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Prokon investors vote to sell some assets of insolvent German wind farm group

ImageA majority of shareholders of the insolvent German wind farm operator Prokon have voted in favor of restructuring efforts that could see creditors recoup at least some of their original investment.


German industry warns against tighter sanctions

The EU's discussion about expanding its sanctions against Russia is alarming parts of Germany's business community. Industry associations are expressing fears of a serious slump in the country's exports.


Forbes' sale shows Asian media's 'great growth potential'

After 97 years of family ownership, Forbes Media has sold a controlling stake in the firm to Hong Kong-based investors, a move that symbolizes the rise of Chinese ownership of media firms, analyst Ken Doctor tells DW.


Ghana's Tilapia farming industry gets a boost

Tilapia has become a popular delicacy in Ghana. The trend has boosted Tilapia demand in the country and has made many entrepreneurs to invest in commercial Tilapia farming.


Worldwide rhino horn trade continues unabated

More rhinos were killed by poachers last year in Africa than ever before. In 2014 the dubious record looks set to be broken again. The black market price for rhino horn is now considerably higher than cocaine.


Bargain-hunting tourists flock to Heligoland

The small German island of Heligoland in the North Sea gets visited by 250,000 day trippers every year. But why do these tourists travel eight hours to stay less than half a day? DW's Christoph Gunkel found out.


German soccer association's logo under threat

Weeks after Germany emerged victorious from the World Cup, the country's highest soccer body is embroiled in a legal battle over its logo that could cost it millions in lost revenue.


IMF disappointed by US economic growth, but improvement in sight

The IMF has lowered its 2014 growth forecast for the United States. It did so on fears that the country's economy may not be able to make up for the sharp contraction in the winter as quickly as previously thought.


Lithuania gets final approval to adopt euro currency

EU ministers have given the final stamp of approval for Lithuania to join the eurozone next year. Amid fears of unjustified price hikes, the Baltic state will be the 19th nation to adopt the single currency.


Deutsche Bank back in US regulators' crosshairs

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has sharply criticized Deutsche Bank for "shoddy financial reporting." This assessment was first made public by the Wall Street Journal, which quoted a letter to the German lender.

Corporate Reports

Daimler profits rise on new models and cost cuts

German premium carmaker Daimler has reported a 12-percent rise in second-quarter profit thanks to strong demand for its latest Mercedes cars. An efficiency program was also 'bearing fruit,' its CEO says.


Germany unlikely to meet carbon reduction targets for 2020

Germany’s environment ministry believes it’s unlikely Germany will meet its 2020 greenhouse gas reduction goals. They say the country will come up seven percent short, but critics say it could be even worse.


Argentina's default deadline looms

Argentina is facing bankruptcy, its government is facing political crisis, and US hedge funds are facing millions in losses. The various parties now have a week to find a solution.

Cyber Security

When networks turn deadly

Researchers have shown that hackers can use computer viruses to crash cars. In a world where a growing number of devices are connected via the Internet, there could be a growing danger of such attacks.


German businesses face rising threat of industrial espionage

Nearly half of German businesses have been attacked at least once by hackers or cyber spies, a new survey has revealed. The thieves are out to steal innovations and know-how, causing billions of euros in damages.