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German army shaped by anti-Nazi legacy

ImageAnother 430 new German army recruits made their vow this July 20 at the Defense Ministry, in memory of the officers who opposed Adolf Hitler. The German Bundeswehr continues to be shaped by resistance to the Nazis.


Europe's boss: Merkel turns 60

Angela Merkel has presided over a time of great influence and economic success. Germany has assumed a more prominent role in the world - and its unassuming chancellor has become a political heavyweight.


Germany remembers officers who tried to kill Hitler

Ceremonies have been held to mark the 70th anniversary of a failed attempt by German military officers to kill Adolf Hitler. The conspirators are now regarded as German patriots for their actions.


Germany commemorates Hitler assassination bid

Ceremonies are being held in Germany for the 70th anniversary of a failed attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Some 200 people were killed for their involvement in the plot.


Germany says 'willkommen' to foreign students

Never before have so many foreign students studied in Germany, while one in three German students goes abroad. Education Minister Johanna Wanka says Germany is more welcoming than its reputation implies.

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East Frisian Islands - Holidays in natural surroundings

The seven East Frisian islands stretch in an arc off Germany's North Sea coast. Slow tourism is the watchword here. We explore two of the islands: Langeoog and Spiekeroog.