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Unnerving security deficits uncovered at Frankfurt Airport

ImageEU investigators are reported to have uncovered major deficits in security checks at Frankfurt Airport. Officials say the concerns have been addressed, however, aviation experts point out the need for more measures.


Kurd fighters advance against IS militants in northern Iraq town

Soldiers of the Kurdish peshmerga army have pushed back IS militants in the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar. The peshmerga offensive has triggered heavy clashes in the town.


Jordan carries out first executions in eight years

Jordan says it has hanged several people following a ban on the death penalty being lifted. Capital punishment has been reinstated in the country in response to an increase in crime.


Polls open in Tunisia's presidential run-off election

Tunisians are going to the polls in a second round of voting to choose a president. It marks the country's first free presidential ballot following an uprising in 2011.


Murder charge for Australian mother

Authorities have said that the mother of several children killed in Australia has been charged with their murder. The incident happened in the north of the country on Friday.


Turkish people 'shocked' by journalist arrests

Trumped-up charges are to be leveled at more than a dozen recently arrested Turkish journalists. DW talks to Turkey-analyst Günter Seufert about why the Turkish president is going after them now.


Austrian composer and singer Udo Jürgens dies, aged 80

The Austrian singer-songwriter Udo Jürgens, whose songs enjoy immense popularity in the German-speaking world and beyond, has died aged 80. His career spanned more than fifty years.


Obama condemns murder of New York police officers

US President Barack Obama says he condemns the fatal shooting of two New York police officers on Saturday. They were killed in broad daylight by a gunman in suspected retaliation for the chokehold death of Eric Garner.


AfricaLink on Air - 22 December 2014 : 0705 UTC

Liberians elect new senators despite Ebola fears+++Ghana's ruling National Democratic Congress elects new party leadership+++European Union and USAID end three year project on Food security in Zimbabwe


Pakistan arrests several suspects over Peshawar school massacre

At least six people have been arrested in connection with the recent unprecedented Taliban attack on a school in Pakistan. The interior minister told the press that his country was at war with anti-government militants.