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Hong Kong protesters threaten to storm government buildings

ImageStudent protesters in Hong Kong have warned that they will storm government buildings if the leader of the semi-autonomous territory refuses to resign. China continues to reject a compromise over the elections.


New allegations against German intelligence over NSU murders

ImageWhen allegations came to light in 2011 that a right-wing terrorist group had committed murders unchecked in Germany for years, domestic intelligence was under the gun. Now there are more questions being asked.


New NATO head welcomes German defense shortfall debate

ImageAfter news broke of shortfalls in German military equipment, especially in the air force, debate has raged on how to resolve the situation. The new head of NATO, on his first day on the job, has welcomed that debate.

United States

US Secret Service chief Julia Pierson stands down

The Director of the US Secret Service has resigned after top level security breaches came to light during her time in charge. Julia Pierson said she felt that Congress had lost faith in her ability after the lapses.


Poland's prime minister wins confidence vote

With former Prime Minister Donald Tusk leaving for Brussels, Ewa Kopacz is taking the reins of Eastern Europe' largest economy. In her first policy speech, Kopacz promised closer ties with the US and rejected the euro.


Russia cancels FLEX student exchange with the US

Russian authories have scrapped a longstanding student exchange program formed to foster understanding with its Cold War nemesis. The Kremlin claims that the US used the program to get around a Russian adoption law.


Russia whisperers gather in northern Germany

Russian-European relations are at a historic low. But no bad blood was felt at Russia Day in the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania - mostly because former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder was there.



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