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Clinic saves sea turtles, also by changing minds

ImageOn the picturesque South Pacific island of Moorea - the "pearl of the Pacific" - a special kind of hospital is helping sea turtles. They are hunted by well-organized poaching rings - and also eaten by locals.


Environmental activism gaining a foothold in China

As pollution levels rise, the Chinese are increasingly taking to the streets to show that environmental issues are as important as ever. But how are the authorities dealing with the growing public outcry?

Territorial disputes

Beijing's South China Sea projects 'highly disruptive' to local ecosystems

Manila recently accused Beijing of damaging some 120 hectares of coral reef systems near the Spratly Islands. DW speaks to analyst David Rosenberg about the ecological impact of China's activities in the South China Sea.

International Relations

Examining China's environmental and social impact in Latin America

In just a few years, China has become not only the largest creditor but also the main trading partner of several Latin American countries. But China's expansion is also taking a toll on the region, a new study finds.


Nepal's community forests fight poverty and destruction

Climate change, deforestation and land grabbing don't only threaten Nepal's rich biodiversity, but the economic wellbeing of millions of its citizens. Could community-managed forests hold the key?


Protests as Turkey builds first nuclear power plant

Turkey launched construction of its first nuclear power plant on Tuesday, which the government hopes will open a new era of greater energy self-sufficiency. But the ceremony faced protests from environmentalists.

Nuclear Power

Japan court halts restart of nuclear reactors

After the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011, Japan has idled all of its nuclear reactors. A court in the Fukui prefecture has now prevented the restart of two of them, dealing a blow to Tokyo's pro-nuclear policy.


Greenlanders' way of life heads for extinction

Greenland and its colonial big brother Denmark are appealing to the European Union to lift the ban on commercial seal hunting. Greenlanders fear the end of a way of life. Malcolm Brabant reports from Ilulissat.


Malta's springtime bird hunt 'an African-European issue'

Malta has voted to continue a controversial springtime hunt of migrating birds. It's the only EU country to allow the practice. BirdLife's Steve Micklewright says the hunt is contributing to the decline of bird species.


Do animals belong in the circus ring?

The Netherlands is poised to join the growing list of countries to ban the use of animals for ringside entertainment purposes. How inhumane is the practice?

Visit Germany

Flowers galore at the Federal Horticultural Show

More than one million tulips, daffodils and primroses were planted for the 2015 Federal Horticultural Show that opens on April 18. It is located in the Havel region, already a nature lover’s paradise.