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Mental Health

Uncomfortably numb: depression can affect anyone, but there's help if you want it

ImageThe number of people diagnosed with depression is five times higher today than it was 30 years ago. Is it the pressure to perform? Or hereditary? And what can be done?


First case of Ebola diagnosed in US

Health officials have released a statement confirming that a patient infected with Ebola has been diagnosed for the first time in the US. Authorities say they believe they will be able to bring the case under control.


UN Ebola mission wants 'significant progress' in 60 days

The UN mission to combat Ebola, which opened its headquarters in Ghana, is laying out a strategy to bring the disease under control. Another UN body reports that Ebola orphans are being shunned by suspicious relatives.

United Nations

UN Ebola chief vows swift progress in fighting outbreak

The UN's Ebola response chief has vowed to achieve significant progress within 60 days. UNICEF, meanwhile, has warned thousands of children who have lost parents to the epidemic are at risk of being shunned by relatives.

Ebola Virus

Ebola crisis: Is the world up to the challenge?

As the US and the world step up their efforts against the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the institutions and practices they rely on are being called into question.


CERN at 60: while our research collides we form lasting international friendships

CERN is more than a unique research institute. It's about building bridges between nations and friendship between scientists from around the world, says its director Rolf-Dieter Heuer.


CERN: The quest for dark matter

In the coming years, CERN researchers in Switzerland want to generate never-before seen components of matter in their particle accelerator to solve one of astrophysics biggest mysteries: the nature of dark matter.


Top five quotes: CERN on the Large Hadron Collider, Higgs boson and the universe!

Ever wanted to hold your own in a conversation on particle physics? Well now is the time as CERN turns 60. Get what you need from these top five quotes. It's CERN in its own words, and those of others.


Agricultural sensors: improving crop farming to help us feed the world

Hi-tech systems are in demand to help grow high-performance crops. Researchers are using sensors to match the crops to different soils and weather conditions.

Data Protection

'Normale Leute' vs NSA spying: meet Germany's 'average' data protesters

Normale Leute: A Berlin-based group wants to fight data protection protest prejudices - and government spying - by demonstrating in suits. "Akkurater Widerstand" reject anonymous masks to appear "normal."

Device Art

When technology takes over your life, turn your machine into the message

If you worry that digital devices control your life, art may have an answer. Device Art, a melange of cool design and concept art, featured at this year's Ars Electronica digital art festival in Linz.


Indian student project plans to launch earthquake predicting satellite by 2015

Despite progress on earthquake early-warning systems, it's hard to measure earthquakes before they begin. But a satellite project in Chennai may soon help predict quakes from below the Van Allen belt.

Natural Disasters

Search suspended on Japan's Mount Ontake

Search operations have been temporarily suspended on a Japanese volcano amid fears of a fresh eruption. Rescuers were trying to recover more than 20 bodies when the search was called off.

DNA Fingerprinting

From paternity to criminal cases DNA fingerprinting has been 30 years of 'eureka'

It's 30 years since Sir Alec Jeffreys discovered DNA Fingerprinting, sparking a revolution in crime investigation. But three decades on, are we guilty of relying too much on DNA evidence?


World Suicide Prevention Day: fighting taboo to talk about one of our worst killers

There is a suicide death every 40 seconds. That is more than 2000 people, who commit suicide every day. Is it possible to prevent suicide? And if so, how?