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Inside the 'Donetsk People's Republic'

ImageIn east Ukraine, a pro-Russian group has declared an independent republic from within an occupied building in Donetsk. DW heads inside to hear from leaders and gauge local moods for a planned referendum in May.


Soldiers on a futile mission

A government anti-terror campaign to root out pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine threatens to turn into a fiasco. The country's demoralized forces are ill-equipped and defections are commonplace.


Ambassador: 'Evidence of Russian involvement'

The military operation in eastern Ukraine is directed against terrorists, not protesters, says Ukraine's Ambassador to Germany, Pavlo Klimkin. He says they will not affect planned talks in Geneva.


Opinion: Diplomacy triumphs in Geneva

Russia has agreed to stop supporting separatists in eastern Ukraine. Finally! Diplomatic talks in Geneva have led to a breakthrough that could de-escalate the crisis in Ukraine, says DW's Bernd Riegert.


Opinion: Beijing tests Russian energy politics

In case of a showdown over Ukraine, Russia aims at replacing Europe with China to sell its huge reserves of oil and gas, but Beijing is open to energy collaboration with the Kremlin only on its own terms.


Back in the USSR?

DW takes a look at why Russia seems to be favoring a return to its Soviet past - at least symbolically.


Plans to segregate LGBT convicts in Turkey

Turkey's justice and development minister has unveiled a proposal that would place LGBT convicts in jails separate from heterosexual inmates. Critics of the plan say it has little to do with "protecting" anyone.


Gunduz: 'First the people need to be free'

Independent artists in Turkey have come under renewed pressure from Prime Minister Erdogan. DW talks with dancer Erdem Gunduz - the "standing man" from Taksim Square - and actor Baris Atay about the current situation.


Erdogan paves way for Turkish surveillance state

Turkey's government has submitted a draft law to parliament in a bid to strengthen the position of the country's intelligence service. Critics say this will turn Turkey into a surveillance state.

Human Rights

Landmark UK trial against FGM

The UK's first ever prosecution under the Female Genital Mutilation Act is due to take place this week. Campaigners have welcomed the historic trial, but insist that much more must be done to prevent FGM.


National election divides Macedonia

The small Balkan nation of Macedonia is due to elect a new president and parliament this month. Its new leaders will face a country plagued by political polarization, restricted press freedom and a poor economy.

EU Expansion

Rude awakening for Croatia after EU accession

Nine months after joining the European Union, the mood in Croatia is one of crisis. The already low expectations of EU membership have so far not been met. Meanwhile, the political right is playing its own game.


The right approach to Nazi memorabilia

Trading and owning Nazi objects is legal almost everywhere in the world, but a scheduled auction in Paris has stirred up controversy and has brought back the discussion how to best deal with Nazi memorabilia.

Nuclear Power

Europe searches for nuclear waste storage sites

A new law is being drafted in Germany to regulate investigations aimed at finding suitable sites for permanent nuclear waste storage. The search can take many years - and Germany's neighbors are facing similar obstacles.


STEMs: Is science education the key to a successful independent Scotland?

With renewable energy sources and North Sea oil reserves, Scotland is poised for a resource boom. But would an independent Scotland have the scientists and engineers to back it up?


Not the end of the Red Road for Glasgow

The Red Road flats have been part of Glasgow's skyline for almost 50 years. The high-rises were set to be demolished in order to reshape Glasgow's image, but developers pulled back after a wave of public discontent.


How to remember a massacre?

Some Norwegians object to a planned monument on Utoya island, the site of Breivik's shooting spree.


Modern art in the cradle of the Renaissance

A modern artist in Florence, the Italian city famous for being the cradle of the Renaissance, is challenging accepted notions of beauty and public space.