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World War II

Berlin memorial remembers Nazi euthanasia victims

ImageA 24-meter (80-foot) glass panel was unveiled in Berlin's Tiergarten on Tuesday, a monument for the round 300,000 people deemed "unworthy of life" and killed by the Nazis in their infamous euthanasia campaign.


Peter Stöger: aiming for 15th is 'realistic' for Cologne

After a two year absence, Cologne have returned to the Bundesliga, racking up four points from their first two matches. In interview with DW, club coach Peter Stöger gives us his first impressions of the Bundesliga.


Smartphone app 'Uber' ordered to halt transportation services in Germany

A court in Frankfurt has ordered the smartphone application 'Uber' to stop its transportation services in Germany. The preliminary injunction comes in response to a lawsuit by the national association of taxi drivers.

World War II

Opinion: Genuine dismay, necessary criticism

Members of parliament debated a landmark decision on a historic day. It soon became clear that politics is never easy where war is concerned - and that's a good thing, DW's Marcel Fürstenau says.


Germany to deliver weapons to Iraqi Kurds battling IS terrorists

The German parliament has met in a special session to debate plans to ship weapons to Iraq. The opposition was critical of the shipments, warning that these arms could easily fall into the wrong hands.


Opinion: the problem to the right of the CDU

Despite the Christian Democrats' clear victory in Saxony state elections, the CDU has a real problem. The conservatives now have competition on their right, and that's a problem, writes DW's Volker Wagener.

Visit Germany

Is Neuschwanstein all it's cracked up to be?

Neuschwanstein Castle, with over 10,000 visitors a day, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Germany. It is also a candidate for UNESCO's World Heritage list. But is it really worth a visit?