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Civil Rights

'I have to help the people of Bangladesh'

ImageAsif Mohiuddin is one of Bangladesh's most famous bloggers. As an open atheist in a mainly Islamic country, he has been attacked and thrown in jail for his beliefs. DW caught up with him after his recent move to Germany.

Development Aid

EU undermines its own development policies

The EU is one of the largest donors of development aid, but these policies have not played much of a role in the European election campaign. Economic interests, meanwhile, are jeopardizing its effectiveness.


Ancient site pits locals against big business in Georgia

Plans by big business to destroy an ancient site south of the Georgian capital Tbilisi are causing anger among local protesters and international scientists. They say it's an ancient gold mine dating back 5,000 years.


Little iron fish help fight anemia

Iron deficiency is a health problem that hits developing countries especially hard. But a small iron fish developed in Cambodia could be a powerful new tool in the global fight against anemia.

Human Rights

Landmark UK trial against FGM

The UK's first ever prosecution under the Female Genital Mutilation Act is due to take place this week. Campaigners have welcomed the historic trial, but insist that much more must be done to prevent FGM.


Egyptians protest new law on demonstrations

One month before the presidential elections protests against the government are increasing in Egypt. The activists demand more rights and the release of political prisoners.


Commercial project threatens Pakistan's historic temple

A Hindu temple in Pakistan is under threat by the construction of a skyscraper. While the builders say the project is beneficial for Karachi's denizens, the minority Hindus see it as another assault on their faith.


Military spending on the rise, except in the West

Even as many countries increase their militaries' budgets, global defense spending dropped by almost 2 percent in 2013, according to a new report. Most of the cuts are due to shifting spending in the West.


The discovery of water changes lives in Kenya

The discovery of vast water reserves in Kenya's dry north could change the lives of people across the country. But even as locals celebrate, some worry that corruption will deny thirsty communities their right to water.


Giving a face to Pakistan's drone victims

A group of Pakistani artists have come up with a novel idea of creating empathy among the US drone operators for victims of their strikes by placing huge posters of children in the country's restive tribal areas.


Samaritan ritual slaughter keeps tradition alive

Every year, the Samaritans in the West Bank celebrate Passover by slaughtering sheep. It's another way to keep traditions alive for a people that's facing genetic problems in an ever-dwindling population.

Human Rights

'Slavery exists in every country'

The Global Freedom Network, a new working group of religious leaders, aims to put a stop to slavery. Gina Dafalia is hopeful that the brainchild of an Australian billionaire and her Walk Free Foundation will succeed.


'Inequality can break down social order'

Liberia's president is seeking better governance and conflict management in Africa. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf talked to DW in advance of Wednesday's summit between the European Union and Africa.


Illegal and dead in a Japanese cell

Suicides, hunger strikes and the deaths of three detainees in recent months have started shining light on dark corners unseen by most in tourist-friendly Japan.


Global Witness: 'Environmentalist murders escalating worldwide'

There has been a sharp increase in violence against environmental activists around the world, according to a new report from Global Witness. Brazil and Cambodia are among the countries worst affected by the problem.


Healing the scars of Brazil's domestic violence victims

Brazil remains a country plagued by domestic violence and negative attitudes towards women. A project in Sao Paulo is supporting injured victims of domestic violence with free plastic surgery.


Giving the homeless in Paris an online voice

Homeless people are among the most marginalized in society. A Paris high school student wanted to change that, so he created a way for the less fortunate to share their stories online.