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Spanish prosecutors file referendum suit against Catalan leader Mas

ImageArtur Mas, his deputy in Catalonia, and his education minister face prosecution in Spain for staging a non-binding referendum on Catalan independence. Charges, including abuse of power, were filed on Friday.


President heckled as Ukraine marks 'Euromaidan' anniversary

Ukrainians have gathered in Kyiv to mark the anniversary of the start of protests that toppled the country's Kremlin-friendly president. Meanwhile, five pro-Western parties have agreed to form a coalition government.


Opinion: Revolution of dignity in Ukraine

The Ukrainians defeated an autocratic regime. They chose democracy and want a constitutional state. But DW's Bernd Johann warns that this new departure could be blocked by homegrown oligarchs and by Moscow.

Food and Drink

Why Norwegians love coffee

Many consider Italy to be the home of the espresso, but Norwegians are taking aim at teaching the world how to brew the best coffees in the world - putting them in the globe's top three coffee consuming nations.