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Reassessing Europe's air safety regulations

ImageIn the wake of the Germanwings crash, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is recommending a 'two-person rule' for cockpits. Who actually makes the rules regarding flight safety in Europe?


Germany approves contentious road toll

The German lower house has approved a road toll for cars using highways and major roads. But the EU is still examining whether the toll discriminates against foreigners.


The wind turbine that looks like a tree

Tapping into the small, turbulent currents of air that blow around cities, a new French invention called the wind tree could bring wind power to urban areas.


Germany needs more immigrants, study says

A study has shown that Germany needs more immigrants to compensate for the gap left by retiring baby boomers. Non-EU countries could become an important source of qualified labor as the EU population shrinks.


Apple's Tim Cook smiles away his wealth

The successor to Steve Jobs is smart, gay, and incredibly rich. He has helped turn Apple into the most successful tech company ever. Now he says he has plans for his money... and they don't include him.


South Korea latest US ally to join AIIB

Washington looks increasingly isolated as another important ally joins the China-backed Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). Australia and Taiwan could be next, as a deadline for founding members approaches.

Bilateral relations

Forty years of German-Vietnamese ties

Germany and Vietnam are half a world apart, but the two countries are much closer diplomatically because of their history. The two nations are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their diplomatic ties.


Islamist terror hits Nigeria's economy

Boko Haram's violent attacks have been spreading fear and uncertainty in the north of Nigeria. The Islamists have managed to bring much of the economy to its knees there as security concerns hamper trade.

Court Cases

EU migrants can be refused benefits

As the European Union struggles with economic recovery, immigration has remained a thorny issue. In the latest ruling by the European Court of Justice, migrants may qualify for benefits only under special circumstances.

Eurozone crisis

Greece submits reform list ahead of deadline

Greek and eurozone officials have confirmed Athens has submitted a new and more far-reaching list of reform proposals to unlock badly needed bailout money. Talks with international creditors are to start shortly.

Eurozone crisis

ECB has a new thunder bolt for Athens

The European Central Bank is rumored to be about to cut a crucial financial lifeline to the Greek government by ordering the country's commercial banks to stop funding Athens through short-term treasury bills.


IMF delivers on debt relief for Ebola-stricken countries

The Ebola outbreak has devastated parts of West Africa, killing thousands and wreaking havoc on the region's economy. The International Monetary Fund has made good on its promise to help an economic recovery.

Court Cases

Hedge funds' claims against Porsche dismissed

US hedge funds seeking more than a billion euros in damages from Porsche lost another lawsuit in a German court, after the judge ruled they cannot hold the sports carmaker liable for their failed investments.


Oil prices rise amid tensions in Yemen

Oil prices have reached their highest point in weeks as Houthi rebels in Yemen battle for control of the strategic city of Aden. The southern port is a key stop on the supply chain of oil to customers in Europe.


Sieren's China: Cine-mania comes to China

For the first time ever, Chinese cinemas have taken more at the box office than American cinemas, - a development that has significant percussions for the international film industry, says DW columnist Frank Sieren.