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Algeria's Bouteflika wins fourth term despite serious illness

ImageAlgerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has been re-elected for a fourth term. But the 77-year-old is seriously ill and barely able to communicate. Doubts over whether he is still able to lead his country are growing.

Arab World

Tunisia's Ben Ali's organized plunder

The laws of Tunisia were tailored to suit the Ben Ali family, which siphoned off profits from the economy. A World Bank study shows how the ruler and his family enriched themselves.


Libya looks to past for new constitution

The security situation in Libya remains chaotic - not ideal conditions to draw up a new constitution. But a 63-year-old constitution, framed under the old monarchy, could help the federalists.


Call me! A German satellite and Internet company wants answers from the NSA

The small-scale Stellar communications company in Germany is reeling from revelations that it may have been hacked by GCHQ and the NSA. DW travels to the Cologne suburb of Hürth to try and find out why.

Arms Exports

Germany's arms exports turn into gamesmanship

German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel defied Angela Merkel by refusing to sanction the sale of battle tanks to Saudi Arabia. But this is just a minor corrective for one of the world's major arms exporters.


Unprecedented wave of terror divides Nigerians

In Nigeria violence has reached a new dimension with four attacks in three days. Instead of uniting against the terror, government and opposition politicians are trading accusations as the country drifts into chaos.


Afghan presidential hopeful would 'sign deal with US'

In an exclusive interview with DW, former World Bank adviser and Afghan presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai talks about his country's economy, the Taliban, and the pending bilateral security deal with the US.


Pakistani policewoman offers protection and understanding

A police station run by women in Pakistan is filling an important role in a society dominated by men. Chief Bushra Batool says it's become a place of last resort for the desperate.


Christian Iraqis wary of Easter attacks

Over a million Christians have left Iraq in the last decade due to increasing threat from Islamist extremists. Easter is a time of particular caution, as those who attend mass can make for easy targets.

Palestinian Territories

Palestinian factions to hold reconciliation talks

The leaders of the Palestinian Hamas and Fatah factions are expected to meet in Gaza in an attempt to finalize reconciliation efforts and to pave the way for elections.

Palestinian Territories

New Jewish settlement reignites tensions with Palestinians

The Rajabi house in Hebron, the largest Palestinian city in the West Bank, has a deeply spiritual meaning for the Jewish community. But a recent move by Jewish settlers has reignited tensions with Palestinian neighbors.

Civil Rights

Chavez: 'Migrant workers in the US deserve new laws'

A new film depicting the life of American migrant rights campaigner Cesar Chavez recently opened in US cinemas. DW spoke to Chavez's son, Paul, who says the rights of migrant workers are often still forgotten today.


US puts Syria on the back burner

The tension over Ukraine has all but buried the chance of peace in Syria. The Syrian people, still being massacred every day, are paying the price for the awkward stalemate between the West and Russia.