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Africa hopes Lima meeting will re-energize climate change talks

ImageAt the upcoming UN climate change meeting in Lima (COP 20), African groups are hoping that progress can be made towards the goal of reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.


Egypt jails dozens of teenage boys for pro-Morsi rallies

An Egyptian court has jailed 78 teenage boys for between two and five years over protesting in support of ousted president Mohammed Morsi. It's the latest in a long crackdown on Morsi supporters.


New Ukrainian parliament: Fresh start or off on the wrong foot?

Forming a coalition took longer than expected. Now, critics warn that Ukraine could once again be consumed by political discord. The atmosphere leading up to the first session of the new parliament was bleak.

Press Freedom

Activists decry Pakistan's Geo TV sentence

An anti-terrorism court has sentenced the head of Pakistan's Geo TV to 26 years in prison for airing a "blasphemous" show. Activists say the courts are being used by the security establishment to muzzle press freedom.


Mothering via Skype: Europe's absentee parents

Many mothers in Eastern Europe leave their children behind to find work abroad and support their family financially. While their children have to take care of themselves, their mothers struggle with guilt and depression.


Tens of thousands march against austerity measures in Greece

Greece has come to a standstill after tens of thousands of workers took to the streets in a 24-hour nationwide strike. New austerity policies and tax raids have ignited further discontent among the Greek population.

Internet Governance

EU parliament votes for break-up of Google

EU lawmakers have voted in a favor of a resolution that would force Internet companies to separate search engines from commercial services. Though not named, Internet search giant Google, was the target of the vote.


Mexico authorities find 11 mutilated bodies

The discovery of 11 bodies in Mexico has brought more concern to the Mexican state of Guerrero where 43 students were abducted. President Pena Nieto has said in a televised address that "Mexico must change."


SWAPO heads for victory in Namibian elections

Namibia's ruling party SWAPO has been in power for 24 years and is widely tipped to win Friday's legislative and presidential elections. However support for the party at grassroots level is decreasing.


Indian hanged girls "committed suicide," not gang-raped or murdered, say investigators

Two Indian girls found hung from a tree in May "committed suicide" and were not gang-raped and murdered, federal investigators have concluded. Authorities said their motive was "shame over a relationship with a boy."