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Berlin lizards impede Lenin's resurrection

ImageThe head of Berlin's largest statue of Lenin is about to be dug up after almost a quarter of a century - if a local colony of lizards cooperates. David Crossland reports from Berlin.


Union: German train drivers strike imminent

The union representing German train drivers has threatened new strikes next week after a breakdown in talks with rail operator Deutsche Bahn. The long running labor dispute caused major disruptions last year.


Steinmeier avoids term 'genocide' discussing Armenian killings

The pope and the European Parliament now label the Armenian massacres 100 years ago as "genocide." The German government is yet to follow suit. However, pressure and criticism have risen within Merkel's grand coalition.

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Messages in bottles found in the Rhine

Cologne artist Joachim Römer has been fishing bottles containing messages out of the River Rhine for years. His collection now amounts to some 1400 items. A current exhibition in Bingen is presenting some of them.


Sold on rugby: Germany rediscovers its 'rugger' roots

Germany may have won the Football World Cup, but it did not even qualify for this year's Rugby World Cup in England. Still, the sport has a dedicated following, determined to revive German rugby's pre-war glory days.


Relatives, dignitaries mourn Germanwings victims at Cologne Cathedral

The families of the victims of Germanwings flight U9525 that went down in the French Alps last month have gathered for a memorial service in Cologne. All 150 people on board the Airbus A320 were killed in the crash.


Cologne Cathedral service to mourn Germanwings victims

Germany is set to hold a memorial service for the 150 people killed when a Germanwings flight crashed in the French Alps more than three weeks ago. Chancellor Angela Merkel is to be among those in attendance.


Germanwings crash: chronology of events

In a memorial service in Cologne, relatives are paying tribute to Germanwings crash victims. Four weeks after 150 people died in the flight 9525 crash, DW's chronology sums up the facts of the tragedy.

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The family calls the shots at VW

It all began with one man's Beetle. And over the decades, it has developed into an empire. Who is at the wheel at VW, and who's stuck in the backseat? DW takes a look at the family behind the Volkswagen.

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Note that helped bring down Berlin Wall now on show

The memo, which East German Politburo member Günter Schabowski wrote for the historic press conference on November 9, 1989, has reappeared. It is now on display in the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn.


Russia cannot divide Europe over Ukraine, says Steinmeier

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has said that attempts to break EU unity on sanctions against Russia will fail. He hopes that new working groups will bring calm to the conflict in eastern Ukraine.