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Smoking costs Germany 79 billion per year

ImageThe "cost" of smoking in Germany is nearly 1,000 euros per man, woman and child, according to a new report. But the tax pinch for non-smokers is far less than this number suggests.


Depression statistics hide male suffering

About a third of the adult, EU population suffers yearly from a mental disorder, according to the WHO. Statistics suggest women suffer more often than men. Health experts say the gender imbalance is misleading.


NASA counts down as Pluto flyby mission nears

Nearly 10 years and 3 billion miles later, NASA's unmanned New Horizons spacecraft is finally nearing Pluto. It'll make the closest ever flyby of the dwarf planet, giving scientists a new glimpse into its icy exterior.


'Sharing the burden': German, US scientists join forces to slow brain's aging

As populations age, degenerative brain diseases will torment further millions worldwide. A new German-US partnership intends to stop these afflictions, but will settle for ameliorating their most devastating effects.


MRI helps crack a knuckle popping mystery

The origins of a knuckle's "cracking" noise have long been disputed, but scientists in Canada believe they're close to solving the case - even if it there are some potentially painful strings attached.

Mobile Technology

Apple Watch debuts to consumers around the world

No other wearable device has caused as big a stir as the Apple Watch. Reviews of its functionality and utility have been mixed, but that hasn't stopped Apple fans from lining up around the world to catch a first glimpse.