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International Relations

Obama admits West faces constraints with Russia over Ukraine

ImageUS President Barack Obama has conceded that Western sanctions have not had their desired effect on Russia. Meanwhile, British Prime Minister David Cameron has called on NATO to increase its presence in Eastern Europe.


Train accident in Mannheim leaves dozens injured

ImageA private freight train has rammed into a EuroCity passenger line in the southwest German city of Mannheim, leaving dozens injured. There were no fatalities, according to authorities.


Lufthansa temporarily reroutes flights away from Iraq

ImageGerman airline Lufthansa has temporarily diverted its flights away from Iraqi skies. Earlier, several other airlines rerouted their flights due to concerns that militants in Iraq have weapons that can shoot down planes.


Moody's upgrades Greece's credit rating two notches

The US ratings agency Moody's has upgraded Greece's credit worthiness by two notches. Despite the improvement, Greek government bonds still have "junk" status.

NSA Scandal

Journalist Greenwald refuses to speak to Germany's NSA scandal inquiry

Journalist Glenn Greenwald has refused to speak to a German parliamentary inquiry on the NSA scandal. He said the Bundestag's decision not to interview Edward Snowden is indicative of the committee's "empty symbolism."


Somalia lawmaker shot dead by Islamists in Mogadishu

Al Qaeda-linked militant group al Shabab has assassinated a Somali parliamentarian in Mogadishu as he left a mosque. It is the fifth killing of a lawmaker this year.

Social Media

Privacy activists launch lawsuit against Facebook

Privacy activists in Austria have launched a class action lawsuit against Facebook. The head of the initiative has called on users around the world to join the cause and put pressure on the social media giant.



2.8.1945: Potsdam Agreement


1932: Peter Seamus O'Toole

Days to remember

1589: Assassination of Henry III.