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Tight restrictions on freedom of art in Russia

ImageWith political turmoil in the background, Russia's culture is being increasingly controlled by the state. The blows to artistic freedom are striking.


German stars clean up at International Opera Awards

From Best Male and Female Singers to Best Ensemble and Readers' Prize, some of Germany's top singers are among the winners at the International Opera Awards in London.


Legal battles over use of Goebbels diaries

The English version of a Goebbels biography is due in May. The estate of Hitler's propaganda chief is suing Random House for using excerpts of the Nazi's journal. Should the heirs of a war criminal get royalties?


1945: Europe after the war

An exhibition at the German Historical Museum in Berlin asks: How did Europe deal with post-war life? The unfathomable ramifications of World War II are made real through personal accounts.


Disco king Giorgio Moroder at 75

Making music history in the 1970s, the electronic dance music wizard's disco sound circled the globe. Moroder's influence on many musicians is as strong as ever - and a new album is due for release.


What are you reading on World Book Day?

April 23 is World Book Day, a yearly event organized by UNESCO since 1995 to promote reading. Some of DW's culture editors celebrate by revealing some of their favorite recent reads. What are yours?


German cinemas boycott 'Avengers'

While Captain America and Iron Man star in the film, "Avengers: Age of Ultron" has turned into a David and Goliath story in Germany. Small cinemas are boycotting the release because of Disney's growing demands.


Who in the world wants to learn German?

German as a foreign language is booming in emerging countries like India or China. In Europe, it remains particularly attractive in Poland, but is imperiled in France. Find out where people are learning German and why.


Star Hollywood director Robert Schwentke to return to Germany

Robert Schwentke is one of the busiest German filmmakers in Hollywood right now. But he's better known in the US than in his home country - where he's planning to film his next big project.


What is luxury? DW readers weigh in

By sheer definition, luxury is relative. DW readers show that what we perceive to be extravagant has a lot to do with our background. And perhaps it's not quite as elusive as we might think.


Munich Philharmonic (pt. 1 of 2)

It's one of Germany's - and the world's - big-name orchestras, so it was only a matter of time until it would turn up on a Deutsche Welle Festival Concert: The Munich Philharmonic.


Munich Philharmonic (pt. 2 of 2)

One of Germany's big-name orchestras this hour: the Munich Philharmonic. Under guest conductor Semyon Bychkov, they give a moving rendition of Dvorak's New World Symphony.