has been arrested on suspicion of tax evasion. It's the second potential scandal to hit Portuguese politics in a week, after the interior minister's resignation last Sunday.


Ali Alaswad: 'Without reforms there will be no political settlement in Bahrain'

Bahrain is holding its first elections for a new parliament since the Arab Spring-inspired protest three years ago. But the opposition called on Bahrainis to boycott the polls. Former MP Ali Alaswad explains why.

Internet Governance

European Parliament may propose plan to break up Google

The European Parliament may be looking into measures to split up Internet search engine services, which would primarily affect search giant Google. A draft motion was cited by the Financial Times and news agency Reuters.

United States

Mexico, Central American leaders hail Obama immigration reform; Republicans weigh options

The president of Mexico, along with Central American leaders, has praised the US president's unilateral action on immigration. Obama moved to grant new rights to millions of people living in the United States illegally.


EU economic recovery to cost 500 euros a head

With the European Central Bank struggling to meet its 2- percent inflation target, economics professor John Muellbauer is proposing a radically different strategy to give the economy a much needed boost.


UN presses Myanmar on Rohingya citizenship rights

The UN rights committee has called on Myanmar to grant citizenship to Rohingya Muslims. A Friday resolution ramps up pressure on the Southeast Asian country to scrap a controversial identity plan for the minority group.


Voters head to the polls in Bahrain elections

Bahrainis are voting in their country's first parliamentary elections since the Arab Spring uprising in 2011. Shiite opposition groups plan to stage a boycott, and have dismissed the poll as a "farce."


Spanish prosecutors file referendum suit against Catalan leader Mas

Artur Mas, his deputy in Catalonia, and his education minister face prosecution in Spain for staging a non-binding referendum on Catalan independence. Charges, including abuse of power, were filed on Friday.

United States

Ohio prisoners freed 39 years after wrongful murder convictions

After decades behind bars for a 1975 murder they did not commit, Ricky Jackson and Wiley Bridgeman have walked free in Ohio. The key witness, a 12-year-old boy at the time, said police coerced him into false testimony.


Iran nuclear talks resume in Vienna as deadline looms

Top US and Iranian diplomats have resumed their high-level nuclear talks in Vienna. With a self-imposed deadline expiring soon, this raises new hopes for a finalized deal.


Organized crime: draining the swamp

Germany's Federal Criminal Police (BKA) is set to fight organized crime. Both the German police and Europol are better equipped than criminals would expect.


Schweinsteiger set to make Bundesliga return

Bayern midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger will return to Bundesliga action this weekend, after a prolonged period of injury. After losing Philipp Lahm this week, Schweinsteiger's return is good news for Pep Guardiola.