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France conducts first airstrike against 'Islamic State' in Iraq

ImageA day after pledging to help the Iraqi military, France has struck "Islamic State" targets in Iraq. Paris says it won't expand its aerial campaign to the ground, nor across the border into Syria.

Ebola Virus

Sierra Leone begins 72-hour lockdown to combat spread of Ebola

ImageSierra Leone’s residents have been told to remain at home for the next three days as healthcare workers track the Ebola virus door-to-door. The directive goes against a UN plea for countries to lift travel restrictions.

Intercultural Dialogue

Muslim protest in Germany against jihadists

ImageTwo thousand mosques in Germany have been urged by Muslim leaders to use their Friday rituals to protest against injustice and hate. Their campaign aims to counter shock-image beheadings by terrorists in Syria and Iraq.


Germany revises asylum rules, Balkans excluded

Germany's Bundesrat upper house of parliament has endorsed asylum law changes. Former war-torn Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia have been declared safe, making it easier for German authorities to send back asylum-seekers.


Doubts about Western Balkans as 'safe countries of origin'

Do the Western Balkans really constitute "safe countries of origin?" Refugee organizations and the German Green Party say they're anything but. The latter might vote them into "safety" anyhow.


Severe Philippines flooding forces mass evacuation

Tens of thousands of people have fled the Philippine capital following heavy flooding. The extreme weather has severely impacted the region, disrupting transportation and crippling infrastructure.


Call for peace marches in Russia

For the first time in six months, opposition groups in Russia want to demonstrate against the Kremlin's Ukraine policies and Moscow's propaganda machine. Observers on the ground look at the potential for protest.



19.9.1991: "Ötzi" found


1948: Jeremy Irons

Days to remember

1888: First European beauty contest