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Big EU banks to pay for most of bailout fund

ImageThe European Union has unveiled new rules on how a new bailout scheme for banks should be financed. A heavier burden will be placed on bigger, riskier institutions while smaller banks will pay a flat rate.


France's Total names new CEO, president

Following the tragic death of Christophe de Margerie in Moscow, French oil giant Total has named new leaders to be at the helm of one of the large energy firms. A probe into the former CEO's accident is under way.


Lockheed, Turkey's Roketsan ink missile deal

US and Turkish armaments manufacturers have teamed up to supply cruise missiles for a US fighter program. The F-35 is one of the costliest arms programs ever.


Hungary likely to cap new cybertax

The Hungarian government has startled citizens and companies with plans for a new Internet tax. The resulting protests have forced Budapest into a partial climbdown.


German startups in the Big Apple

The German government is helping young entrepreneurs travel to New York to develop their digital companies with a business incubator. And once they get there, they realize the sun doesn't only shine in California.


Bayer Leverkusen to repay millions in sponsorship money

A Cologne court has ordered Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen to give back millions of euros to a former sponsor that has since gone bankrupt. The club should have known Teldafax was insolvent at the time, the court said.


Oil, power and conspiracy

In recent months the price of oil has fallen massively. That has hit Russia, Iran and Venezuela particularly hard. Conspiracy theories abound as to the source of the current supply glut.


US, China turn used cooking oil into fuel

US plane maker Boeing has opened a facility in China that is to turn used cooking oil into aviation biofuel. The company says the potential of the technology involved is huge, not least in environmental terms.

United States

Blackwater guards found guilty of 2007 Baghdad massacre

A US jury has found Blackwater guards guilty in the 2007 shootings of 31 Iraqis, which left at least 14 dead. The massacre caused an international uproar over the role of private defense contractors in urban warfare.


Swiss retailer apologizes for Hitler coffee cream

The Swiss retailer Migros has apologized after one of its companies sold coffee creamer capsules showing Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. The company's dairy subsidiary had produced the creamers.


Lufthansa to sell IT infrastructure to IBM

German flagship carrier Lufthansa has decided to outsource its IT infrastructure unit to IBM to save costs. It said that while who the buyer was was now clear, specific contract conditions still had to be agreed.


APEC debates regional growth risks

Asia Pacific finance ministers have gathered for a meeting in Beijing to debate ways of avoiding a protracted slowdown of regional economies. APEC representatives identified a number of threats to further growth.


Niche unions are laming Germany

Strikes by well organized specialists in key positions are regularly generating chaos in Germany. Labor Minister Andrea Nahles wants to tame specialist unions with a new law - but that won't be easy.


Germany pushes new stock exchange segment for startups

Germany's Economy Minister has outlined a range of government projects and funding. Berlin's aims are to boost access to venture capital for the country's startups and drive development of the Internet of Things.


Two's company, three's a crowd

Friendship is blossoming between India and Japan, much to China's chagrin. But needling Beijing is what's behind it in the first place, says DW columnist Frank Sieren.