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Destination Germany for Syrian refugees in Europe

ImageAli Najaf and his family fled from civil war in Syria to Bulgaria and eventually to Germany in search of a better life. Krasimir Yankov reports on a Syrian refugee making his way from Sofia to Eisenhüttenstadt.


Bundestag approves 2015 budget with no new debt

For the first time since 1969, Germany has balanced its budget. Lawmakers in parliament approved the historic budget, despite repeated outcry from the opposition investment was more important than a "black zero."


Berlin to give German states up to 500 million euros for refugees

Faced with tens of thousands more refugees entering Germany this year, the federal government has announced it will give states more money for refugee services. The massive influx has strained a number of cities.


Germany profits from immigration

A new study has shown that Germany's social system experiences a financial gain because of immigration while at the same time accruing losses due to a lack of integration.


Germany unveils Ebola evacuation plane in Berlin

The first Airbus refitted to serve as an Ebola evacuation plane has been unveiled in the German capital, Berlin. Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said he hopes to see it seldom used.

Social Change

German city of Essen pays addicts in beer to clean streets

A project is underway in Essen in which alcoholics are paid in beer to clean up the city's streets. The idea is to help drug addicts pick themselves up and rejoin society. DW went to Essen to see how it's working out.


Helmut Kohl embarrassed by ghost writer's new book

A book of candid interviews with former Chancellor Helmut Kohl is to be published this week against his will. He said Angela Merkel "couldn't eat with a knife and fork," and that Gorbachev left a forgettable legacy.


Christmas markets ring in German festive season

German Christmas markets have become an international hit in England, the United States and even in Japan. But nowhere is the choice of gingerbread, incense burners and mulled wine greater than in Germany.


Win Win Win!

Berlin's East Side Gallery is hugely popular with tourists. We are offering you a chance to win special decorative tape, with pictures of the graffiti on this famous bit of Berlin Wall. Here's how to win.


Cologne to open refugee asylum in luxury hotel

Rarely does one need "stars" to rate the amenities awaiting refugees, but exceptions are being made in Cologne. The city is looking to turn a luxury hotel into a refugee asylum.