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'Black Mambas' on South African rhino patrol

ImagePoachers are depleting the elephant, tiger and rhino population. In a nature reserve in Greater Kruger National Park, unarmed women are fighting the illicit wildlife trade - and male skepticism.

War crimes

ICTY revokes Vojislav Seselj's provisional release

The international war crimes court in The Hague has revoked the release order of Serbian ultra-nationalist Vojislav Sesejl. The suspect had been released late last year so that he could seek medical treatment at home.


Former Israeli PM Olmert guilty of graft

An Israeli court has found former premier Ehud Olmert guilty of corruption for accepting bribes before he became prime minister. This came three years after he had been acquitted in the original trial.

Life Links

#AForEffort: Girls have a right to learn, too

Poverty, parental illiteracy and long distances mean almost a third of girls in rural Zambia have no access to education. Innocent Banda, a 29-year-old volunteer teacher, is fighting to change that.


Sweep by the right in France elections sets stage for presidency

France woke up to a new political landscape Monday. The victory of the right in local elections and rejection of the ruling Socialists set the stage for the presidential race in 2017. Elizabeth Bryant reports from Paris.


UK election campaign kicks off

The UK general election campaign has officially begun. With no clear frontrunner, the contest is predicted to be the most tightly fought in decades.


Argentina President Kirchner cleared of Iran cover-up

An appeals court has upheld a former ruling dismissing a case against President Cristina Kirchner and her aides. They have now been cleared of covering up Iran's alleged involvement in a 1994 terrorist attack.


Observer: 'Nigeria elections largely fair despite irregularities'

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon commended Nigerians for holding largely peaceful elections, as voting came to an end on Sunday. DW spoke to a local election observer about the claims of irregularities in Rivers State.