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How Berlin's Academy of Arts went from 'snoring club' to relevant

ImageAi Weiwei and Bob Dylan are members of Germany's most important cultural organization, the Academy of Arts. Its director, an outspoken political satirist, is passing the buck this weekend. Will a woman take over?


Charting a nation: What Germany's music charts say about its soul

From the fall of the Berlin Wall to World Cup triumphs, the German music charts have measured the mood of a nation for over half a century. But what secrets do the charts reveal about a country and its people?


Pussy Galore returns in new James Bond novel

The latest James Bond novel, by British author Anthony Horowitz, sees a reunion between 007 and the famous Bond girl from "Goldfinger," Pussy Galore. It is based on never-produced TV material conceived by Ian Fleming.


Sex and slaughter: Berlin theater shocks with graphic debut

The premiere of Johann Kresnik's adaption of the graphic novel "The 120 Days of Sodom" for stage at Berlin's Volksbühne has courted much controversy, with its graphic portrayals of pedophilia, incest and brutal torture.


How libraries in Germany are fighting extinction - and winning

Haven't libraries gone the way of the dodo bird? In Germany, they're securing their future by expanding opening hours and campaigning for better access to e-books. And it appears to be working.


Berlin's 'giant' ballet dancer challenges body ideals

While female ballet dancers still face rigid body shape restrictions, the Staatsballett in Berlin has hired a male dancer whose height breaks the mould. Ironically, he occasionaly plays female roles.


Moscow's ballet 'Oscars' honor Ukrainian dancer

The most prestigious ballet prize in the capital of classical dance: Moscow. This year, the ballerina in the limelight was born in Ukraine. But London also won big at the Benois de la danse.


B.B. King to be buried Saturday, murder accusations dismissed

B.B. King's funeral can take place as planned, following accusations that his death may not have been natural. The investigation has been dismissed and the King of Blues was celebrated ahead of the upcoming burial.


How German film foreshadowed Hitler

Early German films included more tyrants and murderers than movies from elsewhere. Did they foretell the Holocaust? A recent documentary explores the Jewish film critic behind this theory.


Opinion: Art and democracy? It's possible!

A crowd-pleaser? Or unconventional? The Eurovision Song Contest always struggles with this contradiction, and sometimes succeeds - as it did this year - in fulfilling both, writes DW music editor Rick Fulker from Vienna.


Opera Gala (pt. 1 of 2)

Are good spirits an effective weapon against a worldwide epidemic? Operatic melodies can in fact reduce inhibitions - including those about contributing to a cause - as was demonstrated at a recent gala event in Bonn.


Opera Gala (pt. 2 of 2)

Music for a good cause: in our last Concert Hour, you heard part of the fourth annual Festive Opera Gala for the German AIDS Foundation. This hour, the continuation.