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Middle East

Hamas, Fatah reach deal on unity government, Israel reacts sharply

ImageIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that he has to choose between peace with Israel or Hamas. It comes after Hamas and Fatah agreed to a unity government.


US President Obama arrives in Japan to begin Asia tour

President Barack Obama has arrived in Japan to begin his Asia tour. The White House has called the trip a "rebalancing" of US foreign policy in which Obama is expected reinforce his country's commitment to the region.

Arab World

Amnesty report lambasts Qatar's treatment of household help from abroad

Amnesty International has issued a damning appraisal of working conditions for foreign nationals brought to Qatar as domestic labor. False promises on pay and conditions, physical abuse and rape were among the charges.


Australia says cost is no concern in search for missing flight MH370

Australia has said cost is not a concern in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Searchers are also investigating "unidentified material" that washed up on the country's southwest coast.


EU governments cut deficits, Greece more than expected

In 2013, governments in Europe were able to substantially lower their budget deficits, according to the latest EU data. Nevertheless, EU countries are still laboring under huge and even burgeoning debt mountains.


Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan offers condolences to Armenians

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has offered condolences to the grandchildren of Armenians killed during World War I. The unexpected statement was the first of its kind made by a Turkish leader.


Brazil passes online privacy law as Web governance conference starts in Sao Paulo

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has ratified a bill guaranteeing Internet privacy and access to the Web. It comes as Sao Paulo hosts a global conference on Internet governance.


Nuremberg fire coach Verbeek with three Bundesliga matches to play

Nuremberg have fired coach Gertjan Verbeek. The 51-year-old Dutchman lasted just six months in the job, and leaves der Club facing relegation from the Bundesliga with just three matches to play.


FIFA lift Barcelona transfer ban while sanction is appealed

World football's governing body FIFA have temporarily lifted FC Barcelona's ban on transferring players. The Catalan club will be able to make signings this summer while they appeal the sanction.

Bilateral relations

Trade, security top Obama's agenda in Japan

In light of an expanding China and economic challenges, Japan and the US "intend to overcome mutual differences and together forge a sturdy economic order for Asia and the Pacific in the 21st century" with Obama's visit.


NATO should act now, not later

NATO is waking up to the single most important lesson of history. Use a little force early to avoid the use of greater force later. Just think if that lesson had been learned before World War II, says Henry R. Nau.


From Russia - with love?

Germany's domestic intelligence service has reported that Russian secret services have been stepping up spying in political and economic circles in Berlin. But though it may have caused a stir, the news is not new.

Eurozone crisis

Private sector hides a mountain of European debt

As Europe's economies recover, debt levels continue to grow. But national budgets are only a few of the trees in a highly flammable forest of private debt, and government austerity may not be able to put out the flames.

European Union

Hungary's Orban likes to dislike Brussels

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has made no secret of his critical attitude toward the EU. But the conservative politician won't dare risk an open split between Brussels and Budapest.


'The peace process is reaching a dead end'

It's been a year since the Kurdish PKK group called for a ceasefire with Turkey. Zeki Shengali, chief executive member of the Kurdish umbrella organization KCK, tells DW that the process is on the brink.

World Cup

Strikes mar run-up to Brazil World Cup

Seven weeks ahead of the World Cup in Brazil, no mass protests have broken out but unions are mobilizing the rank and file. But the government can't afford another police strike like the one in Salvador, Bahia.

Human Rights

Life on the margins for China's Uighur minority

Members of China's Uighur minority have long complained they suffer cultural marginalization. Many now also say they are the victims of worsening repression, with accusations of serious human rights abuses.


Afghan candidate won't 'compromise on the Taliban'

Abdullah Abdullah, a front-runner in the Afghan presidential elections, believes his country could have done better in the past decade. He tells DW that he would do his best to turn things around for his country.

Labor Market

Opinion: Globalization responsible for factory tragedy

On April 24 last year, a factory building in Bangladesh collapsed, killing more than 1,100 textile workers. A year later, the survivors are still struggling to come to terms with the tragedy, writes DW's Grahame Lucas.

Human Rights

Amnesty: Migrant domestic workers face widespread abuse in Qatar

Migrant domestic workers in Qatar are powerless in the face of widespread abuse, according to Amnesty International. The human rights group has called on the country to extend labor protections to household servants.


Driven by a vow, US vet returns to Vietnam to help

Sent to Vietnam to fight a war he knew little about, a US marine saw the destruction caused by Agent Orange and vowed to return one day to help the Vietnamese people. Now he's back.


Giving the homeless in Paris an online voice

Homeless people are among the most marginalized in society. A Paris high school student wanted to change that, so he created a way for the less fortunate to share their stories online.


When a word is worth a thousand pictures

When was the last time you listened to a bedtime story? The International Day of the Book would be a good time to open your ears and listen to a gripping tale - whether read from a book or told by a storyteller.