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Refugees in Germany: risking it all to build a future

ImageIn 2014, thousands of asylum seekers risked their lives trying to reach Germany. Syrians fleeing the ongoing civil war made up the largest group.


PEGIDA indicates 'rift' in German society

A group of German political scientists says the anti-Islamization movement launched in October shows how Germany is divided on mass immigration. In response, they want a national commission to promote 'diversity.'


Opinion: German parties leave PEGIDA support to AfD

Anti-Islamization group PEGIDA warns that the West's future is Islamic if demographic trends continue. DW's Volker Wagener wonders whether this - and support for the euroskeptic AfD party - is just covert xenophobia.


Germany plans changes to Prostitution Act

Prostitution is legal in Germany, but sex workers are still stigmatized or viewed as victims even if they are prostitutes by choice. A draft law is set to give them more legal protections, but even it has detractors.


Manuel Neuer: The sweeper-keeper

Bayern Munich's goalkeeper epitomizes the modern-day keeper like no other. On January 12, he is one of three players who could win the coveted Ballon d'Or award.


German spy agency saves millions of phone records, says report

The German government was quick to announce plans to widen data retention against terrorism in response to this month's attacks in Paris. But Berlin already collects far more telecom metadata than many suspected.

World War II

70 years on, little known about the Wilhelm Gustloff sinking

Over 9,000 people died in the Baltic Sea on January 30, 1945, in an attempt to evade the Red Army. The Wilhelm Gustloff was the largest shipwreck in history, but little is known about the catastrophe seven decades on.


Online scramble for Bayreuth tickets begins

Getting one of the scarce tickets to Germany's annual Richard Wagner Festival in Bayreuth is a true challenge.

Visit Germany

Germany to open 16th national park

Germany's newest national park is set to draw tourists with its rare butterfly and orchid species and ancient ruins. The preserved area spans two western states and will open later this year.

Catholic Church

Independent committee to investigate sexual abuse

Five years after the exposure of the German sexual abuse scandal affecting schools and Catholic institutions, victims are calling for an independent committee. They claim that important issues are still unresolved.