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German Future Prize for lupines

ImagePresident Joachim Gauck has awarded the German Future Prize 2014 in Berlin. The winners: a team of scientists who discovered lupines can make a protein-rich replacement for animal products.

Avian Influenza

European H5N8 bird flu outbreak highly contagious, but not necessarily for humans

It once only circulated in Asia - now it's arrived in Europe: the avian flu virus strain H5N8. There's no immediate danger for humans, but experts are advising caution over the new bird flu outbreak.


Philae comet probe transmits drilling data as batteries dwindle

The European Space Agency comet probe Philae has successfully transmitted data back to earth after drilling into the comet's body. Before entering enforced hibernation, the probe delivered "science from an alien world."


German astronaut Gerst sets sights on Mars

Freshly landed back on Earth after nearly six months in space, German astronaut Alexander Gerst said he wouldn't mind making a trip to Mars in the future. But Gerst added that humans really should value their own planet.


Strong opposition to organized assisted suicide

An unusual, highly emotional debate in German parliament ended with the majority expressing support for prohibiting organized assisted suicide. But not all representatives called for an outright ban of the practice.

Cochlear Implants

Indian researchers set to test market-busting, low-cost homegrown bionic ear

India's homegrown research industry seems to surge. Researchers say they are close to clinical trials for a low-cost cochlear implant, which could help thousands. In New Delhi, Murali Krishnan.