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Report: Ukraine military has used cluster bombs

ImageA human rights group has reported the use of cluster bombs by the Ukrainian military during its fight against separatist rebels in the east of the country. Kyiv has denied implementing the weapons, which are illegal.


Ex-US ambassador: Kobani will not fall

ImageAnkara and Washington’s policy shift on helping the Kurds to fight 'IS' in Kobani means the Syrian town will not fall, America’s ex-ambassador to Turkey Jim Jeffrey tells DW. It also provides a lesson for the US.

Court Cases

Pistorius sentenced to five years for manslaughter

ImageOscar Pistorius has been sentenced in a South African courtroom. He is to serve five years in prison following a manslaughter conviction.

North Korea

North Korea releases American detainee Jeffrey Fowle

Authorities in North Korea have allowed an American to return home. He had been held since May and was one of three prisoners whose release the United States has been negotiating.


Canadian safety minister: attacker 'linked to terrorist ideology'

A man involved in an attack on the Canadian military this week had been a radicalized Muslim, according to Canadian officials. The 25-year-old was involved in a deadly hit-and-run on two soldiers.


International anti-Ebola response slowly gathering pace

The World Health Organization is to hold an emergency meeting as the global community ratchets up its response to Ebola. Liberians have told DW the help was commendable, despite delays.


India and Pakistan on edge as Kashmir ceasefire ignored

The Indian defense minister has warned his country will respond to Pakistan's breach of the ceasefire along the common border in Kashmir, suggesting that India may be getting more aggressive towards its western neighbor.



21.10.1520: The Discovery of the Magellan Straits


1912: Sir Georg Solti

Days to remember

1805: Nelson’s Victory at Trafalgar