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Middle East

Europe must overcome Mideast status quo

ImageWhile Europeans are focusing on Ukraine and Iraq, the oldest of the Middle East issues will haunt them for some time. The wider Israel/Palestine conflict needs the full attention of Europe, writes Mattia Toaldo.


MH17 observers turn back amid Ukraine clashes

A team of OSCE observers has again abandoned a bid to reach the site in eastern Ukraine where Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 went down nearly two weeks ago. Ukraine meanwhile claims it has recaptured territory from rebels.


Foes become Friends: Warsaw Uprising exhibition opens in Berlin

The Presidents of Germany and Poland have opened a highly acclaimed exhibition in Berlin commemorating the 1944 Warsaw Uprising and subsequent destruction, an important chapter in the two countries' history.


Peace deal in Mozambique delayed

The low level conflict between Mozambique's former civil war foes escalated recently, but now there is fresh hope of peace in the East African country. However, a deal has been postponed.


Opinion: EU backs words with actions on Russia sanctions

For months, the EU looked on as Moscow destabilized Eastern Ukraine. But after the downing of MH17, Brussels had no choice but to impose economic sanctions against Russia, says DW's Bernd Riegert.


Aviation industry seeks more data on conflict zones

The UN's aviation body and industry officials have agreed on the need for better communication when plotting flight paths over sensitive regions. The Montreal emergency summit was prompted by the MH17 crash in Ukraine.


US joins EU in imposing broader sanctions on Russia

Russia has now been slapped with additional sanctions by the United States. The world power joins the EU in levying harsher bans which target Russia’s energy, arms and finance sectors.

Infectious Diseases

Ebola medical 'hero' dies in Sierra Leone

A senior Sierra Leone doctor who led the fight against Ebola has died. Sheik Umar Khan had contracted the virus while treating more than 100 patients. Ebola's spread in western Africa is the largest ever.


Analyst: Outcome of probe into Zhou Yongkang 'already decided'

Former security chief Zhou Yongkang is under investigation for "serious disciplinary violations," a move that will likely pave the way for the prosecution of the high-ranking official, analyst Robert Daly tells DW.


Taliban 'gaining ground' as Afghan audit drags on

While Kabul is in the midst of an election audit, the Taliban are making territorial gains elsewhere in Afghanistan. While of lesser strategic value, these gains are of symbolic importance, says ICG analyst Graeme Smith.


India's WTO veto may scupper global trade deal

With the deadline to ratify a global trade facilitation deal fast approaching, New Delhi's decision to block the agreement has drawn widespread criticism - not only from developed nations, but also from developing ones.