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'Russia can endure sanctions for a long time'

ImageThe EU plans to step up sanctions on Russia this week for Moscow's role in the Ukraine crisis. CDU foreign policy specialist Philipp Missfelder tells DW that economic sanctions can be effective, but are 'no panacea.'


Weapons production weighs on Germany's conscience

Germany's weapons exports, though controversial, generate employment. German's post-communist Left Party wants to ban arms sales - but when it comes to losing votes, even Left politicians waver.


Japan shifting investments from China to ASEAN

Japanese companies are shifting their investments away from China and increasingly setting their sights on the ASEAN region as a result of growing tensions between the two Asian powers, analyst Rajiv Biswas tells DW.

International Relations

Trade and diplomacy top Abe's agenda in Latin America

With his mind set on diversifying investments, Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe has embarked on a five-nation tour of Latin America. But while economic ties are high on the agenda, the PM will also launch a diplomatic push.


'Millions of hectares of China's arable land are polluted'

With 19 percent of China's farmland contaminated, agriculture and the livelihood of rural communities are being badly hit. Soil pollution is an issue often obfuscated by the authorities, says China expert Isabel Hilton.

Company Profiles

Espirito Santo Group: How it all started

Two linked companies, Espirito Santo Group and RioForte, have applied to Luxembourg courts for protection from their creditors in recent days. The Portuguese family dynasty that owns both companies is at a crossroads.

Consumer Electronics

Samsung delays smartphone run on Tizen operating system

Samsung has postponed the sale of new smartphones using its nascent Tizen operating system, citing a lack of interest among app developers.


Low-budget carrier Ryanair sees profits skyrocketing

Europe's largest no-frills airline, Ryanair, has reported a surge in first-quarter earnings, boosted by a higher number of passengers. The Irish carrier said higher customer satisfaction was behind the figures.

Armed Conflict

Libya oil corp. fears catastrophe as depot fire rages

Libya's national oil company has warned of a possible environmental disaster after a fire broke out at an oil depot. This comes as foreign governments warned their citizens to leave the country amid fighting.

European Ties

Denmark, Germany profit most from European single market

The creation of a European single market back in 1993 has been profitable for the vast majority of founding nations, a fresh study says. Denmark and Germany got the most out of that market, researchers claimed.


100 percent renewable energy scenario for California

California could meet its energy needs with renewables alone, according to Stanford University researchers. The authors of a recent study say a transition scenario is economically as well as technically feasible.


Germany unlikely to meet carbon reduction targets for 2020

Germany’s environment ministry believes it’s unlikely Germany will meet its 2020 greenhouse gas reduction goals. They say the country will come up seven percent short, but critics say it could be even worse.

Auto Industry

Opel shines on quality as parent GM recalls more cars

US auto giant General Motors (GM) has issued another million-strong recall. While the announcement brings GM's tally to 30 million faulty vehicles this year, its subsidiary Opel has flourished.


'Corruption and elitism' fueling inequality in China

The top one percent of households in China control more than a third of the country's wealth, a study found. As analyst James Rickards tells DW, inequality is becoming so extreme it threatens to cause social disorder.