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Victory for France's conservatives in local elections

ImageFrance's conservative UMP was the big winner in the second round of the country's local elections. The governing Socialists suffered huge losses, while the right-wing National Front also came off worse than expected.


Psych meds found at home of Germanwings co-pilot

Investigators have found drugs used in the treatment of psychological problems at the house of the Germanwings co-pilot. The findings were reported by German weekly Welt am Sonntag.


Romanian ex-minister questioned over origin of 101 paintings

The former Romanian finance minister has been questioned over 101 paintings in his possession amid a corruption probe. They include three works signed by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.


Reassessing Europe's air safety regulations

In the wake of the Germanwings crash, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is recommending a 'two-person rule' for cockpits. Who actually makes the rules regarding flight safety in Europe?


Ukrainian oligarchs' private armies flex their muscles

The drama began with a seemingly bland piece of legislation on corporate law, then Ukraine's parliament passed a law to strip a prominent billionaire of control of a state company. Then armed men arrived.


Nobel laureate Tomas Transtroemer passes away at age 83

Transtroemer, a poet and psychologist from Stockholm, has died after two decades of medical complications. His mystical poetry has been described as "secular prayers."


Human remains recovered from Germanwings crash site

French police have found roughly 400 pieces of human remains in the French Alps where a Germanwings flight crashed on Tuesday. Officials say they have not found any intact bodies.