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Athens shuns troika auditors in keeping with campaign promises

ImageLess than a week into its first term, Greece's new government is taking aggressive steps to keep anti-austerity campaign promises. Athens has refused entry to "troika" auditors as part of its latest move.


Canada to introduce new anti-terror legislation

ImageCanada has announced a new bill that would make it a crime to call for a terrorist attack and give new powers to the government's spy agency. The legislation comes in direct response to last year's attacks in Ottawa.


India tests nuclear-capable missile from mobile launcher

ImageIndia has carried out the first launch of its Agni-V long-range missile from a mobile mount. The weapon, which can carry nuclear warheads, is capable of reaching China and even Europe.


US airstrikes kills 'Islamic State' chemical arms expert

A chemical weapons expert working with the terrorist group "Islamic State" has been killed in a US airstrike. The Pentagon expects his death to temporarily dent IS capabilities.


Dozens detained at protests against right-wing party's Vienna ball

Fifty-four people were arrested Friday night after clashes during a demonstration in Vienna, Austria. About 5,000 people were protesting against a ball sponsored by the right-wing Freedom Party of Austria.

Gaza Strip

Israel issues tenders for new West Bank settlements

Hundreds of tenders have been issued by Tel Aviv to build houses on the West Bank ahead of the national election. The White House has condemned the plans, calling them counterproductive.


Germany's euro-skeptic AfD conference: Too many cooks in the kitchen?

As the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party conference began, its chairs refuted accusations of discord in the leadership. But disagreement was rife elsewhere at the conference, reports Elizabeth Schumacher from Bremen.



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