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European football more divided than during Cold War?

ImageA FIFA presidential candidate has lashed out against the unequal distribution of wealth among the continent's clubs. He argued that European football was now more divided than it ever was during the Cold War.

Eurozone crisis

Portugal celebrates successful return to bond market

Southern eurozone member Portugal has said its return to capital markets after a three-year pause has been successful. The government's auction of a long-term bond issue was met with strong demand from investors.


EU governments cut deficits, Greece more than expected

In 2013, governments in Europe were able to substantially lower their budget deficits, according to the latest EU data. Nevertheless, EU countries are still laboring under huge and even burgeoning debt mountains.


German power supplier RWE sees light at the end of 'disastrous years'

Germany's second-largest utility, RWE, has told shareholders the firm was hoping stabilize in the course of this year and beyond after huge losses in 2013. But there would be no quick fix for all its problems.


Good-bye to shipbuilding in Sweden

German heavy industry giant ThyssenKrupp has said it's negotiating a withdrawal from shipbuilding in Sweden. The Scandinavian nation said it wanted to concentrate the naval vessel business in national hands.


Vietnam uses ecological engineering to save rice

Inside 30 years Vietnam has gone from importing rice to becoming the world’s second largest rice exporter. Over-use of pesticides is damaging the environment, but farmers in the Mekong Delta say they've found a solution.


Not much life left in the WTO

The World Trade Organization is turning 20. But with the chasm between its industrial and developing member states, it won't survive much longer after this anniversary, says DW's Rolf Wenkel.

Eurozone crisis

Private sector hides a mountain of European debt

As Europe's economies recover, debt levels continue to grow. But national budgets are only a few of the trees in a highly flammable forest of private debt, and government austerity may not be able to put out the flames.

Bilateral relations

Trade, security top Obama's agenda in Japan

In light of an expanding China and economic challenges, Japan and the US "intend to overcome mutual differences and together forge a sturdy economic order for Asia and the Pacific in the 21st century" with Obama's visit.

Human Rights

Amnesty: Migrant domestic workers face widespread abuse in Qatar

Migrant domestic workers in Qatar are powerless in the face of widespread abuse, according to Amnesty International. The human rights group has called on the country to extend labor protections to household servants.

World Cup

Strikes mar run-up to Brazil World Cup

Seven weeks ahead of the World Cup in Brazil, no mass protests have broken out but unions are mobilizing the rank and file. But the government can't afford another police strike like the one in Salvador, Bahia.