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Ebola Virus

Two American aid workers treated for Ebola released from hospital

ImageTwo American aid workers have been sent home to their families after being successfully treated for the Ebola virus. The UN warns the ongoing epidemic could pose a threat to stability in West Africa.

Gaza Strip

Israeli airstrike kills three Hamas leaders

ImageThree senior Hamas military leaders have been killed in a pre-dawn airstrike carried out by the Israeli military. Fighting has resumed after a six-day ceasefire.


Ahmet Davutoglu named new Turkish prime minister

ImageTurkey's governing party has selected Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to be its new leader and the country's prime minister, to replace Recep Tayyip Erdogan when he becomes president next week.


US tried but failed to rescue Syria hostages, 'including journalist Foley'

Officials in Washington have admitted that they attempted, but failed, to rescue several US hostages earlier this summer. Among the captives that special forces had hoped to find was slain journalist James Foley.


Neo-Nazi investigation was a 'fiasco,' report says

A state parliamentary committee examining the police investigation of the German far-right terror group NSU has labeled it a 'fiasco' in a final report. The group has been blamed for the murder of at least 10 people.


Indonesia's top court upholds results of presidential election

The Indonesian Constitutional Court has upheld results from last month's election. An appeal had been placed by defeated candidate ex-General Prabowo Subianto.


Violent territorial dispute flares in India's Assam state

Police have fired into crowds of protestors in the northeastern Indian state of Assam. The latest wave of violence follows decades of friction over local borders.



21.8.1911: Theft of the Mona Lisa


1930: Princess Margaret of England

Days to remember

1983: Debut performance of The Birdcage