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PLO ready for 'humanitarian' truce, denial from Hamas

ImageThe Palestinian Liberation Organization has claimed that Gaza is ready to observe a 24-hour "humanitarian ceasefire." But, Hamas, the group that runs Gaza, has denied this. Israel continues to pound the enclave.


International investigators call off MH17 crash site visit amid fighting

ImageFighting in east Ukraine has again prevented an international investigation team from reaching the crash site of flight MH17. The Netherlands prime minister has called on Ukraine to halt its offensive in the area.

Infectious Diseases

Ebola medical 'hero' dies in Sierra Leone

ImageA senior Sierra Leone doctor who led the fight against Ebola has died. Sheik Umar Khan had contracted the virus while treating more than 100 patients. Ebola's spread in western Africa is the largest ever.


Libya says Italy to help fight depot blaze

Libya says seven fire-fighting planes are being sent by Italy and the Italian energy giant ENI to douse the inferno at a Tripoli oil depot. Fighting between militias nearby has prompted more residents to flee.


France hands over Jewish Museum shooting suspect to Belgium

French authorities have handed over to Belgium the man suspected of carrying out the May 24 fatal shooting at Brussels’ Jewish Museum. He was arrested in Marseilles roughly a week after the deadly incident.


Clashes leave 'dozens' dead in China's western Xinjiang region

Dozens of people have been killed and more injured in fatal clashes between police and an armed mob in China's Xinjiang region. Local police said the attack was premeditated.


Moody's downgrades Deutsche Bank as lender's net profit falls

Ratings agency Moody's has slashed the credit rating of Germany's biggest lender. It said it wasn't convinced Deutsche Bank would return to higher profits, as expressed in the bank's latest earnings report.



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