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In Berlin, outsiders are the insiders

ImageJohn F. Kennedy called himself one, but what really makes a Berliner? DW's Stuart Braun drifts into a protest march in his adopted city and discovers that, here, outsiders can be insiders.


King Richard III likely killed by blows to bare head, forensics study says

Forensic sleuths have analyzed the remains of England's King Richard III, finding that he likely died of blows to an unprotected head. The report broadly backs anecdotal accounts of the death immortalized by Shakespeare.


Netflix launches in Germany

Internet TV streaming giant Netflix hits the Internet in Germany. 24 hour on-demand entertainment company offers competitive prices. After runanway success in the US, the Internet company is now expanding into Europe.


Dinaw Mengestu: 'Immigrant is a very political term'

Award-winning Ethiopian-American novelist Dinaw Mengestu just published his third book in Germany. He talks to DW about what’s wrong with the label "immigrant fiction" and the lessons to be learned from Ferguson.


Why Generation Y are 'secret revolutionaries'

Generation Y is known for mastering the art of improvisation, investing in education and rejecting hierarchies. In his new book, youth researcher Klaus Hurrelmann calls them "secret revolutionaries."