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Ebola vaccines 'ready for human trials' by the end of the year

ImageThe World Health Organization has announced that two potential Ebola vaccines will be ready for human trials by December. Successful trials could lead to hundreds of thousands of available doses in 2015.


Free Syrian Army to send 1,300 fighters to help Kurds defend Kobani

ImageTurkey's president says Ankara will allow hundreds of Syrian rebels to join Kurdish forces defending Kobani from "Islamic State" militants. There are also plans for 200 peshmerga fighters from Iraq to travel to the town.


Merkel calls on Putin to back Ukraine gas solution

ImageAngela Merkel has urged Vladimir Putin to adopt a swift solution to a bitter gas dispute with Ukraine, as winter approaches. Russia and Ukraine are at odds over how to deal with Kyiv's huge debt.

Human Rights

Poland lodges appeal with the European Court of Human Rights over CIA jail ruling

Poland has lodged an appeal with the European Court of Human Rights against a July ruling that it hosted a secret CIA prison on its soil. Warsaw rejects responsibility for the mistreatment of terror suspects.

European Union

EU examines 2015 budgets, Italy peeved

Italian Premier Renzi has threatened to spotlight the costs of running Brussels institutions as EU leaders turn to debating budgetary plans for 2015 on day two of their summit. Italy and France are pushing for leeway.


Footage shows gunman storming Canada's parliament

Police in Canada have released dramatic security footage of a gunman as he stormed into parliament after shooting a soldier dead. Investigations are continuing into the assailant's background and motive.


Australian doctors transplant heart that stopped beating

In a world first, surgeons in Australia have successfully performed a transplant using a heart that had stopped beating. Doctors say the medical breakthrough could revolutionize the way organs are donated.



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