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Eurozone crisis

EU budget rows: To save or to spend?

ImageThe eurozone's finance ministers are at loggerheads in Milan over the right fiscal policy. The main bone of contention: Is it a good idea to raise spending to boost the economy or will high deficits scare investors?


New EU sanctions target Russian energy and arms companies

Targeting key energy and weapons manufacturing companies, the European Union has implemented a third round of sanctions against Moscow. The EU sanctions come in response to Russia's alleged role in the Ukraine conflict.

NSA Scandal

US threat of fines forced Yahoo to hand over users' data

Unsealed court documents have shown that the US government threatened Internet giant Yahoo with large fines if it failed to hand over user email data. The case dates back to George W. Bush's second term as president.


Ready to go: Mobile payments

Transactions using mobile phones are not a new idea, but Apple's mobile payment service is expected to be a resounding success. But experts say the service is not a good news for telecommunications companies.

Auto Industry

China fines Volkswagen, Chrysler for price-fixing

China's anti-monopoly authority NDRC has imposed hefty fines against German carmaker Volkswagen (VW) and US auto group Chrysler. It has found them guilty of colluding to fix excessive prices for cars and parts.


RBS to move to London if Scotland breaks away

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has said it will move its registered office to England if Scotland votes for independence next week. RBS is the second big British bank to announce post-referendum contingency plans.

European Union

Juncker's commissioner selections in overview

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has presented his new team. Some decisions have surprised observers, and some selections have already been met with heavy criticsm.


Pilots' strike grounds half of Air France's flights

Air France has urged many of its passengers to change or cancel their travel plans after a pilots' strike forced it to cancel around half of its flights. The work stoppage could intensify over the coming week.

Mergers & Acquisitions

TUI forges world's biggest tourism operator

German travel group TUI and its British subsidiary TUI Travel have finalized merger terms to save on costs and create a new global leader in the tourism sector. The merged entity's headquarters will be in Germany.


EU-Ukraine trade deal delayed as concession to Russia

The European Union and Ukraine have agreed to delay the implementation of their free-trade pact until the end of next year. The move is a concession to Russia, which had complained its industry would be hurt by the deal.

United States

US announces fresh sanctions against Russia

The United States has announced more sanctions against Russia targeting the country's largest bank as well as oil and defense industries. The new measures come hours after the EU imposed new sanctions against Moscow.


New index ranks Asia's most efficient innovators

Japan is the most efficient among Asian nations in transforming creativity into economically viable innovations, according to a new index. Analyst Shanti Jagannathan talks about how the index can also serve policymakers.

Digital Economy

Computer composers and all-seeing algorithms: Music in the age of big data

When the music industry comes together, the topics of big data and digital streaming services tend to dominate the discussion. September's Berlin Music Week offered glimpses into the future of buying and selling music.


Are Germany and Netflix ready for each other?

In Germany, interest in TV streaming is growing quickly - but is still light years away from the US. Can US streaming service Netflix succeed with a limited offering in an aging country that's slow to change?


Jack Ma: China's controversial 'Mr. Internet'

Some hate him. But for others, he is a trendsetter, an Internet wizard and a role model. Jack Ma, the founder of China's e-commerce giant Alibaba, is never afraid of breaking the rules, but he makes sure he gets his way.


Technology boosts Tanzanian farmers

Subsistent farmers in rural Tanzania can now use mobile phones to access vital information that helps them increase their harvest. The service has helped bridge the information gap.


The environmental price of 'staying cool'

Asia's current air conditioner use is only a fraction of its potential. With increasing affluence and urbanization in the region, what will be the environmental effects when millions more machines start running?