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Suffering for mozzarella: abused buffaloes in Italy

ImageAn animal rights organization recently published a video showing the horrific circumstances in which buffaloes that produce the milk for mozzarella live. Many people were shocked and called for a boycott of the cheese.


'We will succeed in these negotiations'

Peru's Environment Minister Manuel Pulgar-Vidal tells DW what he hopes to achieve at the COP20 this December. Representatives from most of the world's countries will gather in Lima to discuss climate change challenges.


'It's important to look at the broader picture' of climate change

Countries and cities most at risk for being affected by climate change should not just improve their extreme weather detection systems, but also invest in insurance and infrastructure, says UN-researcher Jörn Birkmann.


Modi's 'Clean India' campaign 'must be followed up by actions'

In a bid to improve the India's image PM Narendra Modi recently kick-started a campaign to clean parks, public buildings and streets. A promising start, says sociologist Bindeshwar Pathak, but more needs to be done.


Natural flood control in Thailand

Thailand is trying to combat floods by building dams made of bamboo and sand and planting new trees. That helps stabilize the soil during the rains and eventually pays off for farmers too by producing better harvests.


Using pheromone baits to fight vineyard pest

The dreaded grapevine moth is one the worst enemies of wine growers in Germany's Ahr valley. Using pheromones to trick and confuse male moths and disrupt mating is proving to be a success. But it isn’t without problems.


UN alarm over shrinking biodiversity

Grim warnings on the earth's dwindling biodiversity have been given at the opening of a UN conference in South Korea. A UN report says governments are only on course to meet five of 53 goals by 2020.

Urban development

Pop-up parks fight to bring green space to Brussels

Brussels boasts of being one of Europe's greener cities, even though many of its parks are far from inner-city residents. In response, some people have created their own pop-up parks out of vacant lots.


Climate change affects Vietnam's rice bowl

Ever more farmers in Vietnam's Mekong Delta are facing tough decisions as a result of saltwater intrusion in their rice fields. But some argue it's just nature undoing human changes to the land.


Australia's dangerous tourist attraction

Every year, tourists flock to Darwin in the Northern Territory to see crocodiles in the wild. But, a number of fatal attacks have stirred debate about the best way to minimize risk and protect both humans and reptiles.