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Ebola Virus

MSF: World is 'losing the battle' to contain Ebola

ImageInternational medical agency Medecins sans Frontieres has warned that the world is "losing the battle" to contain Ebola. The United Nations has also warned of severe food shortages in the hardest-hit countries.

United Kingdom

Arrest warrant dropped against British parents of boy with tumor

British prosecutors have said they are withdrawing an arrest warrant against a UK couple who took their son out of the country in hopes of getting a new radiation therapy to treat his brain tumor.


Opinion: Moi and me

Kenya's long-term former President Daniel arap Moi is celebrating his 90th birthday. A personal reflection by DW's Daniel Pelz.

United Kingdom

UK schools caught up in extremism debate

This week, children across the United Kingdom return to school. Some experts are concerned that UK schools are becoming the breeding ground for Islamic extremism and want a clear focus on "British values."


Narendra Modi's 'lackluster' first 100 days as Indian premier

Narendra Modi swept into office on pledges of reviving a foundering economy. But analysts give the Indian PM mixed marks for his economic policies during his first 100 days in office. DW examines.


Estonian foreign minister: 'Permanent presence of NATO allies'

Ahead of a meeting with President Obama in Talinn, Estonia’s top diplomat Urmas Paet tells DW what his country expects from the US and the NATO summit. He also cautions against taking Moscow’s statements at face value.

International Relations

Mongolia's 'rebalance' towards Russia and China

In a bid to boost its ailing economy, Mongolia is refocusing its foreign policy on its traditional partners Russia and China. But experts warn Ulan Bator runs the risk of becoming increasingly dependent.


HRW: Thailand locking up thousands of migrant children

Thai authorities are keeping children with refugee or asylum seeker parents locked up in unsafe conditions, a new HRW report finds. The rights group's Alice Farmer tells DW why she believes the practice must be scrapped.

Human Rights

Fighting against forced marriages in Niger

Niger has the one of the highest rates of child marriages in the world. In some rural areas, girls are still considered to be heir parents’ property. But some girls are fighting back - with desperate measures.


Analyst: Modi's need to move 'beyond piecemeal initiatives'

As Indian PM Narendra Modi marks his first 100 days in office, analyst Milan Vaishnav tells DW that while the premier has improved the quality of governance, he has yet to pursue major economic policy reforms.


Opinion: Indian PM Modi hasn't delivered yet

So far Indian PM Modi has won plaudits for a more assertive style of leadership, but has failed to deliver the substantial changes he promised, writes DW's Grahame Lucas.