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Democracy put to the test in Romania

ImageRomania is about to elect a new president. There are 14 candidates, and the opinion polls say it will come down to a run-off. The country is at a crossroads that may affect the rest of Europe.


Iraqi peshmerga reinforcements arrive in Kobani

Some 150 Iraqi peshmerga fighters have crossed from Turkey into the Syrian border town of Kobani to help defend it against jihadist militants. They were backed by US-led airstrikes.

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#drugtrap: Breaking free - Gilda, Bolivia

Gilda would much rather be a teacher, but for now she is forced to pick coca leaves, the base ingredient of cocaine. It’s the only way she can hope to support her family. “It’s exhausting and the money is never enough.”

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#drugtrap: Breaking free - Emma, Finland

Emma hasn’t had a sip of alcohol for three years. But even now that she’s sober, she still struggles because Fins like to drink a lot. Despite such surroundings it’s a major stigma to be a young alcoholic in Finland.

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#drugtrap: Breaking free - Dominik, Germany

Dominik started taking drugs as a teenager - everything from marijuana to hard chemical substances. From then on, his life went downhill. Now he’s in prison for aggravated assault. He said: “Drugs made me violent.”


EU's 'Triton' operation gets underway in Mediterranean

An EU maritime border control operation has been launched in response to the huge numbers of migrants trying to reach Europe across the Mediterranean. It came as an Italian search-and-rescue operation ended.

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New President Juncker, European commissioners officially take office

The new European Commission has taken office under its new president, Jean-Claude Juncker. The former Luxembourg prime minister is supported by seven vice presidents and 20 commissioners.


Violence won't discourage Mexican tourism

Disappearing students, mass murder, a drug war - the stories of violence from Mexico do not seem to stop. This hasn't discouraged foreigners from traveling to Mexico for work or pleasure - but should it?


Boko Haram claims to have German hostage, denies ceasefire

Militant group Boko Haram is reportedly holding a German hostage who was kidnapped in July. The group's leader has also claimed that a report of a ceasefire with the Nigerian government was a "lie."


Opinion: Moving away from capital punishment, one step at a time

Beijing is considering reducing China's list of capital offenses. It's the first step on the road to reform but there's still a long way to go, says DW columnist Frank Sieren.