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Examiner explains invalidity of Gurlitt's will

ImageCornelius Gurlitt suffered from delusional paranoia, according to psychiatrist Helmut Hausner. He tells DW what that means for the art collector's will - and his heirs.


Gurlitt's mental illness invalidates his will, says report

Was Cornelius Gurlitt in his right mind when he bequeathed his valuable art collection to the Museum of Fine Arts Bern? A new psychiatric report casts doubt on the soundness of Gurlitt's will.


David Toren: 'Why wait so long?'

The New York attorney, heir of a Max Liebermann painting found in Cornelius Gurlitt’s collection and determined Nazi "looted art," tells DW of his struggle to have the artwork returned to its owners.


Hitler painting up for auction in Germany

Would you want to buy a painting by Adolf Hitler? The Nazi leader's 1914 watercolor is to be auctioned off in Germany on Saturday. It could fetch an impressive sum - up to 50,000 euros.

United States

Volunteer service in the wake of history

Assael Häussler looks after Holocaust survivors in New York. He's a volunteer with the German ARSP peace organization, known for its volunteer programs all over the world.


Destination Berlin: The two faces of an immigrant city

Berlin is full of paradoxes, but whether you're an asylum-seeker or an expat, Berlin is trying hard to welcome you. DW's Lillie Harman experienced first-hand just how intolerant - and welcoming - the capital can be.


Amos Oz receives Siegfried Lenz literature prize

He has produced world literature: His novels and essays have been translated into 40 languages. Amos Oz has now been honored by being named the first winner of the Siegfried Lenz Prize.


Cultural life in Donetsk hit by clashes

Fighting has taken its toll on the culture scene in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk. But cultural activities continue nevertheless. While the opera still celebrates premieres, other art forms are less welcome.