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Egypt declares state of emergency in Sinai after bombing

ImageEgypt has declared a state of emergency across much of the Sinai Peninsula after a suicide car bombing that killed some 30 troops. A curfew was also introduced, while the border with the Gaza Strip was closed


Thousands of Muslim Rohingyas flee Myanmar

ImageMyanmar is experiencing yet another exodus of more than 8,000 Rohingya Muslims who are leaving the country by boat. The group has been repeatedly attacked by Buddhist mobs in the past few years.

North Korea

South Korea deploys police in border town following planned leaflet launch

ImageSouth Korea has deployed hundreds of policemen on the border with North Korea after a planned leaflet launch met with opposition from local residents. They believe such an action could trigger shelling from the North.

World Records

Google high flyer Alan Eustace makes record leap from edge of space

An executive from Google has broken the record set by an Austrian skydiver in 2012, jumping from more than 25 miles above the Earth's surface. Alan Eustace was part of a project to develop commercial spacesuits.

Human Rights

Iran executes Reyhaneh Jabbari despite international opposition

Iran has executed a woman despite an international campaign to halt her hanging. In a trial termed as a flawed and unfair, Reyhaneh Jabbari was convicted of murdering a man who attempted to rape her.


UK brings guns and training to peshmerga

As the US airdrops supplies and weapons to Kurds fighting "Islamic State" (IS) militants, the UK has sent a group of soldiers to Iraqi Kurdistan to arm and train the peshmerga with heavy-duty machine guns.


Germany attracts trade in looted artifacts

Terrorist organizations like the 'Islamic State' make a fortune selling looted artifacts from local sites. German antiques dealers are involved, too, and experts say the country is in need of legal reform on the matter.



25.10.1984: Barzel Resigns over Flick Affair


1838: George Bizet

Days to remember

1932: Berlin Bauhaus Classes Begin