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World War II

Poland marks 70th anniversary of Warsaw Uprising

ImagePoland is commemorating the 70th anniversary of the start of the Warsaw Uprising against Nazi German occupation. Almost 200,000 people were killed over 63 days before residents were forced to surrender.


Leads point to missile downing MH17

There is growing evidence that Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by a missile. Ukraine has accused pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine of downing the plane, while the rebels blame Ukrainian forces.


Eurocontrol: State decides on airspace safety

The downing of a plane over eastern Ukraine has raised questions as to why a civilian airline was flying over the conflict zone. Ken Thomas of air safety organization Eurocontrol says it's up to states to close airspace.


'Commercial jets have no chance'

A missile attack is suspected in the crash of a passenger aircraft in eastern Ukraine. Until now, altitudes above 10,000 meters have been considered safe, aviation expert Heinrich Grossbongardt tells DW.

Court Cases

Dutch court's 'pioneering role' in Srebrenica case

A Dutch court has ruled the country is liable for the deaths of more than 300 victims in the Srebrenica massacre. The ruling is in line with previous decisions - yet surprising, says law professor Andreas von Arnauld.

World War II

Poland remembers Warsaw Uprising 70 years on

Poland this Friday is commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, which pitted Polish citizens and the resistance against the Nazis. The rebellion is deeply embedded in Polish memory.

European Union

Friction at the top prompts extra EU summit

Disagreement, unanswered questions and new sanctions against Russia: the outcome of the latest EU summit was less fruitful than hoped. The 28-state union's representatives have decided to meet again in six weeks.

Food and Drink

Why Norwegians love coffee

Many consider Italy to be the home of the espresso, but Norwegians are taking aim at teaching the world how to brew the best coffees in the world - putting them in the globe's top three coffee consuming nations.


UK to fast-track controversial surveillance bill

The British government's plan to push through a controversial emergency surveillance bill in parliament this week has been met with fierce criticism. Rights groups say the move is an excuse to expand power.