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Kerry urges calm from Jerusalem Israelis, Palestinians

ImageThe US has urged Israeli and Palestinian officials to exercise restraint amid spiraling tensions in Jerusalem. John Kerry has condemned the shooting of Israeli hard-liner Yehuda Glick, who also holds US citizenship.


Compaore says will step down as Burkina Faso president

Burkina Faso’s president says he is ready to discuss a transitional government. Blaise Compaore has pledged to hand over power once the interim regime runs its course.

Armed Conflict

First Peshmerga cross Turkey border into Kobani to fight 'IS'

The first of a group of nearly 200 Iraqi Kurdish fighters has arrived in Kobani to fight against "Islamic State" jihadists. Under international pressure, Turkey recently agreed to allow the fighters to pass the border.


Ebola nurse breaks quarantine order

A US nurse has left her home in defiance of a voluntary quarantine order imposed on medical staff who have worked with Ebola patients. Kaci Hickox is reported to have taken a bicycle ride with her boyfriend.


'IS' fighter testifies in Frankfurt - 'I still want to die a martyr'

Kreshnik B. is the first Islamic State fighter to stand trial in a German court. He wants to testify and is hoping for a lenient sentence. But in Frankfurt's Higher Regional Court, he talked his way into trouble.


Not foolin': French town's Halloween without harlequins

A French town has banned clowns older than 13 this Halloween. The decision follows a series of incidents nationwide in which scary scamps have spooked children and, in several cases, assaulted people.

Human Rights

Is Pyongyang re-engaging with international community?

Pyongyang has shown signs of willingness to discuss its human rights issues. Marzuki Darusman, the UN special rapporteur on North Korea, tells DW it might be the result of the pressure created by a UN inquiry report.


Tsvangirai:'Using democratic means to remove a dictatorship is very, very difficult'

Zimbabwe's main opposition party MDC-T is about to hold an elective congress. Party leader Morgan Tsvangirai, recently the target of an internal, abortive coup, has told DW he will be standing for re-election.


Jobact provides a stage for the unemployed

The idea is unusual: using theater to get people out of unemployment. Sandra Schürmann, founder of Jobact, is doing just that. In her interview for DW, she explains how that works.


Vattenfall mulls exit from German lignite biz

Swedish utility Vattenfall has said it's planning to get rid of its lignite-powered plants and mining facilities in eastern Germany. Although profitable, the business prevents the firm from reducing CO2 emissions.


Burkina Faso army dissolves government

The chief of Burkina Faso's army has dissolved the government and said that a transitional government will be formed. The announcement came shortly after the president reportedly declared a state of emergency.


State of government in Burkina Faso unclear amid media rumors

It remains unclear who controls the Burkina Faso government amid increasing unrest in the country's capital. Rallies broke out this week over a constitutional amendment that would extend the long-time president's power.


France investigates mystery drones over nuclear plants

France has launched an investigation into unidentified drones spotted over several of its nuclear plants. The incident has reignited the debate about nuclear safety.


Indian sailors released by Somali pirates

Several Indian sailors taken hostage by Somali pirates have been freed after four years in captivity. Their release followed lengthy negotiations with their captors.


Commentary: Signal from the 'land of upright people'

In the West African nation of Burkina Faso, Parliament is burning. For days, protesters have been demonstrating against President Blaise Compaoré - a warning to all African rulers, says DW's Claus Stäcker.


Preserved specimens: inside a scientific storehouse of natural history treasures

It may be stuffed lions and dinosaur skeletons that draw us to natural history museums, but they are also vast storehouses of scientific specimens, the majority of which the public never gets to see.


When does making fun of faith cross the line?

A comedian might say it's his job to make fun of everything and everybody under the sun - the more wicked, the better. In Germany, a debate has broken out after a Muslim citizen filed suit over a comedian's jokes.


German publishers vs. Google

Newspapers find it difficult to make money online, and German publishers are no exception. They want Google to pay for displaying their articles. But the attempt has backfired.