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HK protests reflect 'anger and disappointment' at Beijing

ImageBraving stifling heat, thousands of students took to the streets of Hong Kong to push for democratic reforms in a move which analyst Joseph Cheng views as reflecting the sentiment of many of the city's residents.

North Korea

Rapping for Korea

Rap artist Kang Chun-hyok speaks up. When the Seoul-based refugee from North Korea enters the stage to perform, he provokes with his political lyrics. In a DW interview, he talks about his life story and his motives.


What will determine the success of the Afghan unity government?

Ashraf Ghani was named Afghanistan's new president shortly after signing a power-sharing deal with Abdullah Abdullah. But many fear the new government may be paralyzed by internal power struggles, Andrew Wilder tells DW.

United States

Obama uses UN to tackle flow of foreign 'IS' fighters

US President Barack Obama will head a UN Security Council session to push nations to curb the flow of foreign fighters to 'IS.' The planned resolution applies to all states, but Obama's real target is a close US ally.


Fiji prime minister sworn in after first democratic election in eight years

Newly-elected Fiji Prime Minister Vorege Bainimarama has been sworn in at Government House. He will be the country's first democratically elected prime minister after eight years of military rule.

Indigenous people

Indigenous peoples need better protection

The UN General Assembly is holding its first World Conference on Indigenous Peoples. Yvonne Bangert from the Society for Threatened Peoples is convinced that Germany needs to do more in this area.


Blasts in China's Xinjiang region, few details

State media in China's restive Xinjiang region say blasts have killed at least two people but have given few details. In the past year scores have died in tensions between mainly-Muslim Uighurs and security forces.

European Ties

'Without France, Germany is on its own in Europe'

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls' visit to Germany isn't an easy one given that Franco-German relations are strained to say the least. Ulrike Guerot calls for more understanding from Berlin.


Global grassroots protest on climate change

Protestors demanding action from world leaders on climate change have massed in 158 countries, culminating in a large march in New York. It’s the venue of a special UN climate summit due on Tuesday.


Afghans disappointed by election outcome

The power-sharing deal by Afghanistan's two presidential candidates Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah has been received with mixed feelings. Many Afghans are worried about their country's future.


Opinion: Afghan voters are being tricked

The fact that the two main candidates came to an agreement before the results of the presidential elections were announced is a danger to democracy in Afghanistan, writes DW's Florian Weigand.