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Consumer Affairs

German consumer confidence stops falling

ImageNot that geopolitical tensions in many regions of the world have become less virulent, but German consumers appear to be less fazed by them now, market researchers say. Household confidence levels are slightly up.


EU agrees deal to slash emissions, boost renewables

European Union leaders meeting in Brussels have agreed on a new target for the reduction of greenhouse gases by 2030. Members also reached a deal on increasing the proportion of renewable energy used.

Corporate Reports

Amazon in for 'blue Christmas' season?

US online retail giant Amazon has reported a hefty net loss for the third quarter, sending its shares into a downward spiral. The company said the negative result was due to heavy investment in new products.

Corporate Reports

BASF lowers 2015 operating profit outlook

Germany's BASF has reported growing sales for the third quarter amid a difficult business environment. But it warned it might not be able to meet earlier operating profit targets next year.


Rosetta Stone loses claim to yellow in court

A German court has ruled that the color yellow can be protected as a trademark. But it must be widely associated with a specific company. The case highlights just how important color alone can be for company branding.

Middle East

US official: 'Islamic State' a petrostate

The "Islamic State" has amassed wealth at an unprecedented pace, according to a US Treasury official. IS earns about $1 million a day from black market oil sales alone.


Analyst: India's reform process so far 'underwhelming'

In a bid to revive India's economy, PM Narendra Modi has unveiled a set of reforms. While they are steps in the right direction, less red tape and a further opening of key sectors are needed, says economist Shilan Shah.


Riesling: A white wine's comeback

Riesling was once among the most expensive wines. Later, wineries focused on quantity, and quality suffered. But in recent years, the pendulum has been swinging back - a boon to Germany's Rheingau Region.

European Union

EU examines 2015 budgets, Italy peeved

Italian Premier Renzi has threatened to spotlight the costs of running Brussels institutions as EU leaders turn to debating budgetary plans for 2015 on day two of their summit. Italy and France are pushing for leeway.


Excavation worker killed in Ludwigshafen gas pipe explosion

A gas explosion in Germany has killed an excavation worker and injured more than 10 people. Several houses have been damaged.

Auto Industry

Audi announces recall over airbag problem

German auto maker Audi has said it's recalling hundreds of thousands of vehicles to fix software responsible for airbag deployment. It said it would take drivers under an hour to carry out the software update.


European Commission questions Italy's 2015 budget plans

Tensions over EU member states' budgets are growing. Brussels says Italy has dropped measures to get its budget below EU deficit limits. But Italy and France both insist public spending must now replace austerity.


Credit Suisse doubles profit on investment banking upswing

Swiss banking giant Credit Suisse has made a major comeback since its fall from grace in May, when it paid a record fee for aiding tax evaders. The bank announced it had doubled quarterly profits on the year.

Auto Industry

Daimler profits soar on record sales

German automaker Daimler's net earnings have risen by nearly half, lifted by a record number of vehicles sold and gains from divestments.


Two's company, three's a crowd

Friendship is blossoming between India and Japan, much to China's chagrin. But needling Beijing is what's behind it in the first place, says DW columnist Frank Sieren.