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Bayreuth's botched start, supercharged conductor

ImageA premiere not soon to be forgotten: In its fourth and final year, stage director Sebastian Baumgarten's "Tannhäuser" had an unattractive set and a technical glitch, but superb singing and an impressive conducting debut.


In Berlin, rules were made to be broken

In Berlin, getting involved in illegal things is like having an affair. You may get caught and the consequences could be terrible, but the danger associated with it makes it all more exciting, says DW's Lavinia Pitu.


Young artists find inspiration in pre-digital age

From calligraphy to acoustic music, young artists are finding inspiration in the pre-digital age. While they won't revert to analogue entirely, some say learning the old tricks of the trade makes them more creative.


August 2014: DW's culture calendar

Even in peak vacation season, Europe's culture scene is busier than ever. August features a variety of film, theater and dance festivals. And there are a few concerts that shouldn't be missed either.