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NATO should act now, not later

ImageNATO is waking up to the single most important lesson of history. Use a little force early to avoid the use of greater force later. Just think if that lesson had been learned before World War II, says Henry R. Nau.

Human Rights

Small signs of progress in Bangladesh's textile sector

Many textile workers who survived the Rana Plaza disaster in April 2013 are still waiting to see compensation and better workplace safety standards. Some significant steps have been taken, but progress has been slow.

Arab World

Tunisia's Ben Ali's organized plunder

The laws of Tunisia were tailored to suit the Ben Ali family, which siphoned off profits from the economy. A World Bank study shows how the ruler and his family enriched themselves.


Libya looks to past for new constitution

The security situation in Libya remains chaotic - not ideal conditions to draw up a new constitution. But a 63-year-old constitution, framed under the old monarchy, could help the federalists.


'The peace process is reaching a dead end'

It's been a year since the Kurdish PKK group called for a ceasefire with Turkey. Zeki Shengali, chief executive member of the Kurdish umbrella organization KCK, tells DW that the process is on the brink.


South Sudan rebels deny civilian killings

As fighting continues in three states in South Sudan, rebels are rejecting allegations by the United Nations that they killed hundreds of civilians after seizing an oil town last week.


Afghan candidate won't 'compromise on the Taliban'

Abdullah Abdullah, a front-runner in the Afghan presidential elections, believes his country could have done better in the past decade. He tells DW that he would do his best to turn things around for his country.


Pakistani policewoman offers protection and understanding

A police station run by women in Pakistan is filling an important role in a society dominated by men. Chief Bushra Batool says it's become a place of last resort for the desperate.

Palestinian Territories

Reconciliation deal sparks hope and concern

Gazans had a mixed reaction to a landmark reconciliation deal signed between rival factions Fatah and Hamas, paving the way to one Palestine under the umbrella of a unity government.


From Russia - with love?

Germany's domestic intelligence service has reported that Russian secret services have been stepping up spying in political and economic circles in Berlin. But though it may have caused a stir, the news is not new.

World Cup

Strikes mar run-up to Brazil World Cup

Seven weeks ahead of the World Cup in Brazil, no mass protests have broken out but unions are mobilizing the rank and file. But the government can't afford another police strike like the one in Salvador, Bahia.


Driven by a vow, US vet returns to Vietnam to help

Sent to Vietnam to fight a war he knew little about, a US marine saw the destruction caused by Agent Orange and vowed to return one day to help the Vietnamese people. Now he's back.