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Opinion: Turkey in a bind over IS

ImageTurkey will debate fighting against IS in Syria and Iraq - side by side with the Kurds. Ankara is paying the price for the foreign policy zigzag course it followed over the past years, DW's Baha Güngör says.


NATO's Jens Stoltenberg, 'more secretary than general'

NATO's new Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg is experienced in dealing with Moscow. Some say that fact will help as the military alliance faces its toughest challenge in dealing with Russia.


Firechat - the app connecting Hong Kong protesters

FireChat, a messaging app, is helping protesters in Hong Kong communicate without requiring an Internet connection. But there is also a catch: the authorities can also use it and read the activists' messages.


Hong Kong witnessing a 'new form of protest'

As protests in Hong Kong continue, there are growing fears of a crackdown. But the use of force would not work as it would ruin people's trust in good governance, human rights lawyer Basil Fernando tells DW.

Development Aid

EU trust fund to help rebuild Central African Republic

EU peacekeepers are set to stay in the Central African Republic for an extra three months to allow more time for the transition to UN peacekeeping operation. The EU has also established a trust fund to help the CAR.


What will it take to reach a compromise in Hong Kong?

Pro-democracy protests in HK have been escalating for days, with student leaders threatening to occupy government buildings if the territory's leader doesn't resign. Tim Pringle discusses possible ways to ease tensions.

Bilateral relations

Modi's US trip 'set the foundation' for stronger partnership

The Indian PM's visit to the US ended with both Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama vowing to set a new agenda between the nations. Analyst Rajiv Biswas talks to DW about how the trip has boosted bilateral ties.


Former Norway PM Stoltenberg takes over the helm at NATO

NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen has handed the reins over to fellow Scandinavian Jens Stoltenberg. The former Norwegian premier faces a steep learning curve as the NATO alliance faces multiple armed conflicts.


HK protests pose no immediate threat to city's economy

Analysts say that Hong Kong's ongoing pro-democracy protests are unlikely to affect the city's economy. They admit, however, that a protracted conflict may force the companies to move their businesses out of the city.


Netanyahu in Washington: Iran, Iran and Iran

As Israel's prime minister visits the White House, Natan Sachs of the Brookings Institution tells DW that Benjamin Netanyahu has one thing above all else on his mind.


Mafael: 'Benefits outweigh costs of Korean reunification'

While most South Koreans say they want a reunited Korea, there are growing concerns about the cost. But German Ambassador Rolf Mafael tells DW many overlook not only the political, but the long-term economic advantages.