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What a dollar store reveals about US inequality

ImageThere is a bidding war between two rock-bottom retailing chains over Family Dollar, a store serving many low-income communities in the US. It's a story about the richest and the poorest members of the US society.


Europe's approach to Russia's gas power

The Ukraine crisis has led to a rift between the West and Russia, with both sides imposing sanctions against each other. However, Russia's gas exports have so far remained untouched - for a number of reasons.


Food imports ban backfires on Russia's economy

An embargo on food imports from the West has sent grocery prices in Russia soaring and greatly worsened inflation. The move is seen as a severe blow to the country's stagnating economy.


Fossil power plants foil emissions targets

We are building more fossil fuel power plants than ever before, leading to increased carbon dioxide emissions, a new study says. That's bad news for plans to keep global temperatures from rising.


Japan to start work on first long-distance maglev line

New technology will slash travelling time from Tokyo to Nagoya from 90 minutes by conventional bullet train to just 40 minutes. And Japan has high hopes for its world-leading technology as an export.


IMF board confident in Lagarde despite investigation

The executive board of the International Monetary Fund has expressed its support for Managing Director Christine Lagarde. This came after a French court placed Lagarde under formal investigation in a corruption case.


EU foreign ministers call for tougher Russia sanctions

A number of EU foreign ministers are pushing for stronger sanctions against Russia for its actions in eastern Ukraine. It follows NATO allegations that Moscow sent "well over 1,000 troops" across the border.


Brazil slips into recession ahead of general election

Latin America's largest economy, Brazil, has recorded negative growth for the second quarter in a row. But the government downplayed what's a technical recession by definition, saying other indicators were much better.


Telefonica's acquisition of E-Plus gets final nod

The EU Commission has given its final clearance for telecoms giant Telefonica Deutschland to buy rival E-Plus in an 8.6 billion-euro deal that will see the creation of Germany's largest mobile service provider.

Food Security

Deutsche Bank-Foodwatch spat highlights unresolved global food issues

Deutsche Bank denies accusations by NGO Foodwatch that it misleads the public over its involvment in agricultural trading funds. The spat highlights food security issues that are still unresolved.


Unprofitable Ebola: Still no proven drug

Ebola has lurked around African tropical rainforests for decades and can have a fatality rate up to 90 percent. But despite Ebola's deadly record, it remains a disease without a proven drug for economic reasons.


Chinese developer offers home discounts for Taobao shoppers

Property giant China Vanke has teamed up with e-commerce platform Taobao to offer discounts to homebuyers. The move is the latest attempt by the country's largest developer to lure customers amid a housing slump.


Malaysia Airlines set for major overhaul

Still reeling from two disasters within months, Malaysia plans to overhaul its national airline and reduce staff by about 30 percent. Experts agree that substantial changes are needed to set the carrier back on track.