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Leisure Activities

Where's the next cafe, please?

ImageHelping you find a shop close by in a city you don't know, that's what the Yelp app promises travelers. All entries are made by the users themselves making this application crowd sourced content.


More Germans in work, but market weaker

Fresh data from the German Labor Agency have shown a slight drop in the unadjusted unemployment rate in Europe's economic powerhouse. But a closer look revealed a weaker job market all the same.

German Reunification

The day Hans-Dietrich Genscher gave the world goose bumps

Poor lighting, bad sound, a half-finished sentence: Hans-Dietrich Genscher's balcony speech in Prague lasted only seconds, but it was an emotional Big Bang that culminated in the fall of the Berlin Wall.

European Ties

Merkel flags review of Russia energy partnership

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said it may be necessary to rethink the EU's energy partnership with Russia in the long term. She said there was also no scope to relax current economic sanctions against Moscow.


German Ebola aid delivery stranded in Canary Islands

A German military transport plane carrying aid to help in the fight against Ebola in Africa has been stranded in the Canary Islands due to mechanical problems. It's just the latest setback affecting the German air fleet.


Germany's refugee abuse scandal triggers police probe

Allegations of abuse of asylum seekers in western Germany have triggered police investigations. Shocking images have disturbed the nation. Experts criticize lax recruitment by private security firms.


Defense expert: Germany 'unable to meet NATO commitments'

Large portions of the German military's inventory are out of date and unable to keep up with the competition. In a DW interview, SPD defense expert Rainer Arnold accuses the military of whitewashing the problems.

Visit Germany

Munich's Oktoberfest welcomes one million people on first weekend

Despite bad weather, some one million people have visited the Oktoberfest, the world's largest festival, on its first weekend.