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From Berlin to Tel Aviv and back again

ImageTo mark the 50th anniversary of German-Israeli diplomatic relations, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art allowed some of its most precious works to visit Berlin. A bold metaphor for the ties between the countries.


German film tackles aftermath of Church abuse

The film "The Culpable" by Gerd Schneider is about three priests whose friendship and careers are shattered by accusations of child abuse. The German film director has an insider's view on Church hierarchy.


Tokio Hotel: 'Small clubs, big parties'

Germany's most successful teen-pop sensation withdrew from the spotlight for a few years. Now they are launching a new European tour with their latest album, "Kings of Suburbia." DW met them in Paris.


Opinion: Richard III - the good king?

A good monarch, or a villain? The sensational discovery of the remains of Richard III under a parking lot in Leicester and his reburial have sparked heated debates about the king's reputation. Why?


ECHOs for Fischer, Oonagh and Kollegah

Germany's answer to the Grammy is the most glamorous awards ritual in the country's show business industry - even if it offers few surprises.

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Graffiti art exhibition

The "UrbanArt Biennale 2015" will open on Sunday (29.03.2015) at the World Heritage site of the Völklingen Ironworks, in the Saarland region. It features graffiti art from Europe, Northern America and the Arab world.


James Last: 'Keep going, keep going'

The 'king of easy listening' has sold 80 million units worldwide. Bandleader and composer James Last's repertory ranges from Abba to Zappa. He's on his "Last Tour" - but don't believe it yet.


Pierre Boulez: the new music evangelist

Pierre Boulez, who turns 90 on March 26, has always aimed for the unexpected. He's not only pioneered computer-based composition and championed new music, he also makes sure audiences understand avant-garde sounds.


Opera singers among victims of plane crash

Two German opera singers died in the Germanwings crash: bass-baritone Oleg Bryjak and contralto Maria Radner.


Baltic Sea Journey (pt. 1 of 2)

Bringing the Baltic region together musically is the Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic in a program that "rocks."


Baltic Sea Journey (pt. 2 of 2)

Today's concert has music and musicians from the ten countries bordering on the Baltic Sea - a mix of brief and lively pieces that include music created as a form of political protest.