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Podemos rallies Spaniards with anti-austerity message

ImageSpain's upstart leftist party drew tens of thousands of supporters to central Madrid on Saturday. In just one year, it has gone from nothing to a serious contender in the upcoming vote. Guy Hedgecoe reports from Madrid.

Natural Disasters

Several people killed in a series of Alps avalanches

Several people have died after being buried in the snow in Switzerland and Austria. Large parts of the Alps are still under threat from dangerous snow conditions.

Armed Conflict

Kurdish forces beat back 'Islamic State' in Kirkuk, Kobani

Kurds have retaken an oilfield in Iraq seized by the "Islamic State" (IS) on Friday. After beating back IS, the police and Kurdish forces freed 24 oil workers taken captive by the Sunni militant group.


US-Russia duo land in Mexico after balloon journey

Two hot air balloon pilots have touched down in Mexico, completing a record-breaking flight across the Pacific Ocean. The six-day adventure smashed world records unbeaten for over three decades.


Renewed troubles in Israel and Lebanon

A renewed border conflict between Israel and Lebanon has left people on both sides divided. Many are worried about what the future will bring. Juliane Metzker and Tania Krämer report from Beirut and Jerusalem.

European Union

Opinion: Greece is running amok

Athens is on collision course with Europe, and much quicker than Brussels was expecting. Now the EU has to develop counter strategies before Greece's chaos drags all of Europe with it, says Barbara Wesel.


Chile's president Bachelet pushes to decriminalize abortion

President Michelle Bachelet has signed a bill intended to ease the strict ban on abortion in Chile, despite a powerful anti-abortion lobby. Abortion of any type has been illegal since the era of Pinochet dictatorship.


Bulgarian UN contractors freed in Sudan

Six Bulgarian UN aid workers who were detained by rebels in Sudan's unstable South Kardofan region have been released. The group was captured after their helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing on Monday.