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Arms Exports

Germany's arms exports turn into gamesmanship

ImageGerman Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel defied Angela Merkel by refusing to sanction the sale of battle tanks to Saudi Arabia. But this is just a minor corrective for one of the world's major arms exporters.

Data Protection

Data retention sticking point for Germany

The European Court of Justice's ruling that data retention practices go against basic privacy rights for Europeans has unleashed debate among German politicians on how to change national rules.


German Riot in Japan

Berlin-based digital hardcore band, Atari Teenage Riot, has launched their radical new album 'RESET' in Japan, the epicenter of their manic global following. Band member Alec Empire on how Snowden inspired the album.


Germany's DLR research center reported to have come under cyber attack

A major German research center is reported to have come under a sustained cyber attack for a period of months. There are indications that a foreign power may have been behind the attack.


Experts: German integration policy needs reform

The makeshift asylum seeker camp in central Berlin has now been cleared after a compromise was reached following a prolonged stand-off. But many observers think Germany's integration policy is in urgent need of reform.


Opinion: Budget boredom in the Bundestag

German politicians spent much of this week discussing the new federal budget. As Sabine Kinkartz writes, there was plenty of back-patting from those involved, yawning from everyone else, and very little real debate.


Living 'La Deutsche Vita:' The adventures of being Italian in Berlin

When you're an underachiever at home, you can move to Berlin and be an underachiever there. That's the narrative of "La Deutsche Vita," a documentary about being Italian in the German capital.


Spraying history on Munich's walls

Munich, the birthplace of modern graffiti in Germany, wants to promote street art. But is legal graffiti still fun? Some artists see subsidies as interference, while property owners are already calculating removal costs.

Food and Drink

A history of German cuisine (and chow)

German food historian Ursula Heinzelmann tells DW why people used to thicken sauces with bread instead of cream, and how soccer changed Germany’s attitude toward its national dishes.