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An unlikely success story: 'Exotic' folk music takes root in Germany

ImageWhat's the secret to making it as a musician in Germany these days? Get lucky. (Some things never change.) But, as overnight star Tim Linde found out, a German-language text and regional folk style may help.


10 things to know before studying in Germany

Germany draws loads of international students every year with its reputation for high quality and low costs. If you're looking to do an exchange or degree program here, there are a few things you should know first.


'Mad Men' creator, Audrey Tautou on Berlinale jury

The seven members of this year's Berlinale jury have been named. The experienced film celebrities will decide who will receive the prestigious Golden Bear in mid-February.


Germany's Anglicism of the year: 'Blackfacing'

Whether in the theater or the soccer stadium, or on Three Kings' Day, painting one's face black is a highly controversial practice. A Berlin jury has named it Germany's Anglicism of the year.


The Berlin Philharmonic recalls Auschwitz

During Nazi rule, the Berlin Philharmonic was the "Reichsorchester." 70 years later, the orchestra played a memorial concert on violins once owned by Holocaust victims and survivors. An Israeli is first violin.


The artistic value of Holocaust survivors' works

The artworks created in concentration camps are usually appreciated for their testimonial value. An exhibition in the German Parliament, the Bundestag, aims to change this limited perception.


How art has imprinted Auschwitz on our memory

Auschwitz is symbolic for the death, murder and suffering that occurred during the Holocaust. Our images of the camps, in part passed on through art, are essential to remembering and working through the past.


Interview: Hitchcock's Holocaust film 70 years later

Alfred Hitchcock and Billy Wilder's uncompleted film about the liberation of the concentration camps was shelved for 70 years. Now André Singer tells DW about his film about the reconstruction of the documentary.

Arab World

Photographer casts veiled women in new light for the West

After spending three years in Saudi Arabia, English-born photographer Sebastian Farmborough felt he had to do something to change the country's negative image in the West. He tells DW about the project that's resulted.