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Auto Industry

EU market on recovery course as new registrations rise

ImageEurope's car market has shown yet another monthly increase in registrations, following a protracted period of sluggish demand amid the continent's debt crisis. Britain and Spain were the biggest contributors in March.

Corporate Reports

SAP thrives on cloud business, but strong euro a worry

Europe's largest software maker, SAP, has reported its cloud business has been making big strides, with revenues and underlying profit rising. But a strong euro has once again dented quarterly earnings.


Ex-chairman of UK's Co-op Bank charged with drug possession

Paul Flowers, the former head of Britain's Co-op Bank, has been charged with drug offenses. He resigned last year after a paper published footage of him allegedly buying drugs.


German power supplier RWE sees light at the end of 'disastrous years'

Germany's second-largest utility, RWE, has told shareholders the firm was hoping stabilize in the course of this year and beyond after huge losses in 2013. But there would be no quick fix for all its problems.


Good-bye to shipbuilding in Sweden

German heavy industry giant ThyssenKrupp has said it's negotiating a withdrawal from shipbuilding in Sweden. The Scandinavian nation said it wanted to concentrate the naval vessel business in national hands.


The significance of the Donbas

The Donbas is Ukraine's industrial heartland. But its coal-based economy is a heavily-subsidized millstone for Ukraine, not a powerhouse, no matter how important its arms exports might be to the Russian military.


Not much life left in the WTO

The World Trade Organization is turning 20. But with the chasm between its industrial and developing member states, it won't survive much longer after this anniversary, says DW's Rolf Wenkel.


Germany has no alternative to Russian gas

More than 70 percent of Germany’s energy supply depends on imports. Russia alone accounts for a quarter of Germany’s gas, oil and coal imports. And real alternatives are not yet in sight.

Software Simulation

Soft wear: computer simulated design is tailoring the future fashion industry

Textile simulation may be in its infancy, but it can make complex clothing, including wrinkles, on real-time digital models. And the software's got larger implications beyond mere fashion.


STEMs: Is science education the key to a successful independent Scotland?

With renewable energy sources and North Sea oil reserves, Scotland is poised for a resource boom. But would an independent Scotland have the scientists and engineers to back it up?


Five fears about GM corn

The cultivation of genetically modified corn is being debated throughout the European Union. There are big fears about possible health and environmental dangers. Are the worries warranted or unfounded?