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Botswana ruling party faces tougher opposition

ImageVoters have been going to the polls in Botswana, one of Africa's most stable democracies. The ruling party is expected to win, but faces a stiffer challenge than in previous elections.

Armed Conflict

IS using chemical weapons: Iraqi officials

Iraqi officers say that "Islamic State" fighters have used low-grade chemical weapons while fighting north of Baghdad. US Secretary of State John Kerry issued a warning about the severity of these allegations.

Social Media

Outrage over 'Twitter murder' in Mexico

The gruesome murder of a citizen journalist in Mexico published on Twitter points to deep-rooted impunity - but it also shows how social media can continue to play an important role for freedom of information.


Pakistan is rapidly becoming a polio hub

The WHO says it has detected new polio cases in Pakistan. The statement comes as the international community marks World Polio Day. Experts say that extremism in Pakistan is hampering the fight against the disease.


Myanmar 'needs a new sense of national identity'

Myanmar is increasingly under fire over its treatment of the Rohingya minority in the Rakhine state. The International Crisis Group stresses the importance of creating a new sense of identity for the community.

European Union

Opinion: Eurozone has no answers to economic slowdown

Which is the way forward for the eurozone - saving or spending? The clash of opinions continues, and the new EU commission is to come up with solutions where the Brussels summit failed to deliver, argues Bernd Riegert.


Istanbul security scare as consulates receive suspicious yellow powder

The Istanbul consulates of five western nations received packets of unidentified yellow powder on Friday, prompting a security alert. A number of people were hospitalized as a precaution.


Student gunman dead after school shooting near Seattle

Multiple students have been wounded in a school shooting near the US city of Seattle. The gunman, a student, is understood to have taken his own life.

Ebola Virus

WHO warns of Mali Ebola risk as infected toddler dies

The World Health Organization has warned that many people in Mali may be at risk of developing Ebola after being exposed to a toddler who showed symptoms during a bus journey. The two-year-old girl has died in hospital.


Sieren's China: Party convention, Chinese style

For the first time China's Communist party has discussed the rule of law at its annual assembly. There are improvements, but they are unlikely to change the mood among the Chinese people, says DW's Frank Sieren.