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The faithful speak up in secular Berlin

ImageWith Easter upon us once more, the Christian candle is burning extra bright in some parts of Germany. Berlin is no leader of the divine pack, but neither is it as godless as some might have it.


Indie record stores toast to their survival

World Record Store Day celebrates the revival of interest in vinyl - a medium many thought was gone for good before a record renaissance in the 2000s. Refocused strategies are helping some Berlin record shops thrive.


The right approach to Nazi memorabilia

Trading and owning Nazi objects is legal almost everywhere in the world, but a scheduled auction in Paris has stirred up controversy and has brought back the discussion how to best deal with Nazi memorabilia.


NSA revelations win newspapers the Pulitzer Prize

Revelations on the extent of surveillance by the US National Security Agency have won two newpapers the Pulitzer Prize. The Washington Post and the Guardian US are to share the highest award in American journalism.

Software Simulation

Soft wear: computer simulated design is tailoring the future fashion industry

Textile simulation may be in its infancy, but it can make complex clothing, including wrinkles, on real-time digital models. And the software's got larger implications beyond mere fashion.


Australia goes European for silly night of song

Australia, a country of European immigrants, has always tuned in to Europe's extravaganza of kitch - oops, we mean music. Now the Land Down Under is to participate in the event it's had its hand in all along: Eurovision.


How to become a hipster and why no one wants to

What's all the fuss about hipsters these days? DW got to the bottom of what they actually are (you're probably more hipster than you think) and where they're all headed now that Berlin is out (watch out, Warsaw).