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Europe is learning to fear Ebola, while refusing to vaccinate against measles

ImageMeasles - a highly contagious disease - can cause permanent disability and death. But despite there being a vaccine, Germany, and other European countries, will fail to eradicate measles by 2015.

Data Protection

Tagging along - is Adidas tracking soccer fans?

Sportswear maker Adidas has equipped its bestselling German national team soccer jersey with RFID tags. The company says it can't track customers via the tag, but potential privacy and transparency issues remain.

Ebola Virus

Ebola outbreak in DRC: same virus, but different

New cases of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are raising fears that the virus will spread further across Africa. Yet the variety found in Central Africa might be of a different kind.

Ebola Virus

Senegalese Ebola patient evacuated to Germany for treatment

A WHO staffer who has contracted Ebola has arrived in Hamburg for treatment. The Senegalese epidemiologist is just one of many health workers who have contracted the deadly disease in West Africa.


Polio eradication by vaccination: good news and bad

A clinical trial gives hope that the right vaccination scheme could eradicate polio worldwide by 2018. Another study, though, warns that mutated viruses could jeopardize that goal.


Bardarbunga volcano 'is erupting'

Iceland's Meteorological Institute has said that the Bardarbunga volcano began erupting overnight. The airspace around the volcanic system has been closed, though no ash has yet been detected, authorities say.

Mental Health

Always at the ready: why psychological stress at work is not all just in your mind

If you're always available for calls, always on the go, multi-tasking, answering emails…always checking…you're heading for mental stress. Shift work, and the daily pressure to perform won't help either.