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Nicaragua canal connects oceans, divides people

ImageNicaragua's government is building a massive canal that will connect the Pacific and Caribbean. Canal critics fear there will be confiscations of land, environmental mayhem and a job boom that will bypass the locals.


Obama vetoes Keystone XL oil pipeline legislation

US President Barack Obama has vetoed legislation that would have green-lighted the Keystone XL oil pipeline. The project has been a bone of contention between environmentalists and the oil industry for years.


Drop in Kenyan tourism could harm sea turtles

What do Ebola and terrorism have to do with turtles? Along the Kenyan coast, quite a bit. Both are causing numbers of tourists to drop - and the impacts on wildlife conservation could be severe.


Why hunt for food if you can steal it?

Animals stealing food from other animals isn't unusual. But some also gang up on humans.


Livelihoods of millions of Southeast Asians at risk from climate change

Climate change is set to impact agriculture and other key sectors of Southeast Asian economies along the Lower Mekong River Basin. The damage is set to cost up to $34 billion yearly, economist John Talberth tells DW.


Study: Pollution shortening lives of 660 million Indians

India's air pollution is cutting the lives of 660 million people by about three years, a new study found. DW speaks to Nicholas Ryan, one of the study's authors, about how severe the country's air problems have become.


Ancient traditions protect the environment in East Timor

Indepedent since 2002, East Timor is one of the world's newest nations. But when it comes to protecting the environment, it has a unique and ancient tradition to draw upon - the practice of tara bandu.