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United States

Ex-CIA boss Petraeus pleads guilty over giving secret information to lover

ImageFormer CIA director David Petraeus has signed a plea deal and admitted to mishandling classified materials. The case arose from an affair with his biographer.


Liberia: We need a 'Marshall Plan' for Ebola-stricken nations

ImageThe Liberian president has called on the global community not to forget that the devastation caused by Ebola isn't over. The worst-hit nations need financial help to overcome what the virus has done to their economies.


Ukrainian foreign minister questions stability of ceasefire

ImageUkraine's foreign minister has called for more international monitoring of a UN-backed truce with pro-Russian rebels. He also reiterated that Crimea should be returned to Ukraine.


Influential Mozambique lawyer shot dead

Gilles Cistac has been gunned down in cold blood on the streets of Maputo, police said. An influential lawyer and academic, he was involved in the debate on the decentralization of power in Mozambique.

South Sudan

UN Security Council passes sanctions regime against South Sudan

The UN Security Council has adopted a resolution that creates a system to impose sanctions on South Sudan. They include travel bans and asset freezes.

North Korea

North Korea says it could make "pre-emptive strike" on US

North Korea has sent a defiant message to Washington warning it has the power to conduct a "pre-emptive strike" on the US. Pyongyang made the comment in response to joint US-South Korea military drills.


Fighting rages around Iraq's Tikrit in major government offensive

Thousands of Iraqi troops and militia are continuing to attack strongholds of the extremist group "IS" north of Baghdad. It is one of the biggest offensives yet against the jihadists.


3.3.1910: Doctors fight Syphilis


1939: Ariane Mnouchkine

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