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Opinion: Weapons for a civilized world

ImageGermany has agreed to send arms to northern Iraq - a U-turn from its previous position. DW's Dagmar Engel wonders what consequences this decision will have for the future.


A fragmented answer to Syria's forgotten conflict

As Gaza and the rise of "Islamic State" militants in Iraq seized international headlines, Syria dropped off the media radar. But just because no one is talking about it, doesn't mean it has gone away.


Asia's meth habit: synthetic drug trade has 'exploded'

East and Southeast Asia are the world's largest markets for synthetic drugs. With rising demand for methamphetamines, health is not the only thing to suffer. The drug trade is also slowing development, say experts.

United States

In search of: The US role in the world

Neoconservatives decry it, realists relish it: A debate about whether US foreign policy has reached its retrenchment point exercises American experts and should worry Europe.


Pakistan protests: Negotiations at last

Pakistani opposition has agreed to hold talks with the government but vowed to continue with a mass sit-in outside parliament until PM Nawaz Sharif steps down. Protesters in Islamabad claim the 2013 vote was rigged.


Islam expert on 'IS': 'Main message is revenge'

A video depicting the beheading of a US journalist is part of a highly professional media strategy by the "Islamic State," Islam expert Christoph Günther tells DW.


Mwanza: 'We would rather not expose players and fans'

As the Ebola virus continues to ravage West Africa, sport has become the latest casualty. Africa’s soccer governing body CAF has banned Guinea and Sierra Leone from hosting any matches until mid-September.


A new beautiful Thailand?

Three months after toppling the civilian government in a coup, Thailand's military junta is attempting to re-shape the country and unite the polarized society. But experts remain skeptical about its success.


Over-reliance on oil and gas threatens East Timor's economy

In the 12 years since independence, East Timor has experienced strong economic growth. But high inflation, unemployment and an over-reliance on gas reserves still plague the young nation, analyst Rajiv Biswas tells DW.


Seleka rebels threaten to split CAR

The Central African Republic is still without a functioning government. Meanwhile, the Seleka rebels have proclaimed an independent state in a press release.


Opinion: Showdown in Minsk

The conflict in eastern Ukraine is entering a critical stage. An all-out war between Russia and Ukraine cannot be ruled out anymore, writes DW's Ingo Mannteufel.