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More minor migrants raising tensions in US

ImageTens of thousands of children and teenagers have crossed the the Mexican border into the United States. But arrival means their struggle has just begun - toward their goal of legal residency in the "land of the free."

Global Conflicts

MH17 disaster: few hard facts so far

As mourning continues for the 298 people killed in the Malaysia Airlines crash in Ukraine, few hard facts about the disaster's causes are available. DW reviews the past week's mix of sketchy details and speculation.

Armed Conflict

War in Gaza: Self-defense or war crime?

How far can Israel go in its offensive against Hamas rockets in the Gaza Strip? International legal experts are divided over where the right to self-defense ends and when the use of force becomes disproportionate.


Soil pollution is a 'severe problem' in China

Soil pollution has been one of the side effects of three decades of breakneck economic expansion in China, raising concerns over food security and people's health in the world's most populous nation.

Development Policy

Tackling Africa's vulnerability

Sub-Saharan Africa remains low on this year's UN Human Development Index. But economic growth in these countries means they could be in a position to provide social security to the most vulnerable, experts suggest.

Food Security

Meat scandal highlights China's negligence

Chinese authorities have arrested five employees of a company that supplied expired meat to fast food chains. Experts say Beijing needs to strengthen its food monitoring systems to avoid such incidents in the future.


New Thai Constitution 'clears way for junta general to become PM'

Thailand has adopted a constitution that legitimizes the May coup by granting the military sweeping powers and paving the way for junta leader Prayuth Chan-ocha to become prime minister, analyst Paul Chambers tells DW.


Pakistan's military under fire over 'civilian killings'

Reports claim that dozens of civilians have been killed in a Pakistani air strike in North Waziristan. A military offensive against the Taliban is underway in the area, but activists warn of a humanitarian crisis.


'Millions of hectares of China's arable land are polluted'

With 19 percent of China's farmland contaminated, agriculture and the livelihood of rural communities are being badly hit. Soil pollution is an issue often obfuscated by the authorities, says China expert Isabel Hilton.


Ebola 'out of control' in West Africa

The doctor leading the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone has himself caught the disease. The epidemic has claimed the lives of more than 600 people in West Africa since the beginning of the year.


'Wreckage as far as the eye can see'

Shortly after Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 crashed in Ukraine, OSCE observers headed to the crash site. Michael Bociurkiw from the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine talks about what the team has seen so far.