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Dozens reported drowned as rubber boat sinks in Mediterranean

ImageUp to 40 migrants are reported to have drowned after a rubber boat they were traveling on appeared to lose air. Almost 200 other fellow migrants who witnessed the tragedy have arrived in Italy.


French lawmakers vote for sweeping powers to spy on citizens

ImageFrench lawmakers have approved a new law that gives the state extensive powers to spy on citizens. The bill has been criticized by civil libertarians, but gained wider support in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.


National Front patriarch Le Pen urges daughter to change name

ImageThe founder of the French National Front Jean-Marie Le Pen has said he was "ashamed" that his daughter Marine still carries his last name. The family feud threatens to split the far-right party after his suspension.

Northern Ireland

Former IRA commander Gerard 'Jock' Davison shot dead in Northern Ireland

Belfast police have identified a man who was shot dead as ex-IRA commander Gerard "Jock" Davison, who was implicated in one of the group's most notorious killings of later years. Davison was found dead outside his home.

'Islamic State'

'IS' claims responsibility for Texas attack

The "Islamic State" group has claimed responsibility for Sunday's fatal shooting in Texas. The group has threatened "bigger and more bitter" terror strikes.


Saudi border town hit by Houthi shelling amid GCC summit in Riyadh

Yemen's Houthi rebels have shelled Najran, a Saudi border town, hitting schools, hospitals, and houses. Following the attack, French President Francois Hollande announced his support for Gulf countries at the GCC summit.

European Union

Greece blames disagreement between EU, IMF for stalled talks

The Greek government has said that differences between the EU and the IMF are to blame for the delay in debt negotiations. Both sides, however, have appeared confident that a final deal is within reach.


5.5.1955: West Germany becomes a sovereign state


1818: Karl Marx

Days to remember

1949: Foundation of the European Council