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Greece makes good on promises as Europe huffs and puffs

ImageNewly elected Greek Prime Minister Tsipras has quickly moved to implement his campaign promises to the Greek people. For European leaders, that is cause for serious concern.


EU to call for expanded Russian sanctions

EU sanctions against Russia are to remain in place until December and expand in scope, according to a draft statement from EU foreign ministers obtained by reporters. This comes as violence in eastern Ukraine increases.


Ex-KGB spy Litvinenko's autopsy 'world's most dangerous'

Pathologists in the UK carried out one of the most dangerous autopsies when cutting into former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko, an inquiry heard. The former agent died in 2006 after he drank tea poisoned with polonium.


Opinion: Headless Greeks endanger consensus with EU

Alexis Tsipras started off with a bang, which has triggered major concerns in the EU. Terminating a foreign policy consensus to get Brussels to relent on a financial deal is the wrong strategy, says DW's Bernd Riegert.


Russian court slams Kremlin bid to close Memorial human rights group

Russia's highest court has dismissed a Kremlin bid to shut down leading human rights group Memorial. Activists are calling the verdict a rare victory for civil society and freedom of speech in Russia.

Food and Drink

Scotch whisky worth over $7 billion to UK economy

Scotch whisky accounts for a quarter of all UK food and drink exports, the Scottish Whisky Association (SWA) says. It supports more jobs than the computing, shipbuilding and iron and steel industries.


Greece halts privatizations in defiance of creditors

Greece's new leftist government has announced it would stop the sale of the country's biggest port and other state assets, defying demands from its creditors to boost privatizations in exchange for further funding.