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Arctic oil rush on ice?

ImageA conference on climate and energy has brought politicians, scientists and business people to the Norwegian city of Tromso. In an oil and gas-rich country, cutting climate-killing emissions is a controversial issue.


Treading a fine line between trade and conservation to fight biopiracy

How can species-rich nations protect their natural wealth and local knowledge when commercial companies come knocking for biological resources to develop crops, cures and cosmetics? A global treaty may have the answer.


Solar energy on the rise

Global investment in solar energy is on the rise. In 2014, sales of solar panels increased by 20 percent. Although German solar producers are struggling with Asian competitors, they remain optimistic.


Unlocking secrets of the polar night

Winter is the dark season and colder than cold in the Arctic north. But climate warming is giving scientists the chance to find out what goes on in the Arctic ocean during the Polar night.


Study says sea levels rising quicker than thought

US researchers have used probability theory to calculate that the global mean sea level rose slower throughout most of the 20th century than previously thought. But more recently, it may be rising faster.


Greenpeace: GMO food law has flaws

As the European Parliament grants EU countries greater individual freedom over the use of genetically modified (GM) crops, DW talks to Greenpeace EU agriculture policy director, Marco Contiero for his view.


Removing CO2 from the atmosphere

Global warming must not exceed two degrees Celsius. To achieve this, CO2 emissions have to be reduced and greenhouse gases removed from the atmosphere by 2100, say experts.


Out with the old, in with the Solarbox

The age of mobile phones has made London's iconic, red phone boxes redundant. Solar power might lead to their great revival.